Balázs is a very polite boy. Whenever we go to his ward, he always pays attention to us. He enjoys learning and participating in different games
and craft activities. But, like many other teenagers, he really prefers the online space. His favourites include various computer car games.

So I wasn't really surprised when he asked the Magic Lamp Foundation for an X BOX game. We were talking about his wish and I recorded it in the database. A short time later, the Foundation informed me that Balázs's
present was on the way.

The surprise of the day was THIS. When I went to see Balázs, he had no idea that his wish would come true so soon. It is hard to describe in words his surprise and joy:

"Thank you so much! I am so happy! It can't be true, so soon!"

Magic Lamp Foundation, thank you for this joyful morning!

Thanks for the support of the Firstmed-FMC Kft., with their help Balázs's wish could be fulfilled!

Ildikó Russay
Pécs, 21.05.2021.


Zoé needs regular hospital treatment, which means she often has to learn online. So the iPad she requested from the Magic Lamp Foundation will be very useful.

Of course, she and her twin sister will also play online games on this Apple iPad.

Many thanks for the generous support of Henkel Hungary Ltd.

Gabriella Filer and Zsófia Lángh
Budapest, 30.04.2021.


Roberto was very happy when he got his red bike.

Although he looks a little bit shy in the photo, as soon as the camera was switched off, he enjoyed riding his new bike - this time in the living room because of the rain. By then he didn't even want to get off the bike.

Many thanks for the generous support of Henkel Hungary Ltd.

András Horvai
Kerekharaszt, 13.05.2021.


A long-desidered dream of a little girl came true when she received an electric car from the Magic Lamp Foundation.

Zoé was very surprised. At first she was just admiring the new, beautiful red car, then she seated her big teddy bear next to her and took it for a drive.

We thank the Henkel Hungary Ltd. for their support, with their help we managed to put a smile on a sick child's face again!

Éva Szabó Nagyné
Vaja, 13.04.2021.


Orsolya's wish was a new bed that would be fancier and more comfortable than the old one. Besides buying the bed, we found out what her favourite fairy tale was ... and the Genie of the Magic Lamp conjured bed linen and even a cute doll to make the new bed as friendly and funny as possible.

Thanks for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft., with their help Orsolya's dream has come true!

Beatrix Sütő and Éva Szabó Nagyné
Kunmadaras, 05.03.2021.



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