Nikolett Ágnes ( 10 years old, Érd )

Although Niki is only ten years old, she’s already a real woman. So what could be more important than to redecorate her room?
Instead of the inherited old dark heavy furniture she dreamed of new snow white ones with a comfortable and huge bed.
In the IKEA store we found all the bits and pieces she dreamt of and Niki „flew” around joyfully between the more and more luxurious things, we hope she stays this happy all the time.
After the shopping it was up to the strong men to fix and build the furniture together.

Thank you for the support of KOGART.

Joli Bakonyi
Érd, 2010.06.30

Zsolt (11 years old, Buj)

Zsolt is a serious, 11-year old boy who likes nature and taking pictures as well. His wish was to get a camera in order to record the unforgettable moments and events.
Handover of the present took place in the hospital of Miskolc, because Zsoltika was still waiting for very serious and important medical treatments. It was a great surprise and joy. Zsolti immediately took the present and he put the pieces of the camera skillfully together. He was delighted to get to know that the camera was also suitable for shooting video films. It’s sure that the camera got in good hands and we hope that one day we will have an opportunity to see Zsolti’s art photos.

Thank you for the support of

Dr. László Lordovics,Dr. Judit Magyar
Miskolc, 16. October 2010.

Róbert (7 years old, Esztergom 2. p.)

Little Robi likes video games and he is specially keen on PSP games. However Robi hadn’t got a PSP on his own, so if he wanted to play with it in the hospital, the little room-mates had to lend him a game. During our conversation he could hardly wait to tell me that he would ask for a PSP game from the Wonderlamp.

We were meeting several times in the hospital as the little boy was keen on the afternoon tale events. Every time we met, he hoped that I came to give him the expected present. Today, when I went to the hospital and sat down by Robi’s bed, the little boy looked at me with big, wondering eyes. He didn’t understand what I was doing at the Tűzoltó Street Hospital early in the morning, since the afternoon tale events usually started much later. Then he suddenly stood up and asked me with a playful smile whether I really came to see him.
We went to the hall and that time I already let him know that his desired dream – a beautiful and serious PSP – had just come true. Robika asked me excitedly whether it was really true, whether he really got the PSP. When I gave him the present along with the motor-game as accessories, he cuddled it and his face shone with happiness. He was touched and he could only say: „I have already got it, it’s so good that from now I can play with my own PSP and I can play as much as I want.”
We wish you Robika to take pleasure in your present.

Thank you for the support of

Zsuzsanna Sipos
Wish co-ordinator
Budapest, 08. November, 2010.

Zsolt (5 years old, Taktakenéz)

Zsolti is a five year old boy who unfortunately because of his serious illness is a constant visitor of our emergency department. Since he knew that one day his dream will come true he was more and more inpatient. We surprised him after breakfast.
Mother what’s in the box- he asked suspiciously.
It’s my present! His face lit up and he was delighted. He immediately started studying the new machine.
Zsolti submerged into his own little world and we quietly left him in peace.

Thank you for the support of FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.

Erzsébet Veres
2010.04.30, Budapest

Virág ( 7 éves, Nagykanizsa )

Virág is a smiley, happy seven year old girl from Nagykanizsa, her dream was a playground.
The representatives of the FGSZ Földgázszállitó Zrt. helped us fulfil the request. We found a perfect playground with a slide, swing, and monkey bar sin Balatonkeresztúr. We arranged the transporting with the parents. Originally we were to deliver it on the 17th of May.
Unfortunately the weather interfered. So the next date was the end of May, but then again we woke up to the bad weather. But this time we didn’t give up, we set of waited half an hour in the car for the rain to stop and finally we could hand the present over.
Virág was at her grandmother’s when we arrived, so exploiting her absence our colleagues fixed the toy together. Luckily while they were working it wasn’t raining. Finally, Virág arrived with her grandmother. The little girl could hardly speak at first she was so shocked, but after a few minutes passed by she took into possession the new playground.

Dear Virág have a happy time playing with your new present, and we hope you get well as soon as possible.

Thank you for the support of FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.

