Timea is a quiet, smiley young girl, who even upon the first encounter with the gin told him she would like a smartphone.

She, unfortunately, had to spend extended amounts of time in hospital and time passes slowly when you are surrounded by the walls of the hospital. She misses the conversations and fun with her sisters and friends. It’s easier to get through the hours, days, with a fun game or video from the internet. All of this can be achieved through a smartphone!

Due to her treatment she looked at me a little nauseated when I stood next to her bed in the room. At first she just thought I was here to talk, but when I started to fiddle in my bag, shew was exited and the tension rose. Not before long a little box appeared housing a large screen Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It was even in the color she wished for.
At first she didn’t even believe it, that her wish came true so quickly. At first she just played around but then she begin to explore all the smart and some not so smart features of the device.

We wish her a lot of jiy in the usage of her new phone.

In the name of Timea we would like to thank the Batschka Fundation and the Lurdy Ház for their support!

Zsuzsanna Sipos
Budapest, February 19, 2018


The three year old Tibor’s wish was a tablet so he wouldn’t have to share the family computer with his siblings.
In the year of 2018 his wish was granted 3 days after his birthday. There was a lot of happiness and joy that filled the room. He can finally play with his favorite computer games.
We wish you get well as soon as possible.

We would like to thank Batschka Alapítvány and the Lurdy Ház for their support in this wish

Anikó Sulija and István Piacsek
Jánoshida, January 2, 2018


Due to his serious medical condition, Sami is home schooled, therefore he really needed a new computer. He gets his homework’s and school lectures through the internet and still has a lot to catch up on.

Of course, there is time for fun as he likes to play with his brothers and his friends.

We wish you the best of luck for the future.

In Sami’s name we would like to thank Batschka Alapítvány and the Lurdy Ház for their support!

Joli Bakonyi
Budapest, February 15, 2018


Through great mountains and alps, through roads surrounded by fields of flowers I headed to Törtelre, where the 10 year old Noemi Balogh lives.

According to her family she was born with chronic heart disease and has been through multiple operations in the not too distant past. In order to keep in contact with her friends and family daily she wished for a laptop.

She received it with a big smile and opened it with great pride and joy. She couldn’t wait to try it out and learn all about it.

We thank the Schneider Electric for their support!

Erzsébet Zsombori
Törtel, May 13, 2018


I have known Gabor for a long time. He is a really bright, and knowledgeable youngster. His big favorite is Star wars and everything to do with that. During the course a walk he saw a laptop with his favorite embalm on it and he wished for a laptop of sorts.

The gifting took place in a nice summer day at PTE KK child hospital. When he received his gift he was a little surprised but that soon changed to joy. He, his parents and us were all eagerly waiting for him to open his present.

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and XpatLoop Bonfire Night Party for Charity helpers and guests with the help of whom we could grants his wish to come true.

Ildikó Russayné Szabolcsik
Pécs, April 14. 2016


To grant the wish of this 10 year old boy we arrived with the help of our supporters. Since the giant trampoline waited in its original packaging for us. Therefore the people from our supporter Schneider Electric, Marosvölgyi Teréz and Molnár Anita helped us to assemble it with the further assistance of the colleague.

Barna was very happy to help and was really excited to see his wish come to life. But there was more as the company also had a little surprise for him. The family very much appreciated the help of this local company, and what they did for Barna.

They found a lot of familiar faces and he tried it out after assembly with great joy and pleasure.

We would like to thank Schneider Electric for their help, according to their representatives it is great that they helped a local child to get well sooner.

Márta Benkóczy
Kunszentmiklós, May 9, 2018


Nandi`s wish was to caress dolphins but he has to learn better to swim yet... His wish come true in Malta.
The flight, the meet and greet with a real dolphin, to feel, to touch this wonderful animal was a unique experience for him.

/ 3

An even bigger experience was to swim the very first time in the sea and the day long boat trip.

Nandi is an open minded lovely boy with whom it was a great fun to travel.

We would like to thank in the name of N'ndi to the Mellow Mood Hotels, the Budapest Stock Exchange and private supporters for this unique experience.

Peter Ungár and Kinga Málnási
Málta, May 26, 2018


The 15 year old Mate is a quiet, intelligent youngster! He is really attached to his brother. They really miss each other especially when Mate is in hospital for longer periods of time, as he is recovering and healing.

The two brothers really enjoy playing the PlayStation and they of course have their favorite game as well. This is why when I asked what they would like to receive after a brief second of hesitation, he wrote down the name of his favorite game and the exact type of PS he wanted. The gin came to the rescue as his mother couldn’t afford this gift for him.

And the gin like before, listened and after a short while delivered the PS4 Pro and the best game to accompany it.

Mate’s mother arrived at the hospital for the control testing. They had no idea what surprise Mate was in for. Just as they were heading out of the door I stopped then and said that have something I would like to give Mate.
And there appeared a large box housing his gift inside. The pale boys face turned to red as he blushed with excitement His eyes glittered from passion and pure joy. He tore the box open and when he saw what was inside the lean to my ear and quietly whispered “Thank you”!

Dear Mate!
I wish, that you have a lot of joy in the game and get well as soon as possible.

We would like to thank Mellow Mood Hotels support!

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
Wish coordinator
Miskolc, April 09, 2018

István (17, Bölcske)

Istvan’s hobbie is basketball, and his favorite team, is the Zalgiris Kaunas. He wished to go to one of their matches, his biggest dream was to see them in the real action.

After a long journey we arrived at Lithuania. The waiting only increased the suspense and the excitement continued to rise.

We were amongst the first to arrive at the grand stadium which could house up to 15 thousand people, where it was still silent. But that did not last for long, as in a short period of time the stadium filled and the ambiance increased. Fireballs, whistles, drums, ovation and waving lasted for more than 2 hours.

