Efrahim is fond of animals and he has a pony at home.
His wish was a laptop on which he can study, watch movies and play games. The Djinn of the Magic Lamp managed to surprise Efrahim with his wish during a check-up.
His eyes and smile told us how much joy we could give him with this laptop.

Many thanks for the support of the students of The British International School Budapest and our private sponsors.

Ms. Erzsébet Veres
Budapest, 23.06.2021.


Csenge had to pass long weeks at the hospital. She has a creative hobby, she draws wonderful pictures even pen drawings.

As she has to go to aftercare for some time more she asked for a laptop that she can put to good use for home learning.

We wish Csenge a fast recovery and lots of fun with the laptop.

We would like to thank for the help of Cisco Systems Hungary Ltd. that allowed us to realise Csenge's dream.

Mónika Márkus
wish coordinator
Budapest, July 8, 2021


Efrahim loves animals and he has a pony at home. He wished to have a laptop to learn, watch movies and play games on it. On occasion of a health check the magic lamp’s gin managed to surprise him. His eyes and his laugh showed how happy we made him with this laptop.

We thank the students of the British International School of Budapest and our private supporters for their donations that enabled us to fulfil Efrahim’s wish.

Erzsébet Veres
wish coordinator
Budapest, June 23rd 2021


Attila wished a laptop from Magic Lamp's Gini as for the long clinic treatments he wanted a "gadget" for learning and for staying in contact with friends and family. As soon as the ban on visiting pediatric clinics was lifted I was able to meet him in person. When he saw the red bag with the Magic Lamp logo and the big box in it he immediately knew it was for him. He thanked me with a happy smile. He promised that learning will be as important as having fun with the laptop.

I wished Attila fast recovery.

We thank for the support of the CHARITIES AID FOUNDATION OF AMERICA and its donors.

Mrs Jenei
wish coordinator
Budapest, June 9th, 2021


Niko is a little boy who loves cartoons. He asked Csodalámpa for a tv to watch his favorite cartoons on a big screen.

We met him on his way home from the hospital after one of his treatments. He fell asleep in the car and when he woke up, he was surprised to see his wish right before his eyes.

We thank FirstMed-FMC Kft. for their support in fulfilling Niko’s wish.

Ivády Éva
Budapest, 9th of July 2021


Dominik loves listening to music. As he is visually impaired, he asked for a tablet with a large display.

After installing it, he immediately started listening to his favourite music.

Many thanks to Henkel Hungary Ltd. for their support!

Katalin Török Huszárné
Szombathely, 24.05.2021.


Balázs is a very polite boy. Whenever we go to his ward, he always pays attention to us. He enjoys learning and participating in different games
and craft activities. But, like many other teenagers, he really prefers the online space. His favourites include various computer car games.

So I wasn't really surprised when he asked the Magic Lamp Foundation for an X BOX game. We were talking about his wish and I recorded it in the database. A short time later, the Foundation informed me that Balázs's
present was on the way.

The surprise of the day was THIS. When I went to see Balázs, he had no idea that his wish would come true so soon. It is hard to describe in words his surprise and joy:

"Thank you so much! I am so happy! It can't be true, so soon!"

Magic Lamp Foundation, thank you for this joyful morning!

Thanks for the support of the Firstmed-FMC Kft., with their help Balázs's wish could be fulfilled!

Ildikó Russay
Pécs, 21.05.2021.


Zoé needs regular hospital treatment, which means she often has to learn online. So the iPad she requested from the Magic Lamp Foundation will be very useful.

Of course, she and her twin sister will also play online games on this Apple iPad.

Many thanks for the generous support of Henkel Hungary Ltd.

Gabriella Filer and Zsófia Lángh
Budapest, 30.04.2021.


Roberto was very happy when he got his red bike.

Although he looks a little bit shy in the photo, as soon as the camera was switched off, he enjoyed riding his new bike - this time in the living room because of the rain. By then he didn't even want to get off the bike.

Many thanks for the generous support of Henkel Hungary Ltd.

András Horvai
Kerekharaszt, 13.05.2021.


A long-desidered dream of a little girl came true when she received an electric car from the Magic Lamp Foundation.

Zoé was very surprised. At first she was just admiring the new, beautiful red car, then she seated her big teddy bear next to her and took it for a drive.

We thank the Henkel Hungary Ltd. for their support, with their help we managed to put a smile on a sick child's face again!

Éva Szabó Nagyné
Vaja, 13.04.2021.


Orsolya's wish was a new bed that would be fancier and more comfortable than the old one. Besides buying the bed, we found out what her favourite fairy tale was ... and the Genie of the Magic Lamp conjured bed linen and even a cute doll to make the new bed as friendly and funny as possible.

Thanks for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft., with their help Orsolya's dream has come true!

Beatrix Sütő and Éva Szabó Nagyné
Kunmadaras, 05.03.2021.


Dorina's hobby is hiking and she loves taking photos of landscapes and nature. Her wish was a professional camera, and she chose one in purple colour.