Ölvediné Fehér Mária
2010.05.31. Nagykanizsa

Tamás (15 years old, Nagykarácsony)

I had a pander, Thomas’s mother who secretly helped me organise his present. So on the 14th of April when I finally handed over the machine I could see on Thomas’s face the happiness, loving and joy. I am sure this present is going to be really useful to him and he’s going to have a great time playing with it.

When I fulfil another person’s dream and I see the delight and honesty of a little boy, my whole life becomes happier that again I could help somebody accomplish their dream.

Thank you for the support of E.ON Hungary Zrt.

Ildikó Tomaj

Szilveszter ( 13 years old, Szőke )

We visited Szilveszter in his home on a cold, snowy Sunday night, in the village of Szőke not far from Pécs. We rang his grandmother for help to find out which is the safest road to take, to avoid the new-fallen snow.

He was really surprised to see us. He didn’t think we would go in the big snow, and he would get the Play Station 2 which he so fondly required. Besides the machine we also took a joystick because this was part of his wish as well.

He unwrapped the presents happily. He was glad for every item and also for the game he got with the Play Station. He told us the reason that he asked for this was because one of his cousins have one as well and they usually play together. After this they don’t have to take the appliance to one another, and they can also switch games.

We hope you have an unforgettable time playing on the PS 2, which helps you forget your illness.

Thank you for the support of Brithis International School.

Tünde Bezdánné Végh and László Szabó
Wish coordinator

Roland ( 15 éves, Fót )

Roland (15) had so many small dreams, it was really hard for him to choose the one that he would like to get from the Wonderlamp Foundation. He thought for a long time what would be the most unobtainable request for him, that he could ask from the foundation. At the Movement Development center where he lives during weekdays, a few of his friends had already asked for laptops, so not long after, he finally made his decision.
He longed for a laptop as well which ment the world to him, in his tiny little room.
When he saw us approach him with a box, he asked us who are you taking the present for this time? We didn’t reply, we just handed him the gift, and then with a smile from ear to ear he said: it’s my birthday tomorrow this will be the best birthday present ever.
By the time the laptop came on stream all Roland’s friends gathered around him, and they were enjoying the new present together. We had a wonderful time with Roland and we hope all the best for him.

Thank you for the support of D&B.

Márk Judit, Tunyogi Orsolya

Richárd ( 17 éves, Tatabánya )

Ricsi without suspecting anything merged into the wonders of maths like he does every morning,but what he didn’t realize was that this wasn’t just an ordinary morning.
Suddenly people started moving in from the hall. Ricsi didn’t understand anything. During maths lesson who would want to visit him????
When we entered the half-sterile room,and the supporters introduced there selfs,and gave him the so fondly waited laptop Ricsi had a huge smile on his face. He quickly opened it and turned the machine on,wich worked perfectly.
Ricsi, because of his bone-marrow transplantation can not take part in community for months but with the help of this newly recieved laptop he can keep contact with all his friends,family and also the hole world.

We wish for Ricsi to use his laptop at home as soon as possible!

Thank you for the support of Güntner - Tata Kft.

Erika Bíróné Pallag
2010.March 29. Budapest

Péter ( 8 years old, Biatorbágy )

Peter is a big music fan his favorite singer is Micheal Jackson, so he didn’t have to thing long what he would like from the Wonderlamp Foundation.

When I went to visit him at the Tűzoltó street clinic I didn’t find him in his room, but then I realized the only place he could be is in the playroom. Peti looked at us surpisedly,and when he found out I was from the Wonder lamp Foundation he smiled.

First we talked a bit then, he told me all about his favorite music bands, and then I handed over the present witch he so longed for. All of the CDs were Micheal Jackson ones.

Peti held the CDs so tightly as if they were Micheal Jackson himself. The little fan immediately told his dad to bring the CD and DVD player in so he can listen to the new CDs.

We wish that all these new CDs help Peti forget the hard time he’s gone threw.

Thank you for the support of Dr. Tesics György who helped us fulfil another little boys dream.

Thank you for the support of AAA Klinikák Dent.

