Levente (15 years old, Pusztadobos)

Levi is a very friendly and highly intelligent boy, who has lots of friends back at home. Some of them even came to visit him at the hospital although they live 300 km away.

That’s why his wish was to have his own laptop so he can keep in touch with all of his classmates and friends while he has to be away from them. His commitment to his classmates is so strong that, he decided to keep up with his school studies in order to remain in the same class with them after he goes back to school. Luckily with his new laptop he will be able to consult with his teachers and classmates about homeworks, and the stories of the everyday life in school.

This wouldn’t have been possible if there weren’t 800 hundred enthusiastic students at the American International School of Budapest, who contributed to Walked-the-Wish charity program so they can realise sick children’s dreams - including Levi’s wish! The representatives of the students arrived as „Ben’s angels” to the hospital to bring happiness and joy and even an American School T-shirt to Levente’s life.

We hope that Levi will be able to keep up with his studies, so after getting better he will be able to join his classmates for another year in high school!

This wish was accomplished with the help of the American International School of Budapest. We would like to give a big thank you for all of you.

Andrea Mocsonoky – Lilla Lengyel
Budapest, November 21. 2012

Borbála (9 years old, Budapest)

Bori really is a "cool" always enthusiatic and lively girl.
It wasn’t a big suprise then that her wish from our genie was a big springboard where she can jump around anytime she wishes, even in this cold autumn weather.

Even though the wish itself wasn’t too complicated, it was really challenging to build such a big structure in a garden at autumn. But the family was more than happy to accept this challenge, and with the father’s enthusiastic work the springboard got ready in one weekend in November.

But how did it end up in the garden of the family?

It happened because hundreds of dedicated students of the American International School of Budapest decided to "Walk-the-Wish", in order to collect money to realise several sick children’s, including Bori’s dream. This was all it was needed to make a small child happily jump around in the air happily doing flips and twine in the process.

We shouldn’t forget about the lovely card, that held all the warm wishes of the students, and was given to an extreamly happy Bori by Adrienn, teacher of teh school).

We wish Bori lots of blissfull hours on the springborard!

This wish was fulfilled with the help of The American International School of Budapest. We would like to thank you in the name of Bori too!

Andrea Mocsonoky
Budapest, Noveber 21, 2012

Dániel (9 years old, Erdőtelek)

The new target of our genie was Dani who has already spent long months in the hospital at Miskolc.

He wished to get a smart phone from Csodalámpa.
Then the magic happened in Dani’s life too.

Even if it was not the genie himself who came to deliver the mobile phone, we were still able to bring happiness to another hospital room for a while.

As soon as the little boy saw the phone in our hands, the only thing he said: "Oh my God! I knew he will be able to get me one!"

The smile of Dani empowers us more than any story we would be able to tell about it.

We would like to give our special thanks to FirstMed FMC Kft, because without their help this wouldn’t have been able to happen.

Köszönjük a FIRSTMED-FMC KFT. támogatását!

Mrs Zsuzsanna Tatár
Miskolc, 7. November. 2012.

Levente (5 year old, Zalagyömörő)

The five-year old Levente is truly a fond of old cars - sometimes he used to drive one of Grandpa 's car - so his wish was to go to an old timer car exhibition.

Fortunately in mid-October such a major event was held in Budapest Syma Hall. Hence after many phone calls and discussions Levente’s dream has come true.

The boy arrived in Budapest from Zalagyömörő with his mother and grandmother by the help of family Szabadics. They quickly occupied their rooms on the fifth floor of the Art'Otel where they enjoyed the view for a while. They could see the Danube, boats and motor boats, the Parliament and the tram on the Pest side from their windows, which was all new to the little boy.

We went to the Old-timer Show by taxi, which again was a great experience for Levi. At the show he ended up not knowing where to go among the many attractions. There was everything a boy could ask for such interests: "ancient" auto mobiles, young timers and old-timers, old, old motorbikes, bicycles, ambulances, Ikarus buses, and from World War I. and II combat vehicles, tanks and military equipments.

