Botond (5 years old, Nagyatád)

We were a little bit puzzled when we learned that Botond wished for a "ponycycle".
A short research on the internet revealed what it was, and we were relieved to learn that it can be purchased in Hungary.

Botond - who had a cold - was very happy when we surprised him at the hospital. He and his twin brother both rode the horse up and down the corridors and in the common area. We had to rescue them from various corners as the ponycycle does not move backwards.

Dear Botond, we wish you many hours of happy riding on your new ponycycle!

/ 3

Special thanks for the help of our private donors!

Gabor Halacsy
Budapest, Nov. 30, 2012

Milán (3 years old, Budapest)

The 3 years old Milán’s favourite passtime is naturally playing with cars. He loves to watch the cartoon "Cars" and his favourite character turned out to be "Lightning McQueen".

His face lighted up as soon as he saw the big Csodalampa package, that contained the miniature version of a "Lightning McQueen" red racing car, that he can steer with a controller even from the far end of his room.

We wish him a wonderful time with his new red toy car!

This wish ha been granted with the support of the colleagues of the ENSZ Menekültügyi Főbiztossága, Globális Szolgáltató Központ (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Global Service Centre in Budapest). Many thanks for your kind help in the name of Milan too.

Bakonyi Joli
Budapest, 2012.12.18.

Adrienn (6 years old, Monor)

Adri was asking her mother when her aquarium will arrive. She had a concrete wish from the Wishing Lamp’s “genie” when it asked her what she wants: An aquarium, just like the one in the hospital. Well, it wasn’t an easy wish, little mermaid.

After a long search we came by the perfect aquarium - with the help of the young students from the American School -, and shortly it arrived to the family’s house. Adri was very happy when the manufacturer and his son brought the huge aquarium into the living room.

Despite the missing residents inside, there was no need for a big imagination to see how good it will look filled with the little fishes. For the time we were happy to put a real mermaid into it, watching her enjoy the water.

We hope that the fishes make you happy Adrienn, and don’t forget to take care of them!

We want to thank the American International School of Budapest

for helping us to grant another wish!

Andrea Mocsonoky
Monor, 28.11.2012.

Evelin (10 years old, Tét)

The 11 years old Evelin wished for an LCD TV.

Evelin’s eyesight was very bad, but from now on, she can enjoy her favourite cartoons on a big screen.

On a sunny Wednesday, we went to grant her wish, accompanied by two teachers and three students of the International American School. The family was excitedly waiting for us when we arrived to Tét.

Henrietta, Evelin’s mom showed us around their nice little house and garden. Evelin had no idea why we were there, and she was surprised breathless, when we gave her the present.

Evelin loves Hello Kitty, so the children from the American School brought her a big box of Hello Kitty toy. Evelin was so happy with her new things; she was just sitting on the couch, watching them with a huge smile on her face.

But it wasn’t over yet! The children gave her a huge Hello Kitty cake with an enormous sparkler. Evelin’s mom quickly got plates and cut the cake, so we could all have a slice. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the kids were eager to find out everything about Evelin, so they came with a long list of questions, and Evelin and her mother took turns on answering them. Sadly, we had to say goodbye shortly, because the students had to get back to school.

We want to thank the International American School, for helping us grant Evelin’s dream.

Andrea Molnár
22.11.2012, Tét

Szabolcs (10 years old, Kisköre)

Szabolcs’s wish was a laptop, and his dream came true on the 28th of November. He was very surprised, when the little group visited him.

The American International School of Budapest granted his wish, the school’s teachers and students accompanied the representatives of the Wishing Lamp Foundation on their trip to visit Szabolcs. They brought a chocolate cake beside the present, which we tasted, and found very nice.

Szabolcs enjoyed being among the children, and started to play with his new computer immediately, knowing expertly how to use it. The kids gave him advices on games to play and where to find them. Our boy was very happy and couldn’t believe that his wish was granted so fast. This day will be never forgotten, for all of us.

Thank you for everyone at the Wishing Lamp Foundation, and for the generous donation of the American International School of Budapest. You brought joy into my little boy’s life, and made him forget about the everyday struggles for a while.

I wish you all the best with life and work, because there are a lot of little faces needing you to put a smile on them.