The Magic Lamp Foundation always does its best to make the children’s wishes come true concentrating even on the smallest details, so of course a beautiful purple camera was found in the box, for which the little girl honoured us with a joyful smile.

Many thanks for the support of Firstmed-FMC Kft. for helping us to realize Dorina's dream!

Katalin Török Huszárné
Szombathely, 19.04.2021.


Dorina is a sweet, charming girl. Unfortunately, she had a really difficult time because of her illness, but she was strong and she has successfully overcome.

Fortunately, now she is well and very happy that her wish has been fulfilled, she has received the desired iPhone.

She is fond of taking photos, so she can use the new device as a camera, too.

Dorina, we wish you all the best!

Thank you for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft., with their help we could put a smile on a child's face again!

Frau Nagy Éva Szabó
wish- coordinator
Debrecen, den 23.03. 2021

GABRIELLA (16, Debrecen )

Gabriella is a cheerful girl who enjoys listening to music in her spare time. She asked the Wonder Lamp Foundation for a bluetooth speaker.

The gift was handed over on a sunny Saturday morning. Gabriella was really very happy, she could hardly wait to listen to her favourite music.

Gabriella, enjoy the music!

Many thanks for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. for helping us to realise a kind teenager's dream!

Judit Miholecz
wish- coordinator
Debrecen, 10. 04. 2021

Ferenc (8 years old, Nagybajom)

Since the little boy didn't have a mobile, he had to use his mother's phone when he wanted to talk to the other members of the family.

Feri's wish was fulfilled within a few days by the Magic Lamp Foundation, so now he can use his own mobile! Of course, he can not make just phone calls, but he can play, listen to music and watch movies, that will help him to make time pass faster in the hospital.

Many thanks for the support of Liferay Hungary Kft. for helping us to realise Feri's dream!

Dóra Lengyel and Ildikó Szabolcsik Russayné
wish- coordinators
Pécs, 07.04. 2021.

Donát (17, Győr)

Donát is a happy high-school boy who just started his treatment in the hospital. Because of his illness it became even more important to have the appropriate tools for the online studies. He wished for a laptop from Magic Lamp so he will not get behind his studies. Naturally he will also have games on this laptop like Frontline, so he can play in his free time.

He was very grateful when he received his gift right before a new treatment started in the hospital.

We would like to thank the management and the employees of Henkel Hungary Ltd. for their support.

Éva Ivády
Budapest, March 05, 2021


Liza arrived at the clinic for a medical treatment on Monday, so it was a perfect time to fulfill her wish.

She was really surprised when we met and I gave her a gift box, containing the desired new phone.
Liza was very happy with the gift. As a secondary school student, she has already had an idea how to continue her studies. Her aim is to find a creative job.

Many thanks for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft., they helped us to make the dream of lovely and ambitious girl come true.

Andrea Nagy
Szeged, 08 February, 2021.


Viktória is a brave, wonderful 6 years old little lady. She loves to talk and do some girly chit-chat.

She loves to be near her mum in the kitchen or play some type of logic game with her older siblings. It was her long-cherished dream to have her own play kitchen very much like the adults have. So, it did not come as a surprise when she told Magic Lamp about her wish.

Since then, Viki cooks enough for an entire kindergarten every day. She cannot be lured out of
her own kitchen...

We would like to thank Liferay Hungary Kft. for their sponsorship. With their continuous help we could bring happiness again!

Éva Nagyné Szabó
Debrecen, February 1 ,2021


We agreed on a Thursday morning with Eszter, to get her signature to "something".

She wanted to have a laptop for quite a long time now, so it could help her with her language studies. We could hide our true intention of fulfilling her wish with the signature request. When the laptop came out from the shelf she nearly jumped out of her skin in happiness. It was a great timing as we were nearing her birthday. We wish Eszter a Happy Birthday, stay healthy and use this laptop to its fullest.

We are grateful that we could join in the joy and happiness of a child, and we hope we could make Eszter’s 18th birthday memorable.

We would like to Firstmed-FMC Kft. thank for helping us fulfill Eszter’s wish!

Klára Icsó
Gyulafirátót, August 13, 2020


Virág is an 8th grade student of the Mozgasjavító School (Rehabilitational school for physically disabled children).

Her favourite hobbies are reading, watching movies, and going for walks in nature. She is very serious about school and studying. Currently she is preparing for her high school entrance exam.

When she found out that Magic Lamp would grant her wish, she asked, without any thinking, for a laptop because she had been worried for weeks that she would not be able to keep up with her studies if schools switched to online learning due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A letter received from her family conveys best how much happiness our gift brought to Virag:

“The laptop has arrived! It brought huge joy and relief to Virag. Her anxiety has disappeared. She is so dedicated that she was terrified that if schools closed down, she would not be able to study. She loves information technology, and she excels at school. Finally, she can do her work at home on her own laptop! Thank you so, so much! Virag and her parents “

We would like to thank the longstanding support of the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest.

Solti Ferencné
Budapest, November 20, 2020

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