Alexa had a dream of swimming with dolphins. She was excited about the fabulous trip to Malta where her wish would be fulfilled.
This was the first time for the girl to be on an airplane and the flight attendants made her flight really unforgettable. She had even an opportunity to meet the pilot and visit the cockpit.

We arrived to Malta and the amazing moments went on. From the airport, we were taken to the elegant Corinthia Hotel, where the hotel staff gave Alexa a warm welcome and she immediately became a VIP guest. The spacious room with the terrace overlooking the sea, the swimming pools under the palm trees, the delicious breakfast and the attention and kindness of the staff charmed the little girl, who felt like a real princess during those few days. Sightseeing tours were organised by the hotel to make her stay more enjoyable.

Finally, it was time for taking part in the the long-awaited program in the Marine Park.
Certainly, the sea lion show, the parrot show and the dolphin presentation all were very interesting, but the highlight of the day definitely was the Dolphin Interaction Program: Alexa got a special swimsuit, then a short training was held about how to communicate with the dolphins. A few minutes later she entered the seawater-filled pool, where she could joyfully and happily swim with her favourite animal, the dolphin.

/ 9

Alexa’s dream came true and I am sure, this weekend will remain a life-long memory!

We would like to thank for the kind support of the management and employees of Hotel Corinthia St George's Bay , Mr. Jonathan Pace, director of Corinthia Budapest, the Wizz Air Hungary Ltd, the Bástya Millenium Zrt., and our private supporters, among them Tibor to realise Alexa's wish.

Erika Gárdos
Malta, 20-23 May, 2022


May 6, 5:00 p.m. Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

There are lots of excited traveling people, but there is a big boy out of everyone who is much more excited about flying than anyone else.
Jankó, 11 years old, had the dream of seeing his favorite team - including famous football players like Messi, Neymar or Mbappé - play football.

The Magic Lamp flew him to Paris to watch one of the matches of the Paris Saint-Germain team in its own stadium.
Even flying was a new and fantastic experience for him. He was escorted to the plane as a VIP guest, where he had the chance to visit the cockpit and to talk to the captain.

He was truly impressed by Paris itself and together with his father they visited every sight they could. And on the long-awaited day, he saw several of the world’s greatest football players in real life.

/ 4

He was indescribable happy. He said,
“I would have never dreamed of making it to Paris, let alone sit in the stadium of the best team in the world, and watch them play while they were celebrated with a standing ovation by the fans. Thank you so much for the many experiences, smiles, kindness and last but not least the LOVE.”

We truly thank our supporters, the Wizz Air Hungary Ltd, the Marriott Budapest Hotel, the Hesse Trade Kft. and our private sponsors for being able to bring together such great joy to Janko and make his dream come true!

Erzsébet Szilvágyi <wish-coordinator
Párizs, May, 8, 2022


An old dream came true for Flóra on a weekend in May: she went to Disneyland, Paris.

Because of the closures, travel restrictions she could only day-dream about this trip for a long time but her enthusiasm didn’t shrink at all.

Despite the late night arrival she was exploring Disneyland from early morning till late night, immersing in its wonders. She really felt special as she did not have to wait in line ever, she was entitled to jump the queues and she could watch the parades, the evening fireworks from the best spot.

This was enhanced even more by the kindness of Wizzair: she was greeted with special attention on board, she could even explore the cockpit with the captain.

This weekend will remain a life-long memory for sure!

/ 10

Many thanks goes for their kind support to the Euro Disney Associes S.C.A., the Wizz Air Hungary Ltd., the MVM Energetikai Zrt. and our private sponsors, that helped us fulfill Flóra’s wish.

Zsuzsa Kis
06-08 May 2022 Paris


Football means everything to Benedek!

He plays in a team, regularly watches the matches, especially those of the Hungarian league, and knows everything about football. He would easily tell you the exact line-up of a large number of football teams worldwide, by heart. His dream was to attend a major international game, and he has managed to see no less than one of the most prestigious matches in the world, between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid, in Madrid of course.

Even the travel to Madrid was exciting because this was the first time for Benedek to be on an airplane. Colleagues from Wizzair have done everything possible to make his flight unforgettable. He has received VIP treatment, he could learn about the aircraft and meet the pilot. Before the big game, he had some time to see the main sights in Madrid. He has enthusiastically strolled on the streets of Madrid’s downtown and could not possibly miss the famous Bernabeu stadium, the home of Real Madrid.

Of course, the most important experience was the match itself where the fans have created an incredible atmosphere and Benedek could see some of the world’s best players in real life!

