Normann ( 6 year old, Penyige )

Normann’s wish was a visit to the ’Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden’ and the ’Budapest Amusement Park’.

We luckily chose a day of October, - there was no rain – it was an ideal choice for the fulfilment of the wish. Normann was interested in the ’funhouse’ and the ’ghost - rail’, so naturally we began the whole day with it.

We – adults - found the ’ghost – rail’ a bit formidable but Normann as a real big boy raced through and he wasn’t afraid. Then we have listened to the legend of Sir John on the fabulous small railway, he was travelling on a carousel-chariot. We have visited the ’funny jungle’, we were travelling by a ’tale-boat’ and at the end of our visit we have seen the Budapest View from the ’big wheel’.

The lack of time had to hurry to the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden where Normann has gone with his parents, but they told us about that day that they enjoyed it a lot, too and Normann was feeding a stork, too.

We are very pleased that we succeeded to spend a pleasant day with Normann and his family, we ’the Csodalámpa Foundation-girls’ all enjoyed this small trip, too a lot.

We wish you Normann a very good health and to remember for this nice day for a long.

Györgyi Georgina Beregi, dr. Tímea Kiss
2, October, 2010, Budapest

Thank you for the support of E.ON Hungary Zrt.

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