We met Nimród and his mother in a mall one afternoon in Nyíregyháza.

It took a lot of planning and effort to arrange his gift, with each day passing making his excitement grow. Once the day finally came, he opened the box impatiently with eyes glimmering with joy, revealing his new laptop. Nimród goes still to school, however his illness sadly causes him to be hospitalized often. Thankfully, with the laptop, he will still be able to continue his studies even when he cannot attend school.

We wish him nothing but happiness and success in the use of his new device.

Many thanks to the teachers, students and their parents in the American International School of Budapest, who made Nimród’s wish come true.

Enikő Alagi and János Alagi
Nyíregyháza, February 6, 2020


Tibor is a young gentleman who loves foreign languages. Currently, he is learning English. In his free time, he likes to ride his motorbike.

He told us he is really interested in smartphones, he is always keeping track on the releases, new special features and developments.
He described his wish as: My biggest wish is a cosmos gray new Samsung smartphone, because I always wanted a top-class phone from my favorite brand.

Even though Csodalámpa couldn’t provide the Top-class phone, we surprised Tibor with a prism black Samsung Galaxy S9. Tibor was really touched by the present and wrote us a little thank you note:

“I would like to Thank the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone I got from you, I love it and I am very happy about it! I wish you all the best and I hope you can make many children like me happy.

Best Regards,


We would like to thank the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest for their decade long support. With their help, we could really surprise Tibor.

Erzsébet Veres and Kriszti Major
Budapest, 05.06.2020


Zsombor doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, he is an only child and his hobby is photography. He has a professional camera which he always carries with himself. It was not unexpected that he is going to wish for something photography related from our Foundation.

Not long after his 18th birthday, the surprise arrived. A really special and professional camera lens.

We arranged the special meeting in a parking lot, as we couldn’t visit him in the hospital due to the Virus lockdown. Zsombor’s father told him he is going to meet someone there. He accepted his father’s explanation, he didn’t really ask for details. He didn’t know what is going to happen, but after he saw me waiting for him, he figured it out slowly.

The parking lot immediately got filled with happiness. He even had his camera with him, so he made some pictures of this happy moment.

He is really grateful that his dream came true. He is wishing the best for the Team in Magic Lamp Foundation and for everybody who helped fulfilling his wish.

I hope from all my heart that we helped him with his photography career, as he is remarkably talented and creative.

On behalf of Zsombor, we would like to thank our supporter, Mellow Mood Hotels’ help!

Edina Nagy
05/14/2020, Miskolc


Ricardo and his family live in a nice house in Maklár with a big garden. The little boy doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, he is an only child. He spends a lot of time playing in the garden and he really wanted a little playground for himself as he is not allowed to got to public playgrounds.

He asked for a nice playground with a slide, 2 swings, climbing wall and a tiny house in it from Magic Lamp Foundation. He got really surprised when a big car arrived at his house with some pieces of wood and toys on top. Ricardo Immediately wanted to help assamble the playground When it finally got ready, he enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to leave the swing. He said even goodbye while he was sliding down on his new slide...

It has been a long time ago since we have seen such a big smile on his face...

Many thanks for the support of Liferay Hungary Kft. for helping us realising Racardo's dream!

Zsuzsi Tatárné
Maklár, April 30, 2020


Alexander enjoys playing with Legos, so it was not surprising that he wished for some from Magic Lamp Foundation. As soon as he realized that one of his wishes will be fulfilled by the Foundation, he became really happy. In his excitement, he started listing all the Lego pieces he wanted, like people, garage and a multiple floored house

We told Alexander, that he will have to wait a few days for his present, but he kept asking about the arrival every day. The happiness was truly noticeable when the big LEGO packages finally arrived. He unwrapped the boxes with huge excitement and immediately started putting the pieces together.
He told us that as soon as the doctors remove the catheter, he will start building the house and the garage as well.

Alexander, we wish you a joyful time with your new toy and an fast recovery!

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Andrea Nagy and Ágnes Tatár
Szeged, April 30, 2020


Even though Vivien is a shy, faint-hearted young woman, when her desease came back, she was brave enough to fight the new barriers.

Due to the fact that every two weeks, she has to go through some treatments in the hospital, she was really in need of a new computer. The computer would not only provide some fun in her daily life, but also would be a huge help in the field of her studies, as she is studying a lot from home.

She was very happy when she received the gift. She tried to hide her happiness, but it was more than clear for everyone: she IS happy.