By the time we saw these hundreds of interesting vehicles, Levi got a little tired, so we went back to the hotel, where the chef was waiting with a delicious dinner for the evening and a surprise cake as a closure to our eventful day.

Thank you for contributing to the wish granting by donating the tickets to the Old Timer Show!

Thank you to Art’otel Budapest for hosting the family!

Thank you to family Szabadics for their help with the transport!

/ 3

Ágota Veress
Budapest, October 20, 2012

Viktória (16 years old, Keszthely)

Viktória's longtime wish was to get a driving licence. When we asked why is this her wish, she answered: well, this is a good "long lasting" wish...

The students, their parents and professors of the American International School of Budapest have helped us to realise Viki's wish.

It was a Friday when Viki visited the American school. She was shown around then she was greeted by the school people at the theatre of the AISB. The students prepared her a huge "driving licence" - a happy symbol of their support.

What Viki felt amid the cheers? Please read her own words:

Hello everyone!

I would like to say a bit thank you for wellcomming me with such a big love and have cooperated for a girl’s wish somewhere in the world. I would like to thank „Csodalámpa” for making my dream comes true.

Let me tell you some words about myself.

My name is Viki, I’m 16 years old. I live in Keszthely next to the lake Balaton. I have an elder sister and brother. Four months ago I was transplanted with a new liver. The reason of the operation was diseases. It is called Wilson diseases. I have been ill since I was born we just did not know about it. This diseases can be found in my genes but it cannot renew again. My brother who is not here at the moment inherited as well but his one can be controlled by medicine treatment.

/ 4

I received the new liver on the 6th of July, 2012 which was life saving. I got the organ from someone who is unfortunately not with us anymore. The operation took 9 and a half hours. I was in hospital for about one month after that. My mom was with me every day and held my hands. I owe my mom and the medical team who were with me quite a lot...
I have seen the world differently since my operation. Before I do something, I consider everything 3 times whether it is worths doing or not. I’m able to see the wonder and beauty in people, nature and life.

I would like to finish my story with a quotation:
"You can find the Hero and Angel and the shadow in everyone. The Angel who lives his inncent young life once gets lost in the dark noise of the shadow which is tempting him from the goodness but here comes the Hero, who proudly with his strong soul take back the Angel to the right road and sends him toward his goal to the house of love and insistence."

I wish all of you to find the Hero in itself towards complete and happy Life.

Thanks for listening!

P*** Viktória


We hope to see Viki next spring again, and hopefully she will arrive in a car, driven by herself.

Many thanks for the generous help of the students, their parents and professors of the AISB!

Éva Patzauer, Andrea Mocsonoky, Julian S. Montoni
November 16, 2012

Gábor (3 years old, Nagykörű)

I was suprised to see that everything around me turned to white when I woke up Monday morning. At this wintery autumn day there was a boy, who was waiting for me, and who wished a nearly real car from Csodalámpa.

Slowly but surely I arrived to Nagykörü, where there was absolutaly no sign of the coming winter. Gábor waited for me without a word, but when I asked what was his wish, he immediately replied: an electric car.

When his father brought in the car, he hopped in – the car nearly swallowed him whole - and started the "engine". Sadly, because of the bad weather he was only able to try out his new car inside, but I hope since then he explored all the hookes and crannies of the garden.

It was really wonderful to see that small boy roam around just like a real chauffeur.
We hope you will be able to drive for a long time, and that your destination will be healthy and happy!

We would like to give a special thank you for FIRSTMED-FMC KFT. who helped us to fulfill the dream of Gábor.

Mrs Judit Czakóné-Bálint
Nagykörű, 29. October 2012

Zita (18 years old, Alacska)

Who could write a better report, then Zita herself? Please read her kind e-mail:

"I am Zita Budai. I am 18 years old. I live in a small village, Alacska, in Borsod County.

