Beatrix (12, Budapest) and Tünde (16, Sáránd)

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The most outstanding wish-fulfilment in Nice (France) by Csodalámpa

Our plane left for the beautiful French town, Nice on Saturday afternoon (14 of April). In the beginning the girls got scared of the flight, but their fears have disappeared soon. And what is more they enjoyed it a lot. After the 4-hour long flight we checked in the hotel and had a walk on the shore. The girls were excited about the next morning. Mr. Lagon who is the keeper of Phoenix and Lizzie was waiting for us kindly and warmly. The girls were dressed into fisherman's long pants and after washing their hands they could go to the water. They were allowed to pat the dolphines and to conduct training session in the morning. Although they had different feelings about the skin of the dolphines, the experience was touching for both of them. "It's the best three days of my life!" Trixi repeated it several times during the week-end. After petting the dolphins, we saw a dolphin show, a bird show, an orca show and a seal show. In Marineland we visited the aquarium, the sharks, the pinguins, the pelicans and we caressed the rays. This small sea-world was very impressive. We could see many animals and we got home with lots of memories. The next day we had some time to walk on the shore and look around in Nice. Our experience is everlasting - she said.

Tünde says:

"It was very, very, very good!!!" It was the first time in my life to fly, to go abroad and to see the sea. I brought back home some real sea-water to my family so they could small how it was. In the beginning I got scared of the flight a little bit but finally I liked it a lot. Both the take-off and landing were fine. I liked that the German captain and pilots informed us about the most important things to know, they introduced themselves and said good-bye at the end of the flight, and they were very polite. I love the dolphines since I was a child, I always wanted to see them in the real life. We show the tasks to the dolphines, we were playing with them, and we were allowed to pet them. We conducted them and they were singing, they jumped out of the water as we gave a sign to them with our hand. I was with Mr Lagon and I gave the instructions to Phoenix. We spent a half-an-hour with them, though it seemed to take only 10 minutes. We could have pet them the whole day becuse of their silky skin.

I liked everything in Marineland especially to pet the dolphines and the dolphine show as they were jumping, playing ball and lifted their keeper out of the water.

Trixi says (12)

This flight was the first time for me too. I was scared in the beginning, but I really enjoyed it later. I even thought that I would be an air hostess some time. It was also the first time to see the sea, which was very blue and salty. I liked the breakers on the shore, I gathered lots of stones and I brought some sea-water home. As I was sitting on the shore I thought that it would be the best three days of my life. And I was right. Lizzie was a little bit rough to the feel, but the skin of her belly was silky and white. It was so good with them! I could have pet Lizzie the whole day. She was very nice and dutiful. Though she always got a task and left me when I wanted to pet her some more. I checked her mouth too: she got small white teeth and there was a kind of tongue. I liked a lot as she jumped out of the water when I gave a sign with my hand, and she was playing with her caudal fin. I liked the bottle nose dolphine show the most, especially when they jumped through the circle and they played ball with the audience. I liked the bird show when the different type of birds of prey were flying close above our heads. The orka show was held in a transparent pool and we could see the huge animal (6-7 m) swimming and how the orka put out his tongue to his keeper.:) Then he crawled out of the water and he was waving with his tail. And he crawled on the edge of the pool as well. At the end of the show five dolphines jumped out of the water together. I caressed a ray as well - it was glib like a fish, I think the dolphin's skin was smoother. I liked the palmtrees in Nice, they were everywhere: at the roundobaouts and all along the seashore.

The girls gave me their talks on the plane when we returned, so these were their most current experience.

We can thank the three loveliest days of the girls' life to the DDB Hungary, the Lufthansa airline, to the Hotel Pilotel at Antibes and to the employees of Marineland in Nice, and last but not least to Wonderlamp for organising this trip.

CSINÁDY Rita Veronika
Wish coordinator



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