Zsuzsanna Sipos
2010 March 30. Budapest

Örkény (12years old, Gyöngyös)

I met Örkény and his mother on the 25th of May 2010, when I gave them the most wanted LEGO game.

When I have Örkény the present two voluntary workers where there as well, Maria Takáts and Anikó Csányi.

We all saw how happy and joyful the 13 year old boy was when he received his big dream!

We would like to say thank you for the help and support of the International Women’s Club Foundation of Budapest!

Ildikó Tomaj
Wish coordinator
2010.05.25. Budapest

Mercédesz (12 years old, Berzék)

Mercedes was coming for a medical check-up to our hospital and that’s when se received the new computer with the LCD monitor.

She could hardly believe her eyes when she saw the boxes. Her eyes were sparkling from excitement and astonishment.

Dear Mercedes, we hope you have a lot of fun playing with your new computer and hope you get well soon!

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
2009.05.27, Miskolc

Márton (4 éves, Tárnok)

The always happy and gossiping four year old little Marci told us he loves every kind of jego toy. He has all sorts of jego toys at home, but what he doesn’t have and what he longed for was a jego Farm. When I asked him what a jego is, he looked at me astonished with wide eyes, couldn’t believe me that I don’t know what a jego is. Then, he explained and I realized that the jego is actually a Lego.

We knew that Marci was looking forward to a hard day, so I arranged with Dr. György Tesics that by the time he wakes up from the surgery we fulfil his secret little dream.

I arrived a bit earlier than our sponsor so I went over to the half awake little boy and wispered into his ear that if he rubs his hand hard enough, then the Foundation’s genie will arrive.

Marci was overwHelmed with all the different toys lying on his bed each piece one of his dream. But then came the big question: who’s going to put all this together?? But obviously Marci quickly solved the problem, he put the toys into our hands and asked: will you help me?

Little Marci we wish that your Lego Farom gets put together as soon as possible, and we hope you have a wonderful time playing with it!

We would like to thank Dr. György Tesics for his help and support, without his help Marci’s dream couldn’t have come true.

Thank you for the support of AAA Klinikák Dent.

/ 4

Zsuzsanna Sipos
Wish coordinator
2010.02-08, Budapest

Mark (13 years old, Budapest)

Mark is a big fan of computer games, he specially likes the Nintendo Wii, because here during the game he can exercise a bit as well. He already had the game, but he longed for a FITT game for a long time. The Wonderlamp started organizing the boy’s present and on the 8th of May on a charity swimming day they raised enough money to fulfil the boys wish.

Thank you for the help and sponsor of the Városmajor street swimming center, and also for the 100 giver, who on this day helped fulfil Mark’s and a few other children’s dream.

Joli Bakonyi
2010. 05.08., Budapest

Margareta ( 13 years old, Miskolc )

Margareta is being treated in the GYEK. Her dream was a laptop, but because she knew she had to wait for a long time for her request to come true she didn’t suspect that straight after her CT examination a miracle will happen with her.
Margareta received her present with the help and support of László Adorján the representative of the Földgázszállitó. Margareta was touched when we handed the present over to her, wich she so longed for.
I would like to say thank you for the Földgázszállitó Zrt. on behalf of the grateful parents!
Dear Margareta we hope you get well as soon as possible!

Thank you for the support of FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
2010 May 20, Miskolc

Levente (17 years old, Nyírzápony)

Levente is a 17 year old teenage boy who knows a lot about computers and his dream was to get a laptop. He unwrapped the gift as fast as he could he turned the machine on, and immediately started playing with it.

Statisfaction swept across his face, and I was happy to see him so delighted as well.

We hope this machine helps his recovery as well!

Thank you for the support of D&B.

Joli Bakonyi
2010.03.25. Budapest

Krisztián ( 14 years old, Hódmezővásárhely )

Krisztián’s looking forward to long and difficult weeks! He’s going into the steril box next week. His dream was to have his own laptop. With the help of the sponsors his wish could be fulfilled just before the bone-marrow transplantation.