Thank you again: Szabolcs’s Mom.
Kisköre, 2012. 11. 28.

We want to thank the American International School of Budapest

for helping us to grant another wish!

/ 3

Viktor (10 years olt, Budapest)

Viktor is an always smiling, happy little boy who is interested in lots of things.
We talked about many things and I think he would like to experience all the wonders of life in one go. He loves stories. When he was still the inhabitant of the Tűzoltó street hospital he always participated in our story telling days with his fellow friends. He is enthusiastic about sports, animals and even for magic tricks, but his biggest love is for music. He has fantastic ears for music and one of his oldest dream was to learn how to play the drums.

Viktor is now over with all of his medications, he goes to school and since he regained his strength he wished for a drum set, from our genie. He made this a doubtful wish, since he couldn’t believe that the genie would have enough power to grant such a big wish.
He didn’t know the power of our Genie!

So, thought our Genie, let’s look around, where can we find the best drum set for our aspiring new musician. He found a very important supporter, a true legend in the drummer world: Mr. János Szanyi.

The FirstMed Centers Kft. wished to help in realizing the dream of Viktor and to help to make his first steps in the world of music.

I think we were able to surprise Viktor.
Mr. Péter Szanyi, the drum teacher of Viktor asked him to attend a class, and later on he guided him to another room, where we set up the new drum set for him. Without realizing it was his granted wish he already started to play it enthusiastically!

/ 4

Ms. Kinga Málnási, the representative of FirstMed Centers Kft. came with us to fulfill a dream, couldn’t believe her ears. After only 2 months of drum practice Viktor was already on a different level then any beginners.

After we told him that from today on this is going to be his MAGIC set of drums, which the First Med Center Kft. got for him, the only thing he could say:
- Oh... my... is it really true?
Yes it’s true Viktor.

But the day still wasn’t over. In gratitude of his new present Viktor with the vocal solo of his sister Anka provided us the best surprise in the form of a little concert. It was a wonderful experience, thank you for the wonderful time!

We wish you Viktor wonderful time with you new drum set, and we would like to ask you that as a man in a great band please remember to this small group of people who was able to help you realize your first dream, and help you start you way to stardom.

We would like to give an extra thank you, to the FirstMed Centers Kft., because without their help we wouldn’t be able to see such a big smile on Viktor’s face!

Zsuzsanna Sipos
Budapest, November 26, 2012

Dávid Ferenc (9 years old, Csajág)

Dávid wished to share his secrets, surf the internet, send mails on his own laptop for a long time, while he has to spend the long days at the hospital. He is already a teenage boy who doesn’t believe in fairy tales and magic anymore.
However the always enthusiastic genie showed Dávid that there are still wonders in our days.

Dávid was in the hospital at Tűzoltó utca when the long awaited present arrived.
We stopped at his bed and told him that we arrived from Csodalámpa. He smiled and then looked at her mother with some doubts in his eyes: "Why are they here, I already told them my heartfelt wish?"

/ 3

Moments later his doubt vanished and his eyes changed to a happy and shining one as Kinga Málnási, the representative of FIRSTMED-FMC Kft. handed him his new laptop. He accepted it with a flushed face and trembling hands. After a few seconds he gave the new machine a gentle stroke, then there were nothing left to do just to start it up. With the professional help of Kinga, Dávid was able to surf the well-known websites, and still with the impact of surprise and happiness he shouted out every second: "Woooow this is super… so cool!"

We saw that Dávid started to get tired from the too much excitement. We started to say our goodbyes, when Dávid suddenly turned to Kinga, whispered something in her ear, and then gave a big smooch on her face to thank her for this wonderful surprise. I think this was the biggest present anyone (Kinga or the Csodalámpa) could get before Santa’s Day, from such a gentleman.

We wish you Dávid the quickest full recovery possible, and that you will find happiness in using your new laptop.

We wish to give a special thank you to the FIRSTMED-FMC Kft. for their patronage in realizing this dream. We wish to give an extra thank you to Ms. Kinga Málnási who was kind enough to make Dávid smile with her presence.

Zsuzsanna Sipos
BudapestNovember 30, 2012



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