In the name of Vivien, we would like to thank the students of the British International School Budapest and our private donors for the outstanding donations. We were able to fulfill Vivien’s dream with their help.

Éva Nagyné
11.03.2020, Debrecen


The 9-year -old Amira loves reading, watching movies, and playing with LEGO. Her favourite books and movies are the Harry Potter series.

Since she had discovered Harry Potter LEGO on the internet , all she kept dreaming about was to build the Hogwarts Castle, the Great Hall, or the Clock Tower.

So naturally, she wished for a Harry Potter LEGO.

Her joy was boundless, when she received the much-wanted toy.

Dear Amira, we hope that you will enjoy your gift and wish you a fast recovery!

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

We also would like to thank our private donors for their help!

Zsuzsanna Tatár
Miskolc, January 29, 2020


The wish of the 18-year-old Martina was a laptop to be used primarily for communication with her classmates and learning.
Soon, she is going to Essen for a serious treatment, so it became important that her wish should be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Martina was so happy when we informed her that the gift of the Magic Lamp Foundation was waiting for her.

Her wish was fulfilled at the pulmonology department of the Markusovszky Hospital in Szombathely, in the presence of her doctors.

It was a heartwarming moment to see Martina's happy face!

Many thanks for the support of our private sponsors, among them to the pupils and teachers of The British International School Budapest.

Ms. Mónika Fekete and Mrs Katalin Huszár Török
Szombathely, 14.01.2020.

Máté (4, Budapest)

Máté likes to play with LEGO blocks, so no wonder that his wish was a LEGO train.

As he has been treated these days at the 2nd Pediatric clinic of the Semmelweiss University we decided to visit him there. We were told, that the boy is very shy, so we just simply put the huge box on his bed.

Shy or not, he reached immediately for the box quite excited. He promised us that at home his very first "action" will be to assamble the train and the rails.

Seeing the pictures we know for sure, that the present was a real hit with Máté. We wish him a complete recovery!

We would like to thank our private supporters, among them the students of, their parents and teachers of the American International School of Budapest for their decade long support!

Eva Patzauer & Bea Ratimorszky
Budapest, October 24, 2019

Bence (15, Nyírkércs)

Bence goes to secondary school and like almost every teenager likes computer games very much.

He is a forethoughtful type and thinks of his health long sighted. As he plays sometimes for hours with or against his online friends he asked for a comfortable gamer seat from Magic Lamp.

We are sure that he will be able to take advantage of his new gamer seat for both playing and learning better.

We wish him a fast recovery and success in both field.

We would like to thank Corinthia Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Joli Bakonyi
Budapest, December 3, 2019

Alexander (17, Budapest)

Alex is a great fan of cars, no wonder that he was very keen on getting a driver's lincence as soon as possible.

He has already passed the Highway code exam and he is in the middle of driving practice nowadays.

We would be grateful for a feedback in order to congratulate him for the successful driving test !

We would like to thank Corinthia Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Joli Bakonyi
Budapest, August 02, 2019

Katrina Beáta (5, Szekszárd)

Katrina asked for a Mercedes 300S electric ride-on small car from the Wonder Lamp. She had no idea why she had to come down to the basement of their family house.

When she saw the small car she was smiling and looking at me curiously. I told Katrina that the present from the Magic Lamp had arrived and asked her to try it. Due to the rainy, bad weather, that time she could drive only in the small basement. She was immediately very good at driving, reversing and turning. The lights were on and we were listening to the car radio.

Giving a big joy, present of the Wonder Lamp Foundation got to the right place again. We hope Katrina will enjoy the small car outdoor, too.
We could manage to bring a big smile to the face of a sick child once again!

We thank our private sponsors, including the teachers, students and parents of the American International School of Budapest, for making Diana's wish come true.

Laszlo Szabó
Szekszárd, 30.10.2019.

Diána (16, Balatonfenyves)

Diana loves nature and water, which is understandable, as she is living in a settlement nearby Lake Balaton. She was thinking about a lot what to wish from the Wonder Lamp Foundation and finally she decided to ask for an inflatable kayak that she can enjoy with her family.

At this time the photo was taken by the kayak’s box, but Diana can hardly wait for spring, for the good weather to test the double kayak.

We wish her a wonderful time in advance!

We thank our private sponsors, including the teachers, students and parents of the American International School of Budapest, for making Diana's wish come true.

Joli Bakonyi
18. 11. 2019.


Csongor wished for an electric scooter from Csodalámpa, he already has a splendid bike that he’s using to travel in the town.

