Olivia met a trampoline for the first time at an event last year. She tried it right away and liked it so much that she didn't get off it for the entire event. Since then, she has been saying that her big wish is to have a trampoline of her own.

And today, Olivia's dream came true. She received her own huge trampoline, which will now stand in their garden, and the little girl can jump around in it whenever she wants!

We thank for the continued support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. , with their help, we could fulfill the little girl's wish!

Andrea Varga and Erika Gárdos
Gyenesdiás, April 15, 2023.


The little boy loves driving so much that he couldn't wait to turn 3 years old and make a wish for a ride-on electric car from the Magic Lamp Foundation.

Kristóf - just a few weeks after his 3rd birthday - became the proud owner of a red Audi.

We would like to thank Henkel Magyarország Kft. for once again bringing great joy to a sick child!

Éva Nagyné Szabó and Erika Gárdos
Kállósemjén, May 2, 2023.


Dorina is a little girl with limited mobility, so she was looking forward to the special bike that would allow her to ride together with other children. When the gift was handed over, the little girl did not feel well unfortunately – perhaps the great excitement played a role - so she was not in the mood to and in front of the camera, which of course does not detract from the value of her joy.

Thank you for the repeated support of Henkel Magyarország Kft., with their help we were able to fulfill Dorina’s wish.

Erika Gárdos
wish coordinator
Hajdúhadház, April 13, 2023


Balint has been a football fan since childhood, his favourite team is FC Barcelona. His biggest dream was to attend a live match at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona.

And finally his dream came true.

Even the flight was a great experience: the captain personally welcomed Balint, took a photo with him, gave him a gift, and invited him to visit the cockpit.
The entire crew paid special attention to their young passenger.

The match started at 9:00 pm on Saturday evening. During the day, we explored the city, walked along the famous La Rambla and visited the port. The entire city of Barcelona was in football fever, and we were also getting excited for the evening program.

And then the long-awaited match arrived. Balint, wearing his Barca jersey and with a great smile on his face, sat in the front row with a big box of popcorn to watch the game. He sang along with the other fans and did the wave with them. This was the atmosphere he had wanted to experience, and he enjoyed every moment of it, even when it started to rain during the game. His favourite team eventually won 4-0.

The following day was also all about football: we took a stadium tour at Camp Nou, where Balint got to explore the history of the stadium, see relics of the greatest Barca players, sit in the VIP box, peek into the press room, and even visit the player's dressing room during the several-hour-long tour.

Balint returned home from his trip to Barcelona with fantastic memories. I am sure he will always happily remember this amazing journey.

/ 7


We would like to thank the management of ibis Styles Budapest Airport and ibis Barcelona Cornella, the leaders of Wizzair, the kindness of the ground and air crews. We also extend our thanks to Hesse Trade Kft., Henkel Magyarország Kft., Jet Travel Travel Agency, and our private supporters, including Szilvia and Balázs. With the selfless support of all of them, we were able to make Bálint's dream come true.

Erika Gárdos
Barcelona, April 30, 2023.


It is always a great joy for us when we get a report or letter from one of our "magic lamp children", in this case from Zille: how did she feel, what did she see, did she enjoy the trip and most of all, were we able to fulfill her dream as she hoped?
When we said goodbye, she got as a farewell present a small mailbox like money box, so she can save money to return the soonest to England...
Read Zille's following lines with love:

My long-standing dream was to visit London one day. I can't really explain why I chose this city, I just heard a lot of good things about it, saw beautiful pictures of its sights, and recently started learning English, so I definitely wanted to go to an English-speaking country. Miraculously, my dream came true thanks to the Magic Lamp Foundation!

My first big surprise came when I could sit in the cockpit and walk around the plane in a cool yellow vest. The crew was very kind, I could take pictures with them, and they even gave us a little gift package.

We were greeted with the same great hospitality at the hotel. The buffet breakfast was the best, and the local muffins were unmatched. I had a lot of experiences. We visited, among others: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, BBC Experience, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, and the London Eye.

