Dóra (14 years old, Derecske)

Dóri would have never thought when she asked for a violin from The Magic Lamp that when her dream comes true won’t be just a miraculous day for her, but also a celebration for the Foundation, because hers was the 2500th granted wish.

We met Dóri and her parents in the small Paganini Music workshop across Zeneakadémia, where the owner Mr. Pál Rácz Gold-laurate violinmaker master welcomed us. It felt like walking into a fine jewellery store. We were surrounded by musical instruments, displayed in glass cabinets, one more beautiful than the other.

Dóri’s eyes started sparkling when she saw the masterpieces. She started studying music when she was 8, and she is considered very talented. She often performs solo at music festivals. Unfortunately, until now she did not have her own violin, she always had to borrow one to practice and perform. Her teacher believes that in order to develop her full potential, she needs a serious instrument.

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Thus, she tried the two over hundred-year-old, professionally restored violins offered to her with great joy and excitement. We felt that we landed in the middle of a concert when she played a Händel piece on both instruments. Eventually Dóri chose a 19th century Louis Otto violin. No wonder, because it had a magnificent sound.
Finally Mr. Rácz gave Dóri a few tips on how to care for her new violin. Then we slowly got ready to leave.

Ms. Gabriella Boda and Mr. Ádám Honvéd from the Hilton Budapest City invited all of us over for a delicious lunch at the hotel.Before heading home Dóri, now as a proud owner, opened the case again, to show off her wonderful instrument.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Master Pál Rácz, the Hilton Budapest City
and the colleagues of HollisWealth from Canada for making Dóri’s wish come true.

Stella Bobkó and Márta Felkai
Budapest, January 21, 2015

Dóri, her parents , Mr Pál Rácz, Mr Ádám Honvéd and the representativers of Magic Lamp Foundation

Xavér Leó (3 years old, Nagyszekeres)

Xaver is a three years old boy, who wanted an elephant patterned sheets, because he spends most of his time in the hospital.

The nurses gave him a toy harvesting machine, because he likes agricultural machines very much.

Despite Xaver is very sick, he was very happy with the gifts.

Many thanks to the management and colleagues of HollisWealth for their support!

Judit Miholecz
wish coordinator
Debrecen, 07/10/2014.

Leonard (9 years old, Piricse)

Leonard likes the playground in the hall of the Tűzoltó street hospital, where you can play hide and seek and you can go down the slide. His wish was a playground like this to their garden where he could play with his siblings.

Because of the rainy weather it was hard to build the playground, but on a Saturday it happened. A car appeared and a little time later you could recognize the swing, the slide and the monkey bars. It took a few hours to finish it, but after that the boys could start playing.

We hope that they will spend a lot of time there.

Thank you to the teachers and students of the American International School of Budapest, and the Canadian Hollis Wealth for the support!

Mocsonoky Andrea
Piricse, 6th of December 2014.

The father of Leonard and his two brothers has written us a lovely letter

János (4 years old, Igrici)

The four years old János, who is being treated in GYEK, is a very quiet little boy. He told us, that he likes tractor, his favourite is the John Dere tractor. His wall in the hospital was covered with pictures about tractors. After this, it is obvious that he asked for a John Dere tractor from the Wonder lamp. And since the genies of the Wonder lamp don’t know the world impossible, János hot his beautiful green and yellow, two-speed, rechargeable, wireless John Dere tractor, with a trailer.

The little boy couldn’t say a word, he was so happy. His cheeks blushed because of the surprise and joy. In the moment he sat on it, he disappeared from us quickly. It was good to see János’s, and his parents happiness.

Thank you to the Hollis and Wealth managers and co-workers for the support!

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna and Adorján László
wish coordinators
Miskolc, 2014.11.26.

Benjamin (16 years old, Miskolc)

Benjamin goes to treatments to GYEK in Miskolc, and he asked a smart phone from the Wonder lamp.

It was a beautiful winter day when the genie of the Wonder lamp bought his present. Benji didn’t know why he had to go to the hospital.

He was nervous, because he hadn’t had a lot of good experiences about hospitals. His mother told us that he had gone through a lot of unpleasant and painful treatments.

He couldn’t say a word when he saw the little white package.
He was whispering “Oh my God! I can’t believe it! Did I really get it? A phone like this?“

After this there were no eyes left dry in the room.

Dear Benjamin, we hope you will have a good use of the phone.

Thank you to the Canadian Hollis Wealth for the support!

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
Miskolc, 18th of December 2014.



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