The wish came true at the Miskolc Roland House. Everybody- parents, children, workers knew that today Krisztián’s dream will come true, only he himself didn’t suspect anything! Everybody kept their secret.

Krisztian was really surprised, and first he couldn’t say anything. After you couldn’t move him from the laptop he stuck to the screen.

I’m going to sleep with this said Krisztian. We hope you get well as soon as possible!

Thank you for the support of FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
2010.04.21, Miskolc

Kira Vivien ( 4 years old,Szentes )

Making sure Kira doesn’t see our present before time, with Lilla we hid the two huge boxes of puzzles under the chairs. Beforehand I rung Kira’s mother and she said, they had just got of the train.

We were very excited because we knew we would get to the clinic fairly fast. Soon everybody arrived and we went into the consulting room with Kira who didn’t suspect anything.

Lilla showed Kira the puzzles one by one. Kira received all with huge pleasure. Previously Kira put every single puzzle out over and over again that she could find in the hospital. Our presents will have the same fate, they will be put out over and over again.

We wish here good luck, and hope that she stays this friendly and happy forever!

Thank you for the support of E.ON Hungary Zrt.

Ágnes Tatár and Lilla Kapás

Katrine Rebeka (6 years old, Salgótarján)

When we arrived to the Bokay street children’s clinic Katrine’s mother was trying to convince her to drink the not too appetising medicine. However, when she saw us she immediately knew we are carrying her present so she quickly drank the daily medicine portion, before the Wonderlamp’s genie disappeared.

Katrine received her portable DVD player which she asked for because, she had just been through a serious kidney transplantation, and she knew that she had to spend weeks in hospital, but with the help of this new present the long days would fly past as moments.

We talked with her a little bit showed her how to use the machine and when she got enchanted by the world of Süsü the dragon we quietly slipped away!

On behalf of our Foundation, Katrine and her parents we would like to say thank you for the help of our sponsors!

Thank you for the support of AXA!

Lángh Zsófia,Réka Barabás
2010.07.07, Budapest

István ( 6 years old, Újléta )

Pistike asked from the Wonderlamp Foundation a real boyish toy, he wanted a land rover. When we arrived with the huge box he was really excited he could hardly wait to open the package.

The wonderful black land rover was a real boyish toy although it came in pieces so before Pistike could try it he had to wait for the assembling. But it wasn’t a problem Pisti helped his father with everything he was so overwhelmed.

Dear Pistike! We wish you have a lovely time playing with the car and hope you get well as soon as possible!

Thank you for the support of GE Imagination at work.

Ildikó Palást
2009.08.26, Újléta

Iringó ( 3 éves, Arló )

Iringó is a happy beautiful three year old little girl. Her dream was a pink car. When we arrived she suspected that int he huge boxes it was her car. The happy ceremony when we gave her the present was on Saturday. On her face there was undescrisable happiness and joy! I felt proud that I work for the Wonderlamp Foundation and that yet again we fulfilled a dream.

Thank you for the support of FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.

Jánosné Bodnár and Réka Novák
2010.06.19, Arló

Gyopárka (5 years old, Csíkszentdomonkos)

On the 31st of March 2010 with the donor of Pölöskei Gábor strategic manager (Paradise Solution Kft.) another dream came true. Gyopárka received two portable DVD players. The little girl was really happy with the donation. In the course of time Gyopárka got a few story films for the player as well.

Thank you for the support of Paradise Solution Kft.

Dr. Tiborné Jenei
2010.03.31. Budapest

Georgina ( 13 years old, Tiszaújváros )

Georgina wanted a laptop so she could keep in contact with her friends, class mates, during the time she had to be in hospital, and until she can’t go into community. It’s very important for her to finish her studies with her classmates.
When she received her laptop from our Foundation the world opened to her, and know she can keep in contact with all her beloved ones.
It was a huge astonishment for her, she didn’t even suspect that on that day a miracle’s going to happen.
It was good to see her so happy, and we felt delighted as well to have helped another child again.

We hope that our present will speed you recovery up, and that the next time we meet you, you willl be as heathy as ever!

Thank you for the support of Provident Financial Zrt.

