Ravand’s big dream was to visit the sea.

One beautiful sunny day after 6 hours in the car we arrived to a small town in Croatia. From the car we could see some parts of the sea already but the interesting part was when we visited the local beach in Senj. The beach had big rocks around and it so it was perfect for swimming. It was so nice and fun we went back nex day too. Ravand swam a lot in these two days, which had a good effect on his desease. He loved watching the small fishes under him and the life of the sea. He even got some new goggles and pipe for it.

After the beach days we visited the town of Silo on the Krk Island.

We went there with a motorboat which added to the experience. Unfortunately one day we had to stay at our apartment because it was a big storm but we had some time to go on a motorboat trip and see the beaches around Senj. We were taken by Brankovics István who is the manager of Galathea Diving Center. We had to hold on to the boat really strong, we felt like the wind is going to blow us away. But the sight was wonderful, we fell in love more and more with Croatia.

Ravand and his family went to the beach on our last day, and they hope they will have the opportunity to visit the sea again here or somewhere else.

/ 4

We would like to thank the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, the Cisco Systems Hungary, it's partner, the CAF America and private supporters for their help that allowed us to realise the dream of Ravand.

We would also like to thank the Galathea Diving Center for their kindness and for providing Ravand with unexpected new adventures .

Bakonyi –Kiss László
August 29, 2018

Fruzsina (10, Mencshely)

Despite her illness, Fruzsina is quite the lively and energetic girl! This is exactly why her wish, a hoverboard, was no surprise to us.
When she first saw the large box containing her gift and finally managed to open it, her joy was boundless.

She could not help but try her hoverboard immediately. Riding around the hospital hallways relentlessly, it was clear she was truly loving her gift.

Enjoy your gift, Fruzsi!!

We would like to thank in the name of Fruzsina for the support and donations of the students and teachers of the British International School Budapest and that of our private donors.

Klara Icsó
Veszprém, March 15, 2019


Tamás wished for an acoustic guitar from our Magic Lamp Foundation.

He decided in an honorable and commendable way that it was about time for him to learn to play the guitar.

Yes, but there are so many types of guitars differing in size, sounding … How could I possibly find out which one was the best for him? Than I had an idea: I called him on the phone and asked what type of music he liked.

To a certain extent, our preferences are similar, we both like music by Led Zeppelin. As there are many acoustic songs on their third album, played on steel-stringed guitars, the question of „which type of guitar” was solved.

After that we discussed the options via phone and the Internet, and chose an extraordinarily beautiful mahagoni Ibanez guitar.

/ 5

I purposely did not schedule our meeting for April 1st (so that he does not accidently take it as a prank…) and I was especially glad to be able to meet Tamás in his home.

Tamás carefully opened the large trapeze shaped box in which, if I am not mistaken, the guitar had arrived to us, well to him to be exact, from Indonesia. His big smile assured me that I had made the right decision, it was not only me who liked the guitar. I showed him how to hold it and even played a few notes so he could hear what it sounds like. It sounds great!

After a bit more of “guitar chit-chat” and some advice, I said goodbye to him and his family; I wished Tamás good health and to get well soon in the name of the entire Magic Lamp team.

We would like to thank the students of the British International School Budapest and other private donors in the name of Tamás too as we granted his wish with their support.

Gábor Patzauer
Budapest, March 314, 2019


Vida and his brothers are huge Liverpool FC fans, so it was no question what his wish would be: he would have liked to watch a home game of the football club.

We had to try really hard with the organizing, since the wheelchair tickets, which we needed, were already sold out for the whole season. In the end, we were able to get a ticket directly from the club.

We got going so Vida could see his favorite team on their home pitch. His oldest brother accompanied him for this unforgettable weekend. On the first day after arrival, we attended a stadium tour, where a lot of photos had been taken with the life-size puppets of the favorite players under the old jerseys. In the evening, we discovered the city. At Sunday noon, we watched the game excitedly from the first row. The weather wasn’t too kind to us, but the cold and the icy rain couldn’t mess up this day either.

We were lucky enough to watch 3 out of the 4 winning goal up close, since we were sitting directly behind the goal.

The atmosphere of the sold out stadium can’t be described, the little boy was enjoying every moment of it!

We hope that this weekend will live in Vida’s memory forever!

/ 5

We are greatful for the recurring support of the Batschka Foundation and Lury Ház, the members and management of XpatLoop, the biggest xpat organisation in Hungary and our private donors, among them Mr. Tamás Mátrai. With their help, Vida’s dream has come to reality as well!

Georgina Beregi
10.03.2019, Liverpool


I met Csenge at the hospital and she had no idea that her wish will come true today as her parents only told her that they have to pop in to the clinic for a quick check.