/ 5

We would like sincerely thank the help of Wizz Air Hungary Ltd, Henkel Magyarország Kft., Schneider Electric and also that of our private supporters, among them Tamás and his friends that made us possible to realise Benedek's dream.

András Horvai
Madrid, May 7, 2022

Benedek (11, Horvátzsidány)

Benedict enjoys playing soccer and cycling outdoors, but when he is forced to be indoors, he loves playing with Lego’s.

He is interested in architecture and is doing well in math, so he wants to work as an architect or economic engineer in the future.

In his newly renovated room, he wished for a gamer chair and an LED lamp on his desk. The foundation was happy to fulfil his wishes.

We hope that with this furniture, Benedict’s “empire” has become more comfortable.

Thank you for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft., in fulfilling Benedek’s wish.

Éva Ivády
Wish coordinator
Budapest, 05.05.2022.


Here is a happy teenager whose wish has come true.

Csenge, a 9th grader, wished for a laptop to continue her studies, as she has to do a lot of homework online in the secondary school.

Csenge, enjoy your studies and use your laptop with health and joy!

Many thank for the support of CHARITIES AID FOUNDATION OF AMERICA!

Dr. Alexandra Tészás
Doctor / Wish coordinator
Pécs, 27. 04. 2022.


Áron asked for a PlayStation console with games and two controllers in order to play together with his brother.

The little boy arrived for a medical check-up, but this time he had a big surprise. He was delighted to receive his gift and couldn't wait to get home and start to play battle games.

We would like to thank Henkel Magyarország Kft. for fulfilling Áron's wish.

Dr. Katalin Kántor
Doctor / Wish coordinator
Nyíregyháza, 24. 03. 2022.


Krisztofer asked for a tablet from the Magic Lamp Foundation. Since he spends so much time in the hospital, his favourite pastime is watching fairy tales. He would watch Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Puffy the Pooh stories almost all day.
Lately he's been watching them on a borrowed mobile phone. Krisztofer said he would be glad to get a bigger screen to enjoy the stories.

His wish was soon granted and the little boy received the much-awaited tablet.

He would prefer to sleep with his new gift – told us his father.

Dear Krisztofer,

We wish you many happy hours watching fairy tales and a speedy recovery!

We would like to thank the management and the staff of Budapest Marriott Hotel for making Krisztofer’s wish come true!

Zsuzsanna Tatárné Csonka
Miskolc, 28.04.2022


Like boys in his age, Oliver is interested in technology and computer science, and he studies in this direction.

He wished for a TV from Magic Lamp, which he asked for in his room to watch his favorite movies from his nook. Oliver was pleased to receive his wish, and as soon as he got home, he turned on the device.

Thank you for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. . We were able to fulfill Olivér's wish!

Éva Ivády
Wish coordinator
Budapest, 17/03/2022


David has spent several months in the hospital. Fortunately, he is doing much better now and can go to school again.

He wished for a bike from Magic Lamp, with which he could ride to not only school but also his favorite fishing spot.

We would like to thank Henkel Magyarország Kft. for fulfilling Dávid's wish.

Erzsébet Zsombori
Wish coordinator
Martfű, 05/03/2022


Sandra's old desire was a white laptop on which she could primarily develop her drawing talent and, of course, play, learn and chat with girlfriends.

On a sunny morning, her dream came true. As she picked up the white laptop's package, Sandra's face blushed, her beautiful big eyes filled with tears of joy. She couldn't believe that the Magic Lamp had presented her with the laptop.

Dear Sandra! We wish you joy in using your gift, and always stay as kind and smiling as you are now!

Thank you for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. , With their help, we could fulfill Szandra's wish!

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
Wish coordinator
Miskolc, March 23, 2022


Levente was very handy even as a little boy. He likes to assemble or take things apart and then put them back together.

He is studying to be a car mechanic, and in addition to legos, he is increasingly involved in scientific modeling in his spare time. His other hobby is listening to a wide variety of music, mostly pop and retro music, but he also loves classical music. He wished for a speaker from Magic Lamp to take his musical experience to the next level.

We want to thank XpatLoop, the largest expat organization in Hungary, for fulfilling Levente's wishes through donations collected at the Bonfire Night’s Xpat Charity Party.

Éva Ivády
Wish coordinator
Budapest 2/24/2020


Rajmond's dream was a bicycle. He was very happy when he was told that his wish would be granted by the Magic Lamp Foundation. Then, he was even more delighted when a super MTB bike arrived!
He was so proud to test it and can't wait to ride the bike on longer trips.