Tatárné Csonka Zsuzsanna
2010. April 25, Miskolc

Fanni ( 13 éves, Dömsöd )

Fanni turning 13 and becoming a mature teenager longed for a laptop.

She looked at the gift with big brown eyes, she was really happy that she received this present right on children’s day. We also wanted to make sure she gets the present before June the 19th, because that’s when her birthday was.

Happy birthday and we hope by the next time we meet you can use the machine as a professional.

Thank you for the altruistic help and support of the International Women’s Club Foundation in Budapest.

Gábor Dobó
2010.05.30, Dömsöd

Bernadett (15 years old, Sóshartyán)

Bernadett longed for a laptop for a long time now, she really wanted a DELL type.

We prepared the surprise thoroughly, and two representatives from the Accenture company brought the gift hided in a gift bag.

Thank you for the support and help of the Accenture GMBH Hungary

with their advocacy we could fulfil another dream.

Dr. Tiborné Jeney
Wish coordinator

Beatrix ( 14 years old, Sárbogárd 3p. )

Bea longed for a laptop for a long time, a laptop that only she uses.

I organized with her mother for the laptop to be a surprise, I asked her to keep the secret and not to mention anything to Bea.

So when Bea arrived for the check up she didn’t suspect anything at all, she was stunned when she received the present.

Thank you for the help and support of the

International Women’s Club Foundation of Budapest!

Joli Bakonyi
Wish coordinator
2010.05.25, Budapest

Balázs ( 3 years old, Debrecen )

Balázs arrived to the grade crying. He didn’t understand why he had to come up when they only came for one blood test, which luckily turned out to be fine. No matter how much we tried to cheer him up, we couldn’t. So quickly we took him up to the playing room were the surprise was waiting for him. First he didn’t want to believe his eyes, then later he was commanding us to open it.

Have fun with it little boy! Thank you!

Thank you for the support of Central European Business Center.

Tímea Kiss
2010.03.29, Debrecen

Ákos (3 years old, Adásztevel)

On a gray, cold, rainy day on the first of June we set of to Adásztevel. Where Ákos a lovely three year old little boy, with the intervention of the Wonderlamp Foundation and the support of the Földgázszállitó Zrt., became a happy owner of a storage batterie, two person little car.

The little boy when we arrived was still sleeping. His mother and little sister greeted us with joy. His mother briefly told us about the struggle they had with the little boy’s illness. The moment Ákos received the gift his face lit up. Strenuously and gayly he played with the little car and in a few moments time he learned the usage.

Have a wonderful time playing with it, and thank you for the help and support of Sir László Késmárki the representative of Földgázszállitó Zrt.

Györgyné Ligetvári

Adrienn ( 14 éves, Monor )

Unfortunately Adrienn similarly to her little sister suffer from a croncical illness which they diagnosed in December.

Since winter because of her serious illness she couldn’t even take part in school lessons that is why from our Foundation she asked for a laptop, with wich she could know keep contacted with her friends, study and even send her homework.

Astonishedly and happily she looked at the laptop and with a big smile on her face thanked us many times!

Thank you for the support of Provident Financial Zrt.

Jutka Halmos and Réka Barabás
2010.07.09. Budapest

Ádám (14 years old, Túrricse)

On a beautiful sunny spring Sunday with two of our new voluntary workers we set of to Túricsere to the 14 year old Adam. His request was a portable DVD player which he needed because of the many many travelling and medical treatment. Adam loves story films and also children’s films.

He was really surprised because he didn’t know we were coming. He was over the moon and very delighted with the present. After we assambled it, and watched a short film we said goodbye and set of.

This was an unforgettable day for us as well!

We hope you to have a great time watching the films and also we wish you to get better as soon as possible!

Thank you for the support of Fornax.

Georgina Beregi, Emese Csahoci and Anett Sáska
2009.04.05 Túricsere

Szilveszter Emánuel (7 éves, Pilisvörösvár)

Silveszter is a seven year old boy, who frequently goes for medical check ups to the SOTE Children’s Clinic kidney grade.
Silveszter lives his mother and sister in Pilivörösvár. He goes to kindergarden, but soon he will attend school.
We found out that Silveszter’s dream would be a two person electrical car, so not only he but, his sister could fit in next to him aswell. Silveszter is a very honest boy and he always thinks about his smaller sister.