Our supporter, BlackRock was represented by Agota Kovacs who remembers the day with the following words:
"Csenge was adorable, it gave her a massive surprise when I explained why I was there. When she opened the laptop her first reaction was that she will show her beautiful white laptop to her friends.

I helped her to switch it on and we did the main settings. Her happiness could not have been more obvious as we 'tried' the laptop a few times while I was with her.

Looking at Csenge's and her parents' joy I am confident, that the laptop is in the best hands."

We would like to thank in the name of Csenge the support given by BlackRock Budapest office!

Gabriella Hargitai
Budapest, February 12, 2019

Zsolt (10, Szeged)

Standing there with the remote controlled train in our hands, we knew instantly that the smile spreading across Zsolti’s face was a smile we would never forget.

The LEGO set itself was so large that it took us an incredible amount of time just to understand all of its characters and background story. In fact, the attention to detail was so remarkable that if we removed the roof of the hot dog store and peeked inside, there was an entire complex of customers drinking coffee and going about their lives. Of course Zsolti knew all of this already; he had watched it with great excitement in a video prior to our arrival. Yet when receiving the gift, genuine excitement and gratitude radiated off of him, warming all of our hearts.

After realizing that we forgot to get the batteries for the remote, one of us ran down to the store to buy some while the others helped unpack the contents of the box onto Zsolti’s hospital bed. Observing the LEGO set we were thinking to ourselves how many hundreds of pieces it may have consisted of, puzzled at its size. Zsolti himself was quite impressed too, remarking that the remote controller for the train was the newest and most impressive model. And to our greatest joy, his responses led us to believe that we really did bring him a cool gift!

Zsolti, we hope our gift will bring you lots of joy in times to come and thank you for having us!!

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Dr. Kapás Ferenc and Kapás Csilla
Szeged, January 31, 2019


Kitti’s wish was to spend a couple days in Hajdúszoboszló on vacation with her mother and siblings. And since they were relaxing near to my home I was able to meet up with Kitti and her family. I took them out for lunch in order for us to be able to get to know each other a bit. This restaurant was modelled after a ship both on the interior and exterior.

Kitti loved it, and all of her tension seemed to disperse very quickly! She talked about her current treatment and what has been happening to her recently. Evidently, like all the other kids Csodalampa works with, she is quite the fighter herself.

Seeing that we were getting along very well we were able to spend several hours together! I found that she has an caring family, who protect her and love her dearly.

Kitti also talked about her experience in Hajdúszoboszló and revealed that she had a great time there! I was very happy to be able to meet Kitti and I hope that we will have yet another chance to meet again.

We would like to thank in the name of Kitti too the support given by the Hungarian National Bank, the guests and management of the Corinthia Hotel Budapest and our private donors, that made it possible to realise Kitti's dream.

Nagy Éva
Debrecen, February 25, 201

Dear Csodalámpa!

I would like to thank you for granting my long standing wish to visit Hajdúszoboszló. After all the problems caused by my illness it was a real enlightment to have holiday with my mum and brother..

It was real fun, the hotel was beautiful, all the staff really kind to me. The spa was excellent, with lots of pools, slides - I tried almost all of them.
I also learned new things like playing mini golf, and I rolled on an electric scooter too...

We even went to Debrecen for a day to visit the Zoo and also the fun park. I could play with animals, and I triwed lots of attractions too.

I've got a lot of beautiful experiences. Thank you very much for the opportunity!

…….Kitti Zsuzsanna


Csilla is quite an artist, drawing is her biggest hobby.

The young teenage girl’s dream was to own tablet which could allow her to draw and unveil her creativity. Such a tablet could allow her creativity to soar and express herself in her way.

Her dream was became a reality when Csilla was undergoing a lengthy set of treatments at the hospital. It was to her greatest surprise when Judit Drakopoulos, on behalf of Corinthia Hotel Budapest, presented her with her gift, the Tablet. This tablet was followed by other useful and valuable gifts, emerging one by one from Judit’s bag.

Csilla got so excited that she initially was even scared to hold the tablet, for fear of that she might break it. Yet eventually, after a bit of encouragement, she meticulously unboxed the tablet and squeezed it against herself. Her gaze gave away that her thoughts were already elsewhere, contemplating the future use of this new companion and the expressive pieces of art that she was sure to create with it.

Seeing the young artist’s excitement we felt it was time to slowly leave her. We, of course, did not want impede on the young creator’s first big opportunity to truly express herself and her artistic fantasies.

On behalf of both the teams of Corinthia Hotel Budapest and the Csodalámpa team we wish her a swift recovery and hope she remains persistent in the pursuit of her dreams!