/ 12

I can't choose which one I liked the most, they all had their own charm. We walked a lot every day, average 15,000 steps, but we didn't feel tired at all. Orientation was relatively easy, from the second day we knew which direction each metro line was going and what its final stop was. We didn't just travel by subway, we also tried the black taxi and the red London bus. Luckily, I had a seat on the upper deck, in the front row, so I could admire the city of London from above, just like from the London Eye.

Zille herds a virtual fish pod at the BBC Earth Experience

The weather was fantastic too! Pleasant temperature, we didn't freeze, didn't get sunburned, and it didn't even rain except for one evening, but only for max. 10 minutes. At least I can say that I held an umbrella in my hand in London.
My positive experience was that the people living and working there were helpful, polite, and much calmer than here in Hungary.

I had a really great time in London, and I'm sure I will return to this dream city in my lifetime.

We are grateful to the management and personnel of Wizz Air Hungary Ltd, IBIS Styles Budapest Airport, IBIS London Earl's Court hotels, and that of the bpv Jádi Németh Law Office , the membership of XpatLoop, the gamer Paplovag, theJet Travel and other private sponsors, that we were able to realise Zille's dream.

Gabor Patzauer
London, May 2, 2023


Misko came to us with a very big request.

He wanted to meet Sir David Attenborough, who has been his role model since he was 5 years old. The boy follows the scientist's programs day and night, speaks excellent English, so understanding the foreign language is not a problem for him, and Sir David's fantastic speaking style also brings him joy.

We knew that this request was almost impossible to fulfill due to the scientist's age, but we still tried. We tried to reach Sir David for many months, and several top executives in the domestic media also helped with their contacts - without success.

Still we didn't give up the search, and on an early spring day, while browsing the internet, I found a phone number related to one of his previous reports. Just maybe...
I called the number, and fortunately, we were able to get in touch with the person closest to him, his daughter. Jane was very helpful, and she even provided us with the contact information of their official representative, who confirmed that due to his old age, Sir David unfortunately no longer accepts such requests. We understood this, of course, and I told Misko about it, but I also asked him to wait a little bit, because although we couldn't fulfill his wish, we would like to surprise him with something else.

Sir David's representative advised us to take Misko to London and show him the BBC Earth Exhibition, where Sir David is the narrator.

We liked the idea and planned to show Misko other museums as well, as he already has a vast knowledge, and I believed that it would surely bring him joy.

On the way from the airport, we made an unscheduled stop at the scientist's house in Richmond, and of course, we took some photos. There, I gave him a photo of Sir David with a personalized dedication, and then we took a walk in the nearby Richmond Park, where the Attenborough family often used to hike.

/ 12

Words cannot express how much joy the trip brought to Misko. His mother and I often had to run from one room to another, as the wheelchair became more of a racing car at such times... Misko's scientific knowledge is incredibly vast, and I learned a lot from him. It was a great feeling to move around the world of science with such a guide for a few days.

Misko herds a virtual fish pod at the BBC Earth Exhibition

What was the best thanks for fulfilling his wish? Apart from what Misko wrote in his English "thank you" letter, the kind words he said to me when we said goodbye... but let that be our secret.

I hope and wish that he will have many more similar trips, and that he will stay in touch with us and the Magic Lamp team for a long time.

We would like to express our gratitude to our supporters, Wizz Air Hungary Ltd., IBIS Styles Budapest Airport hotel, IBIS London Earl's Court, Mosolyka MOST Fundation, members of XpatLoop, the students and teachers of the Thomas Mann Gymnasium-Deutsche Schule Budapest, as well as our private donors, for making it possible for us to fulfill Misko's very special request.

Patzauer Éva
London, 2023. április 25.

I asked Misko to write a few lines in English to our supporters:
From: a***a @ l*****.pl
Sent: Thursday, May 4, 2023 6:28 AM
To: Patzauer Éva <patzauer.eva@csodalampa.hu>

The opportunity to travel to England and explore the remarkable sights and museums in London became a reality for me, all thanks to the generous support of the Magic Lamp foundation. As someone who has wanted to visit London for years, the chance to witness the exceptional exhibits at the London Natural History Museum was particularly thrilling, given my passion for biology and paleontology.
Besides this another very good thing happened that was amazing. They managed to get an original David Attenborough signature. I am immensely grateful to the Magic Lamp foundation for facilitating this incredible and unforgettable experience. Their generosity made it possible for me to spend a few very good days in London, and for that, I express my heartfelt appreciation.


