Marci had sent a quite unusual wish for us. He wanted to meet with Stefano Conia luthier master in Cremona. It is the city of violin and viola making.

Marci is playing the viola for years now, and on a rare kind as his instrument has only three strings wich is usually used for folk music. He told us that Mr Conia moved to Cremona in 1945 with his family and they’re living there since then.

Mr Conia instantly said yes to our request, he even prepared a bunch of programmes for Marci.

Firstly, we went to the famous luthier school of Cremona, the Istituto Proffesionale Statale Internationale Liutario E Del Legno ANTONIO STRADIVARI. The deputy School Director and the School Director helped us through the georgeous building. We could look into the different rooms with restaurations, special instruments and how they are made. We even saw a really valuable one, it once belonged to Esterházy family.

All of the rooms were fascinating, we didn’t even know where to look first. Students from all over the world come here to master this profession.

/ 12

After seeing the school, Master Conia took us to his workshop where we met his son who is following his father’s path. Lots of intruments were being prepared that time, Marci was amused by all of them. On the following days we visited the workshop several times because Marci wanted to take a look in the process of making an instrument. They even let him help even though it was really riskful, as an instrument like this costs around EUR 10-12.000. but he managed to do it correctly.

It this few days we had time to visit the Stradivari Museum and for the last day we could listen to a beautiful concert.

Its impossible to write down this unforgettable few days and I’m sure this memory will help the healing process.

I would like to quote the FB post from Marci’s mother; it shows how much this trip meant to the boy.

Dear Everyone who helped the Foundation fulfill Marci’s dream, visiting Cremona, the Mekka of instrument making.
Thank you for this fantastic experience, we enjoyed every minute of it. Especially Marci who would never got the chance to visit this place if it wasn’t for the Foundation.
We would like to thank Éva the lots of lots of help! We will be always grateful for all this.
Best Regards,


We would like to thank the German Embassy in Budapest and the Deutsche Wirtschafstclub Ungarn and their leaders who supported us with a charity concert on 2nd of October 2018, where the donations of the participants helped fulfilling this special wish.

We would also like to thank the CAF America, our private supporters, especially the American International School of Budapest and their students, parents and teachers and the management of Ibis Styles Budapest Airport hotel and the WING Zrt., as their generous help also helped to make the trip of Marci and her mother unforgettable.

Éva Patzauer
Cremona, October 22, 2018

Dorka (6, Baracska)

Dorka and her sister are going to move into another room ...
The little girl is very excited about her new room, and now her long-lasting dream may come true as she is going to be a happy owner of a bunk bed with slide.

Her dad has already fit the bed’s parts together.
Dorka was quite speechless when I arrived, but a bit later she cheerfully showed me how to slide down from the bed.

Dorka, we hope that you will have lots of joyful moments in this gift-bed!!

We are very grateful to our supporters, the management of the American Enersys Company, as well as to our private sponsors to help us to fulfill the little girl’s wish!

Joli Bakonyi


Szabi has to spend a lot of time in the hospital, unfortunately.
What he likes the most is playing with his mom and watching cartoons. He wished for a tablet so he can watch his favourite cartoons any time.

We surprised him in the hospital with the tablet. He was a bit reserved when we handed him the tablet, but we could detect a slight smile in the corner of his mouth. His mom set up the tablet quickly, and Szabi's eyes lit up when he saw his favourite characters appear on the screen.

Overwhelmed by the selection, he could not decide which cartoon he wanted to watch first.

We left him there, immersed in the beautiful world of fairy tales. Hopefully, he will spend many happy hours watching his favourite stories.

We would like to thank the management of the American Enersys Company , and our private sponsors for making Szabi's wish come true!

Joli Bakonyi
Budapest, September 17, 2018


Jázmin thought she has a control appointment with her doctor on this day. I teamed up with her mother so we could surprise her. When I arrived, I saw hopelessness in her eyes, es she thought something was wrong. I didn’t want her to worry so I quickly gave her the smartphone she asked for.

It surprised her even though she knew something was happening. Then she just smiled and she was so grateful, she just hugged me for minutes. Her happyness was indescribable.

She thanked everyone who helped, with her wish coming true.

We would like to thank our supporter, the American Enersys Company’s leadership and our private supporters for the help in fulfilling another wish.

Edina Nagy
Miskolc, October 4, 2018



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