We wish him a joyful time playing with the car!

Thank you for the support of Central European Business Center.

Zsófia Lángh
2010.March 29. Pilisvörösvár

Mercédesz ( 14 years old, Szigethalom )

Mercedes is a 14 year old little girl who lives in Szigethalom with her parents. She went through a lot of illnesses and medical attendance. When her state of health is better she loves horse riding. Luckily not far from where they live one of their friends has a horse that she can ride on. Merci helps out with taking care of the horses, she sometimes even cleans the stables.

The little girl’s request were different horse equipment, which we bought together. She chose a few professional books, riding boots, riding trousers, shirts, and from now Merci’s even going to sleep in bedlinen that has horses on.

We hope Merci uses all the things she got with a lot of care and happiness.

Thank you for the support of D&B.

Zsófia Lángh
2010.April.13, Budapest

Balázs Valentin (8 years old, Sopron)

We gave Balázs the total surprise present on the 24th of February at the Tűzoltó street hospital. The seven year old little boy greeted us unsuspiciously and when I asked what he would wish from the Foundation, without thinking he said a Play Station game. Balázs was shocked when he received the present and unwrapped the little packet. His joy was unlimited, and with the help of his father he immediately started studying its functioning and after a few minutes passed by Balázs was playing with the beloved appliance forgetting all about his illness.

Thank you for the help of the private donations!!

Ildikó Tomaj
2010.02.24. Budapest

Kinga Alexandra ( 7 years old, Miskolc )

I met Kinga and her parents at the airport, Kinga and even her parents were very excited as well because up to now they never dared to set of for such a long journey. Kinga enjoyed the flight and when arriving in London she immediately started looking at the sites because she didn’t want to miss anything.

On the following day around 10 o’clock with the organization of theBritish Tours we took part in a three hour tour were they showed every significant scene were the Harry Potter film took part at.
For example when the area where Harry Potter gets when he pronounces the street name wrongly or the 9 and ¾ platform, the house where Ron takes Harry away from in his flying car and even the market where Harry did his shopping before he started the Roxford! And of course besides this we saw plenty of other interesting things.

The organised city tour finished at ½ 3 and by this time we got really hungry so we had a picnic in hide park. After we went towards the Buckingham Palace, then threw the Green Park towards the Big Ben were we got on a boat and didn’t stop all the way until the Tower Bridge.

On the third day we started of at Oxford Street where we found a huge toy shop, were of course Kinga found something for herself as well. We admired the huge screens on Piccadilly square where he had a look at the „Believe it or not” exhibition and got lost in the mirror labyrinth.

After taking a short rest, we went on the famous London Eye, and admired the view. Kinga’s wish for the last day was to look around in the Natural science museum and even found visited the mummies in the British Museum.

We had and unforgettable 4 days. I was astonished by Kinga’s preparedness, she was our little tour guide!!!!!

Thank you for the help and support of the

, , and

/ 10

Viktor Kiss
Wish coordinator
London, 2010.07.05.

Ádám (5 years old, Kisújszállás)

Adam’s favorites are story films, when I arrived he was watching his DVD player, but unfortunately because of his infusion he couldn’t get up from his bed, although he would have loved to jump out of bed and check the big TV that we were pushing in on the trolley. His face was glowing from happiness.

With the help of our sponsor Adam’s room has its own Tv as well!

His mother in a few days happily told us, they got the machine working, and since then the little boy watches storys all day and night!

Joli Bakonyi
Wish coordinator

Balázs ( 15 éves, Budapest )

Balázs really loves computer games so from our Foundation he asked for a Play Station 3.

With delight and huge knowledge Balázs turned the game on, and started playing with it, in a few seconds time he was enchanted by the machine.

Thank you for the support of EON Hungária Zrt.!

Györgyi Szandtner
Wish coordinator



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