Zoltán is a dedicated football player who loves kicking the ball from morning till night.
His teammates supported him by not wearing his number 7 jersey until he returned from his treatments.

For him, it was no question what he would ask from our foundation: he wanted to see a live match of his favourite team, Manchester United, in England.

With the help of a very kind supporter, we managed to get tickets to the Tottenham - Manchester United match held at Tottenham's new, modern stadium, and of course, it was a full house.
The fact that we even managed to get tickets was a small miracle in itself, as it is impossible for outsiders to buy tickets for these matches. Only club members can buy tickets in advance, and very rarely are there any "leftover" tickets for non-members.

Zoltán eagerly awaited the match, certainly rooting for his favourite team. In the first half, they were leading by two goals, but the final score was 2-2, so the match ended in a draw.
This did not dampen Zoltán's spirits, as he said with shining eyes that he never thought he would see Manchester United play live.

/ 7

The surprises didn't end there, as one of the managers at our London accommodation even managed to get Zoltán a prospectus signed by Carney Chukwuemeka, the player who wears the number 30 jersey for Chelsea. Zoltán was speechless with surprise.

As we were getting ready to say goodbye, it was very touching when Zoltán said that the best thing about his illness was that he was able to come to London. He is now starting to learn English again and hopes to return one day to this beautiful city with us.

We wish you a speedy recovery Zoltán, and we hope that your dream of becoming a professional football player comes true.

Zoltan sent us an e-mail:

From: M***** i m********i164@gmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2023 5:25 PM
To: Ivady Éva <ivady.eva@csodalampa.hu>
Subject: Zoli's dream

Dear Magic Lamp Foundation!!!

I would like to thank for realising my biggest dream, I could watch a Manchester United game, and I was able to do that in England, a really beautiful country,
I enjoyed so much experiences and has so many souvenirs, that only you could make possible!!

I would like to thank the founder of Magic Lamp, the organisers, and the volunteers, I am grateful for every moments of this trip.

Yours sincerely


We would like to thank the management of ibis Styles London Gloucester Road, Mr. Lars Sammelius for his assistance in obtaining the match tickets, the support of the management of Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. , the kindness and effective assistance of their ground and air crew, as well as the help of Kontron Electronics Kft. and our private supporters, including Szilvia and Dániel.

Thanks to the selfless support of all of them, we were able to fulfill Zoltán's dream.

Laura Patzauer
London, 29th April, 2023.


Regő immediately knew what his wish would be: an experience with his friends. It would have been difficult to choose who is to come so he invited the whole class for a laser fight. It was organised in a few days: the whole class was taken after school from Gödöllő by bus to the spot.

During the afternoon everybody, even the teenage kids got tired but also enriched with a great experience. It is especially important as Regő has to change classes because he had to miss many lessons during his treatments.

This day will remain a fond memory for everybody forever!

We would like to thank the Budapest Marriott Hotel for making Regő’s wish come true!

Zsuzsanna Kis
Budapest, 03.04.2023.


If Zsófia sets a goal for herself, she achieves it with perseverance and diligence. This is also true for her current big dream. She has long wanted to obtain a driver's license, and the Magic Lamp Foundation has provided her with the opportunity to do so.

Well done Zsófi, we wish you safe driving!

We would like to thank our private sponsors, including the members and leaders of XpatLoop, the most significant Hungarian platform for helping foreigners living in Hungary, that Zsófia’s wish could be fulfilled.

Zsuzsanna Csonka Tatárné and Erika Gárdos
Miskolc, 14.04.2023.


Due to Regina's hospitalization, she will not be able to go to kindergarten or see her friends for a long time. This is the reason she wished for a playground of her own from Csodalámpa so that she could enjoy it in the spring and summer to play outdoors.

Waking up from his afternoon nap, a little sleepy, but with great excitement and joy she loved her brand new playground.

Thank you for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. which enabled us to fulfill Regina's wish.

Erzsébet Zsombori
Solt, 06.04.2023



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