We would like to thank Mrs. Judit Pécsi Drakopoulos , the hotel’s marketing and communication manager for personally attending the granting of Csilla’s wish.

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Márta Felkai and Zsuzsanna Sipos
Budapest, September 12, 2018

Patrícia Liliom (6, Kolontár)

Patrícia, as most of her age-group, really likes cartoons.

The hours spent on watching cartoons make her days in the hospital more bearable; therefore, she wished from the Magic Lamp Wish Granting Foundation nothing else than a tablet, capable of watching cartoons.

The delivery of the gift was a little bit delayed, but we hope that this device brought even more joy to Patrícia.

We wish her a lot of joyful moments granted by these cartoons, so she can forget the everyday struggles.

Thank you to UNHCR Global Service Centre for their help.

Rita László
21.02.2019, Szombathely


I met Janos in the office of BlackRock Hungary.
Janó was extremely happy for the gift, he did not expect it; therefore, it was a huge surprise for him that his wish had been fulfilled that day and that place.

I asked him what he would use his new, beautiful laptop for.
The 12-year-old young man told us that mostly for editing videos (he even has his own Youtube channel), gaming and obviously for studying as well.
I showed him where I was working and he especially liked the display on my desk.

That day was special for both of us; I am not sure for whom was it the greater experience...

Thank you for the support of BlackRock that gave so much happyness to this young boy!

Helga Pálfi
17.01.2019, Budapest


Dóra’s wish was a laptop suitable for editing videos as part of her school assignments.

Fulfilling such a wish just a few days before Christmas was more than a pleasure.

Dóra was deeply moved when she found her present at BlackRock’s Christmas tree. We turned it instantly on and, as the machine was booting up, she started telling her story.

A story about her plans with the new laptop. A story about her school and her future goals. A story about family, friends and schoolmates…

And as I was listening to her far-from-average stories, I slowly realised how extraordinarily strong this young girl is. Someone who faces her disease with a braveness defying many adults. Someone with a brilliant sense and a lot of ambition.

Dear Dóra, I wish you a quick recovery and lots of happiness with your new laptop!

We would like to thank for the support of BlackRock Hungary that allowed us to give such a joy to Dora.

Adam Siska


Marti wanted a laptop with a built-in DVD-player.

I visited Marti at the hospital. I was accompanied by Agota, a member of the BlackRock team.

The teen came to the clinic for treatment, and we wanted to surprise her before Christmas so can would be able to enjoy her new laptop over the holidays.

Marti was very happy when we handed over the big Magic Lamp bag containing the eagerly awaited laptop. Agota, the expert, helped Marti start up and set up the machine. In the meantime, Marti told us about all the things she wanted to use her new laptop for, including studying, and of course, watching films.

Dear Marti, we hope that you will get better soon. Enjoy your new laptop!

We would like to say a special thank you to BlackRock Hungary, and to Agota, representing the company, for making Marti's wish come true.

Andrea Molnar
Budapest, Deember 19, 2018


Bence's wish was to watch his favourite football team, Real Madrid, playing in their Bernabeau Stadium in Madrid.

His account of the adventure:
I wished for this experience because I had been a Real Madrid fan for a long time, and my dream was to go to Madrid and watch one of their games live.

My excitement already started days before our flight. My brother and I could hardly wait for our departure.
We arrived in Madrid after a three-hour flight. First, we checked into our hotel, then went out for a sightseeing walk and dinner.

Next day we took a sightseeing bus to admire the many famous sights of Madrid.

A few hours before the start of the game we went to the stadium and waited for the gates to open. About an hour before start time finally we could go inside, take our seats, and watch the warm-up.
It wasn't a boring game but unfortunately, it ended without a goal. However, both teams had their opportunities for scoring, giving us reasons for excitement.

The stadium was almost full, so the atmosphere was awesome. It was such an amazing experience to see my favourite team play.

The following day we participated in a guided tour at the stadium. We saw all the trophies of the team in the museum, tried the seats in the VIP sector, sat on the benches, visited the dressing rooms and the press room. It was a great experience!

The last day we visited the Royal Palace of Madrid and the big cathedral across from the palace. We went for a final walk afterwards. Then it was time to go to the airport to board our flight back home.
It was definitely a trip of a lifetime, I will never forget it!

I would like to thank Magic Lamp and Dr. Gabor Kovacs, our escort, for organizing this trip and making my dream come true.


/ 3

Many thanks goes to the management of the Hungarian National Bank, to the Corinthia Hotel Budapest and to private donors for their support that allowed us to realise the special dream of Bence.

Dr. Gabor Kovacs
Budapest, October 2, 2018


As so many of his age group, Krisztián desired a driving license.