Istvan shouted and blasted for the whole match as he enjoy every bit of the already tight game. I believe we were enriched and humbled by this once in a lifetime experience.

/ 2

We thank the Cisco Magyarország, the UNHCR Global Service Centre, and Budapesti Stock Exchange as well as the Európa2000 Középiskola. Together we worked to achieve Istvans dream!

We would alos like to thank our private founders!

Tamas Toth
Wish coordinator
Kaunas, March 21, 2018


Hedi’s only had one wish, she wanted to swim with dolphins. For this event to take place we traveled to Malta.
Upon our first encounter, I was already amazed at Hedi’s incredible capacity for hope and her open personality. I knew I was dealing with a courageous youngster who knows exactly what and when she wants to achieve, and she does all that with serious charm.
As expected, in the dolphins house, she followed the instructors to the very last move with incredible precision. Every second of the encounter was a huge experience for her which she loved to the end.
She indulged in Malta, she took part in a boat tour where she could enjoy the open sea and the sea breeze while swimming in the sea. There was a pool on top of the hotel which she took great joy in as well and during the evening she closed the evening with some delicious ice-cream.

In the name of Hedi we would like to take this opportunity to thank Deutsche Wirtschaftsclub Ungarn our leaders, our companions, as well as our numerous private supporters, such as the Budapest Thomas Mann Gymnasium-Deutsche Schule teacher’s, students and parent’s for their help, as well as the Hungarian colony of Malta!

Kinga Malnasi and Peter Ungar
Málta 2018.05.26.


Gyönygi really loves music, so she asked for a left-handed, starter, acoustic guitar from the charity. This is how she remembers her wish coming true:

„My name is Gyöngyi, I am 14-and-a-half-years-old girl and I’ve had a medulla transplant. I spent a month and a half in a sterile box, but now I have to visit hospital twice a week from home. I have been studying music since nursery. I first played the flute and then the clarinet. I’m the second clarinet player at the Abony Small Woodwind Band. I have wanted a guitar for a very long time.

On one of my visits to the hospital, I was surprised by a visitor at the Démétér House. I was very happy when I spotted the guitar in her hand. I was wondering if she was going to give it to me. When she did, I eagerly but carefully took the instrument out of its case. I admired it back to front.

Kitti asked me to play the first chords, so I did. After she gave me the gift we talked for a long time about my time in the hospital and my plans and dreams. Kitti and I clicked instantly, and evem my grandmother, my teachers and one of my friend’s mums joined the merry conversation.”

We would like to thank Schneider Electric for their support and Kutasi Kitti for agreeing to take part and being there in person.

Pallag Erika
wish coordinator
Budapest, 2018.04.10. </i

Gergő (4, Budapest)

Gergő instantly knew at the hospital that he wanted a garden playground with a slide. The 3-4 months of winter passed by quickly and he was very excited to receive the news, that soon the climbing frame and slide would be built.

When the big day finally arrived, after the playground had been built and we officially gave it over, he immediately tried the swings with his brother and said he was very very happy!

The whole family is grateful to the charity, we hope that we have helped contribute to a speedy recovery.

We would like to thank Mellow Mood Hotels for their support!

Marta Benkóczy
wish coordinator
Budapest, April 13, 2018


Emilia has been sick for many years, has undergone many interventions and surgeries, so she hasn’t attended kindergarten. If all goes well, she can hopefully start from this September. She plays on her mother’s phone a lot, so she wanted a small tablet for herself that she could play on.

His dream was fulfilled when he came to Nyíregyháza for a check-up. The smiling, black-eyed girl immediately began approaching me saying: ”Thank you so much!”

“Her mum told us she did not sleep at all the previous night because she was so excited for her present!” "You can of course play with it"-she said to her big brother.

With the help of our supporters we again made a child very happy!

We would like to thank Mellow Mood Hotels for their support!

Olga Nagy
Nyíregyháza, March 1, 2018

Dorina (14, Pusztavacs)

The 14-year-old Dorina has been treated at the Bókai Street Children’s Clinic for several months. It was a great surprise for her when before the Easter holidays I visited. She was taken for an examination nearly immediately after I arrived, so I was only able to giver her the gift after a short wait.

When she opened her gift and saw that she had received the laptop she had wished for from Csodalámpa you could see the happiness on her face. Later on she said how much joy the laptop brought her.

We hope that the laptop, which she was able to use immediately with great expertise, will make the time she still has to spend in the clinic a little more bearable for her

We wish Dorina lots of patience, endurance and strength in the recovery that lies ahead.

On behalf of Dorina we would like to thank Batschka Alapítvány and Lurdy Ház for their support!

Dalma Szörényi
Budapest, April 30, 2018


Daniel is 6 years old, he loved life and enjoy every second before his sickness. Unfortunately, he cannot currently stand due to his condition. A electric police car really couth his attention.

His big dream was a small electric car that he could drive around in. Which over the course of today he received as well, in the form of a fire red Ferrari.

We wish you the best of luck and safe driving.

We would like to thank Mellow Mood Hotels for their suppoprt!

Krisztina Szilágyi
Debrecen, January 17, 2018

András Róbert (11, Nagyhalász)

Andris wished for a smartphone, but when he choose he made sure that the gin had enough money left to grant the wished for the other children as well.

He told us that this is his first phone and he can’t wait to get it.

He did not need to wait long, with the help of our supports we granted his wish and his mother arrived for the event as well. His excitement as unbelievable when the held the device in his hand.

We thank our supporters, the Cisco Magyarország with whom another child could achieve his dream.

Krisztina Szilágyi
wish coordinator
Debrecen, March 27, 2018



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