Many thanks for the support of the students of The British International School Budapest

Otília Cseke Peltekianné
Egyek, 01.03.2022.>


Feri likes spending time with his friends, playing football and computer games.
He told us that he had always wished for an iPad, which he could use in many different ways: for studying, playing games, having fun, keeping contact with his friends.

The boy's dream came true and it was our pleasure to see his big smile and happiness as he got his long-awaited iPad.
Dear Feri, we wish you a full recovery!

We would like to thank for the support of Corinthia Hotel Budapest. and also our private sponsors for their generous help.


Edina Máté-Nagy
Miskolc, 16.02.2022.


Balázs is a very polite boy. Whenever we see him in his room at the hospital, he is always very attentive. He enjoys participating in various games and craft classes. But like many other teenagers, he loves the online space.

He likes to play various computer and car-driving games. So we weren't surprised when he asked for an X-BOX from Magic Lamp. We talked about his wish, and I registered it in the Magic Lamp's system.
Shortly after, the foundation informed me that Balázs's; wish was on its way.

When I went to see Balázs today, he had no idea that his wish would be fulfilled soon. He was stunned. It's hard to put his happiness and joy into words!

He said: "Thank you so much! I'm so glad! My wish became true so soon!"

Thank you, Magic Lamp Foundation, for this joyful morning!

Thanks for the support of the Firstmed-FMC Kft. , with their help also Balázs's wish could be fulfilled!

Ildikó Russay
Pécs, 21.05.2021.


Máté has spent several months in the hospital multiple times. He was either a private student or could sometimes be able to join classes with his classmates.

When he can, he loves cycling and rollerblading with his friends.

He asked Magic Lamp for a gamer monitor and a super gamer headset.

At the hospital, we fulfilled Máté’s wish, making him extremely happy. Luckily, they could leave the hospital the next day to try the Fortnite and the car simulator games, which he was so excited about.

We wish Máté a speedy recovery!

Maté's mum has sent us the following letter:

"Dear FirstMed!

On behalf of my son Máté, we are grateful for the generous donation! He is so pleased with the gamer set.

Máté is a very strong and cheerful boy who has recently turned 14.

Today we were sent home from the hospital, and the first thing we had to do was set up the monitor. The earphones make the experience even more exciting for him.

We are very grateful and thank you very much again.

Máté is a little tired from his illness, but his happiness is helping him through his journey.

We wish you all the best!

Máté and his motherˇ"

Thanks to FirstMed-FMC Kft. for the support to fulfill Máté's wish!

György Bagó
Budapest, 02.02.2022.


The previously active athlete underwent major surgery. He got a lot of additional hospital treatment since last summer. He still can't socialize, and he misses his sports friends very much. Before his illness, he was already interested in making a video. He wanted a more serious computer for it. But life brought something else.

With the help of a generous donor, his wish of getting a computer is now fulfilled. He is happily learning how to work the computer, developing the lost knowledge and skills.

Dear Áron, we wish you a full recovery!

Thank you for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. to fulfill Áron's wish.

Márta Benkóczy
Tárnok, January 18, 2022


Dominic will have a major operation, after which he will not be able to go to school for a longtime. From Magic Lamp, he wanted a laptop to continue his studies remotely and keep in touch with his classmates and friends until they could meet again. Of course, he will watch his favorite movies on it and download a game or two to it in his free time.

It is special for us that we could surprise Dominic with this laptop before Christmas.

Thank you for the support of the Budapest Marriott Hotel, with which we were able to fulfill Dominik's wish.

Éva Ivády
Tarpa, December 23, 2021


Kristóf is an intelligent, very mature, and humble teenage boy. He wanted a laptop of his own, so I forwarded his request to Magic Lamp. His joy was indescribable when the laptop was handed over to him.

A few days later, Kristóf and her mother thanked for the gift in a lovely letter:

We would like to thank our sponsors from XpatLoop, including the members and leaders of the most significant Hungarian platform for helping foreigners living in Hungary, that Kristóf's wish could be fulfilled through donations collected at the Xpat Charity Party, the 'Bonfire Night'.

Mrs Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
Miskolc, December 13, 2021


Cintia’s wish was a tablet that she could take with her anywhere to keep in touch with her classmates, watch tales and movies, play on it. The little girl arrived for a control visit to the hospital a few days before Christmas, when she received her gift, making the holiday even more beautiful for her.

We would like to thank our sponsors from XpatLoop, including the members and leaders of the most significant Hungarian platform for helping foreigners living in Hungary, that Cintia's wish could be fulfilled through donations collected at the Xpat Charity Party, the 'Bonfire Night'.

Mrs Russayné Szabolcsik Ildikó
Pécs, December 20, 2021

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