Rebekka (12 years old, Mezőkovácsháza)

Rebekka’s wish was to receive a laptop because her computer does not work at home any more. Her wish was very practical, as she can use a laptop also in the clinic during her treatment as well.

She has been waiting for this present for some time. Her dream has come tue at last. We have already had the laptop but we had to wait for a better weather in order to go to Mezőkovácsháza where Rebeka lives.

Then the family came to Budapest for an unexpected control and we used this opportunity to give her the present.

Rebekka was very happy seeing the computer, as she received it just before Christmas and the winter holiday.

Many thanks for the students and teachers of the The British International School of Budapest for their support and the joy they have given to Rebekka.

Lengyel Andrea and Túri Edit
Szeged, December 13, 2010



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