I had always dreamt about visiting London. I have been studying English for a few years now, and I wanted to know how people live in England, and wanted to learn more about their culture.

And now Csodalámpa Foundation granted my wish, and I had a chance to travel to London and spend three fantastic days there.

Unfortunately our flight to London was delayed by 5 hours, so by the time we got to our hotel the fabulous Hilton London Kensington Hotel,it was already 8 pm. We received a very warm welcome, our luggage was whisked away and taken up to our room on the top floor. We were even given free internet access, which made me very happy, because I was able to share my fantastic experiences with my family and friends right away.

We started every day with a delicious buffet breakfast. I tried the traditonal English breakfast, and really enjoyed the sausages, baked beans, and potato cakes. The first day we went to the London Eye. There was a huge line-up to get on the "giant wheel", but the wait was well worth it, the awesome panorama was an unforgettable experience. We spent the rest of the day shopping on the Portobello Road market. I bought gifts for my friends and family, a really cool watch, and of course a London t-shirt.

/ 5

The second day brought cold and rainy weather, but this did not damped our enthusiasm. We jumped on the red sightseeing double-decker bus and headed to the Tower. It was so interesting to learn more about English history, and see how the kings and queens lived. Of course the hightlight of the tour was seeing the splendid crown jewels. Andrea took many pictures of me with the huge Tower bridge in the background. Later, on our way to our next stop, the HMS Belfast, we walked across the bridge,and I had a chance to see it from close.
Soon it got dark, and the city lit up. We admired the gorgeous lights of the Tower bridge as we walked along the Thames and then crossed the river on the Milleneum Bridge.

The third day welcomed us with a beautiful sunny weather.
We hurried out to get on our red sightseeing bus to go to se the magnificent Westminster Abbey. After lunch we visited the London Aquarium, where we marveled at the many species of fish, the huge turtles, and of course everybody's favourites, the penguines. The next day was already time to go home. These three days were absolutely fantastic, and I had a really great time.

I would like to thank Csodalámpa for making my wish come through, and Andrea Molnar for accompanying me on my trip.

And last, but definitely not least a huge thank to Hotel Hilton for the wonderful accomodation in the heart of London.

Thank you,

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Hilton Budapest Hotel and the Hilton London Kensington Hotel for their generous help in fulfilling of Zita's wish.

Andrea Molnár
Budapest, October 29, 2012.

Bence (16 years old, Ötvöskónyi)

Bence had already defeated the serious disease once when he was little, and no one had a clue that it will return again. But it did.

At the moment, Bence is recovering in a sterile room at Saint László Hospital after a medullary transplant. It has been over two months now. He asked for a television, so when he can finally go home, he will be able to watch his favorite shows with – or without, if necessary – his siblings.

/ 4

Bence’s wish was granted from the generous donations of the students and teachers at the American International School of Budapest.

They were represented by one of the teachers, Ben O’Brian and we got ready to speak with Bence in person, who was really surprised, because he didn’t know about anything. We are grateful for the secrecy, kindness and helpfulness of the staff, because the TV was delivered there a couple days ago. Ben and I took the TV down, and because it couldn’t be sterilized Ben showed it through the window of the room.

Bence’s parents were there, so there was no problem with getting it home. Ben brought the T-shirt of the American School with him as a side present, and we were able to give it to him, thanks to his good results.

We told him, that the AISB organized a fundraiser event called “Walk-the-Wish” for the seventh time to make the Wonder Lamp children’s dream come true. This year with the help of two Hungarian schools, there were almost one thousand participants. The students got to choose whose wish to grant from the money; they were the one choosing Bence too.

We want to thank the students, parents, and staff of the American International School of Budapest

for helping us to grant Bence’s wish.

Gábor Patzauer and Andrea Mocsonoky
29. 10. 2012. Budapest.



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