We soon acquired the roller that he was incredibly excited for, he wanted to give it a go, which soon he was able to do in their backyard. If the weather is suitable, then he can already use it to go to his music school, only he shouldn’t leave the helmet at home.

We hope you can use the scooter in a good health for a long time!

We thank our private sponsors, including the teachers, students (and their parents) of the American International School of Budapest, for making Csongors wish come true.

Mrs Katalin Huszárné Török
Uraiújfalu, October 30, 2019

Brigitta (7, Barcs)

Brigitta wished for a bicycle from Csodalámpa, she didn’t know about my arrival as her father kept it a secret. She came out into the garden after her father and he watched the bike that I brought with me with great amazement.
She had boundless excitement on her and immediately started unwrapping the gift. I mounted the basket on the bicycle and set the seat to the correct height and turned on the lights.

She really wanted to try her new bike, however it was raining heavily outside. So, she tried it in the kitchen, even if it was only for 3 meters…

She thanks everyone for this great gear shifting bike. Achieving once more huge pleasure to an ill child, another gift from Csodalámpa foundation found it's perfect place.

We thank our private sponsors, including the teachers, students (and their parents) of the American International School of Budapest, for making Brigitta's wish come true.

Laszló Szabó
Barcs, November 5, 2019


Attila was in hospital a lot this year and his condition got worse. I asked him, if he could have a wish what would it be? What happened next, was a tremendous moment for me, one that I will never forget. His wish was simply; to heal!
After both her mother and I started shedding tears, we put ourselves together and continued the conversation. Finally, we found out he had another big wish, and that would be a Hoverboard.

When the new vehicle first arrived to me, I agreed with Attila’s mom so that we don’t tell him about fulfilling the wish. The next day, Attila only knew that there would be a blood test. I did not tell that his wish would be fulfilled as I thought the surprise would be bigger.

He was very surprised that we had fulfilled his wish so soon and immediately unboxed it. We quickly assembled the electric miracle so he can try it: he sped up and down in the corridors of the hospital.
Then he gave the board it to me to try: I already had difficulties with getting on, but Attila was thrilled and very happy with his gift.

We thank our private sponsors, including the teachers, students and parents of the American International School of Budapest, for helping us to make Attila's wish come true.

Edina Nagy
Miskolc, November 7, 2019


Lili is an open-minded nice girl, who had no idea that her wish would come true today.

Her mother told her they would go to a clinic in Budapest for a bone density test.

Lili beleived so until the very last minute, then it was a big surprise when she entered the room where we (me and my colleagues) greeted her and gave the brand new iPad to her. (With the approval of Lili’s mother, I had invited some colleagues from FirstMed to enjoy that lovely moment )

The surprise and her joy were limitless!

We would like to thank the management of Firstmed-FMC Kft. for their support and their representatives for the personal attendance.

Kinga Málnási
Budapest, 22.05.2019.


I had already contacted Szandi and her mother, Barbara a few weeks prior to the journey and they had been looking forward to travelling to Paris.

I met them at the airport on Friday morning. Both of them were very excited about the long-awaited trip, especially Sandy, because it was the first time that she had been flown.
Szandi’s wish was to see the Eiffel Tower. She was very happy when I told her that her dream would come true soon. Szandi really enjoyed the flight.

After arriving to Paris we had a walk int he afternoon: we saw the Notre Dame, the City Hall, H'otel de Ville, Chatelet district, and we were walking along the riverside of the Seine.

Second day we were also very busy, we were glad to see many sights. Our sightseeing tour began with the Louvre Museum, then we visited the Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois de Paris Churh, and the Arc de Triomphe Monument. We went along the Champs-Élysées, then – after a long but pleasant walk – we arrived to the Eiffel Tower and we spent the whole afternoon there. Actually, it was Szandi’s dream and she really enjoyed it.

We were looking at the sight not only from outside, we also went up to the tower, where we had a panoramic view to Paris.

/ 4

We closed the day with a sightseeing bus and crossed the Alexander Bridge.

Next day we also tried to see many things. We visited Montmarte and the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, then we explored the area by a cozy walk.
Besides the sightseeing, we had time to look around and Szandi got a bag and a bracelet as souvenirs from Paris.

Finally, we were walking along the riverside of the Seine once again saying goodbye to the Notre Dame, then we saw Saint-Chapelle.

I’m sure that Szandi received a lifetime experience and I think she will always remember of it.

Many thanks for the support of Firstmed-FMC Kft.,
Mr. Peter Freed and the guests of the Best of Budapest Gala and also for the help of our private supporters.

