Dorina's hobby is hiking and she loves taking photos of landscapes and nature. Her wish was a professional camera, and she chose one in purple colour.

The Magic Lamp Foundation always does its best to make the children’s wishes come true concentrating even on the smallest details, so of course a beautiful purple camera was found in the box, for which the little girl honoured us with a joyful smile.

Many thanks for the support of Firstmed-FMC Kft. for helping us to realize Dorina's dream!

Katalin Török Huszárné
Szombathely, 19.04.2021.


Dorina is a sweet, charming girl. Unfortunately, she had a really difficult time because of her illness, but she was strong and she has successfully overcome.

Fortunately, now she is well and very happy that her wish has been fulfilled, she has received the desired iPhone.

She is fond of taking photos, so she can use the new device as a camera, too.

Dorina, we wish you all the best!

Thank you for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft., with their help we could put a smile on a child's face again!

Frau Nagy Éva Szabó
wish- coordinator
Debrecen, den 23.03. 2021

GABRIELLA (16, Debrecen )

Gabriella is a cheerful girl who enjoys listening to music in her spare time. She asked the Wonder Lamp Foundation for a bluetooth speaker.

The gift was handed over on a sunny Saturday morning. Gabriella was really very happy, she could hardly wait to listen to her favourite music.

Gabriella, enjoy the music!

Many thanks for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. for helping us to realise a kind teenager's dream!

Judit Miholecz
wish- coordinator
Debrecen, 10. 04. 2021

Ferenc (8 years old, Nagybajom)

Since the little boy didn't have a mobile, he had to use his mother's phone when he wanted to talk to the other members of the family.

Feri's wish was fulfilled within a few days by the Magic Lamp Foundation, so now he can use his own mobile! Of course, he can not make just phone calls, but he can play, listen to music and watch movies, that will help him to make time pass faster in the hospital.

Many thanks for the support of Liferay Hungary Kft. for helping us to realise Feri's dream!

Dóra Lengyel and Ildikó Szabolcsik Russayné
wish- coordinators
Pécs, 07.04. 2021.



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