He contacted the driving school which was nearby to his school and residence as well, and started the course…

He passed the Highway Code test incredibly fast; therefore, we congratulate him!

If he carries on at this pace, he could hold his new driving license proudly in his hand very soon.

We asked him to definitely keep us informed about the successful practical exam and his new driving license.

We wish him good luck in the name of our supporters: the students, their parents and the teachers of the American International School of Budapest for the donations collected with their Walk-the-Wish 2018 program. Thank you also for the help of our other private contributors.

Joli Bakonyi


Zalán came for a scheduled control to the Child Health Center between two treatments - that day started just like any other…
He didn’t expect that a surprise was waiting for him: the laptop, which was a great desire for him, arrived on that same day.

The boy was really happy when I was getting closer to him with a big box in my hand and said that it was for him.

He was surprised and asked: - What is in it?
- Open it! – I replied.
- Is it the laptop?! – He asked.

... and Zalán started to unpack the box.

It was a great pleasure to watch the pale face of the teenager became more red and lively as he was unpacking the box.
- I wouldn’t have believed it! – he said after seeing what was in the box.
He was extremely happy, I could see that from his face. A real, manly laptop! – He said repeatedly and showed it to the nurses, doctors who were coming by.

We wish you to have a lot of joy with your gift and get well as soon as possible!

Thank you for the support of the Mellow Mood Hotels

Zsuzsanna Tatárné Kovács
9.12.2018, Miskolc


Rikárdó wished to have a laptop: unfortunately, he spends a lot of time in the hospital and it is important for him to not to fall behind in his studies. Thanks to this laptop, it will be easier for him to keep up with his classmates.

He was really happy when Ádám, representing BlackRock Budapest, handed the laptop over and helped to set it up, but it turned out quickly Rikárdó is just doing fine on his own.

Dear Rikárdó, we wish you an early healing and to have a lot of great moments with your new laptop.

Thank you for the support of BlackRock Budapest once again! Thank you for Ádám Siska to attend this event personally!

Andrea Molnár
29.11.2018, Budapest


Regina wished to have a laptop: unfortunately, she spends a lot of time in the hospital and it is important for her to keep in touch with her family, friends and schoolmates. Obviously, she won’t be using it only for maintaining contact; it will be really helpful in her studies as well.

She was really happy when Ádám, representing BlackRock Budapest, handed the laptop over and helped to set it up. Meanwhile, Regina was talking about herself: we got to know a charming little girl. The clock was ticking fast, so we had to leave unfortunately.

Dear Regina, we wish you an early healing and to have a lot of great moments with your new laptop.

Thank you for the support of BlackRock Budapest once again! Thank you for Ádám Siska to attend this event personally.

Andrea Molnár
29.11.2018, Budapest


Tomi and his father arrived to the FirstMed clinic excitedly: obviously not because of his illness, but because of the fulfillment of his wish...

Our group and the treating doctor of Tomi, Dr. Judit Müller, were waiting for them. Despite Tomi knowing that he will receive a laptop, we were deeply touched seeing his joy.

When I asked him what would he be using the laptop for, he immediately replied: I’m going to study with it what electricians do.

We hope that after his recovery he will be able to learn and practice his chosen profession with the help of our gift.

Good luck Tomi! We wish you success and good health!

Thank you for the help of the "Magic Bugs" charity running team of FirstMed – FMC, participating in the 33rd SPAR Maraton Festival, for making the wish of Tomi happen.

Kinga Málnási
19.11.2018, Budapest


Máté, as most of his age group, likes to stay in his room, sit at his desk, play computer games and keep in touch with his friends.

He thought that these times could be more enjoyable in a comfortable gamer chair and we tried to fulfill his wish as soon as possible.

The present arrived as a real surprise for him, Máté assembled the gamer chair happily and has been using it ever since for his favorite activities.

Thank you to the private supporters, including the members and leaders of the biggest Xpat organization of Hungary, XpatLoop, in making the wish of Zétény happen due to the donations collected at the Xpat Charity Party 'Fireworks Night' .

Joli Bakonyi
08.11.2018, Budapest

Zsombor (3, Veresegyház)

Zsombor desired a "sit and ride" toy car; therefore, we surprised him with it after his long hospital treatment.

The little boy was really glad with his new toy. According to his parents, he drives his new car as a big boy every time the weather allows it: accelerating, braking, taking turns, driving carefully as a good chauffeur.

We wish him a lot of joyful moments with carefree playtime.

Thank you to the private contributors of XpatLoop, including the members and leaders of the biggest Xpat organizations of Hungary, in making the wish of Zsombor happen due to the donations collected at the Xpat Charity Party, 'Fireworks Night'.

Joli Bakonyi
08.11.2018, Budapest

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