Adrienn (6 years old, Monor)

Adri was asking her mother when her aquarium will arrive. She had a concrete wish from the Wishing Lamp’s “genie” when it asked her what she wants: An aquarium, just like the one in the hospital. Well, it wasn’t an easy wish, little mermaid.

After a long search we came by the perfect aquarium - with the help of the young students from the American School -, and shortly it arrived to the family’s house. Adri was very happy when the manufacturer and his son brought the huge aquarium into the living room.

Despite the missing residents inside, there was no need for a big imagination to see how good it will look filled with the little fishes. For the time we were happy to put a real mermaid into it, watching her enjoy the water.

We hope that the fishes make you happy Adrienn, and don’t forget to take care of them!

We want to thank the American International School of Budapest

for helping us to grant another wish!

Andrea Mocsonoky
Monor, 28.11.2012.

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