Boglárka Áchim

Click here to read Alexandra's thanking letter (in Hungarian)


It is not easy to decide what to wish if you have only one choice ... Viktor and his family have been thinking a lot about how Magic Lamp could please the big boy with sincere joy.

Viktor has been playing guitar for a year, he is singing and music means everything for him, primarily Ed Sheeran's music.

It is not a wonder when he learnt that his favorite musician will perform at Sziget Festival, he said he would like to listen to the concert and maybe meet him ... Of course, he knew from the very beginning that this second wish was truly a dream.

We cut our axe into a big tree when we committed to fulfill this wish ...

Since HE Iain Lindsay, Ambassador of Great-Britain knows very well the mission of our foundation, and already helped in realizing several beautiful dreams, we have asked him and his colleagues’ help to fulfill this wish. For a couple of weeks, we were very excited, doing lots of organization, waiting for the good news that it is going to work.

Viktor placed confidence in us all along the way that we will succeed. (We were also trusting, but we knew good luck is also needed to fulfill such a wish.)

The eagerly awaited meeting took place on 7th August, just before Ed Sheeran's concert.

Viktor was genuinely prepared, made a beautiful drawing for his favorite musician and he also wrote to him in English.

Mr. Sheeran, Ed greeted us very kindly and was talking to Victor after a couple of minutes as if he'd known him for a long time. The big boy's most important question he wanted to get an answer for was; how to compose music. Ed only replied that he doesn’t even know, the music just coming from himself. This is called talent - I whispered to Viktor.

/ 4

Of course, the common photos could not be missed either, Viktor told that he also learns to play the guitar and said that Ed made him the happiest child in the world by letting his dream come true.

I tried to translate among them as well as possible. Honestly, sometimes it was difficult because I was swallowing my tears while seeing Victor's face and what this meeting meant to him, seeing his drawing and reading what he wrote on the back of the drawing in English.

I'm sure the meeting will contribute to Viktor's recovery, and he confirmed this to me as well. I hope one day he will be the star musician on the stage and we will be there among the fans.

I am very grateful for being part of another Magic Lamp miracle and getting known you, Viktor. Wishing you a full recovery as soon as possible!

On behalf of Viktor, we would like to thank for the support to Mr. Ed Sheeran and his manager, to HE Iain Lindsay, the Ambassador of Great Britain, to his colleagues at the British Embassy, and of course to the Sziget’s management, and also to our private supporters, without whom this dream could not have come true.

Eva Patzauer
Budapest, August 7, 2019


The seemingly simple question of what you wish for, asked by the Magic Lamp volunteers, is actually not that easy to answer when you can only make one wish.

Veronika also had to think about it for a bit who or what her wish would be. Naturally, the pondering did not last long, she wished to meet her favorite and role model, Ed Sheeran.

As His Excellency Ambassador Iain Lindsay knows the mission of our foundation well and has already helped turn several wishes into reality, we asked for his and his colleagues support with this wish. We organized and kept our fingers crossed for several weeks waiting to hear if it would be possible.

Prior to her serious medical condition, Veronika was an active gymnast and dancer on a high level. She has already liked Ed's music back then and kept listening to his songs during her treatments. She knows most lyrics by heart, which I was able to witness as I sat next to her during the concert.

She went into the meet up well prepared. She had her questions ready for Ed and practiced her English so she could talk with him.

The meet up took place on August 7 before the concert at the Sziget festival. I don't even know who was more excited, her or me. Roni had all her questions written down and practiced her English until the last minute so that everything would go smoothly. I was only worried if there would be enough time for her to ask all the questions. Needless to say, she spoke to the singer, who welcomed her warmly, with amazing confidence.

Veronika also made a blue bracelet as a gift, which Ed put on immediately and we saw that he kept on wearing it during his performance. For me, the most touching moment was not even when they took a picture together or hugged each other, but when Roni said goodbye with the following words:

- Meeting you was an experience for a lifetime and I will always remember it. I hope that it was the same for you and that you will remember me as well.

The reply was another hug from the bottom of his heart and a sincere smile.

/ 5

I believe that this experience will greatly help Roni to recover faster. I am grateful for having been part of another Magic Lamp wonder and for meeting you, Roni. Get well soon!

In Roni's name, we would like to thank Mr Ed Sheeran and his manager, His Excellency Iain Linday, the British Ambassador to Hungary, the staff at the British Embassy as well as the management of Sziget and our supporters, without whom this dream could not have become reality.

Eva Patzauer
Budapest, August 7, 2019

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