Dániel (17, Budapest)

When we first met, Dani has not decided wheter to ask for a loaptop or a tandem skydiving.

After some chatting he went for the latter one which made me very happy for there has not been such an extreme wish in the history of the Fundation so far.

We started organizing...

Edina Lakatos, spokeswoman for FGSZ Zrt. Helepd us to get in touch with the members of „Vörös Meteor Ejtoernyos Sport Klub” (a skydiving club) and they helped us to make this wish come true

The experienced skydivers, Varga Péter tandempilot, Váradi Tamás and Petho Attila cameramen excitedly prepared for the event and Kiss György president for the club supported them.

Originally we planned the dive for Saturday morning at 11:00, but due to bad weather we had to postpone it. In the afternoon at 2, we got to kaposújlak airport.

Whilst we were waiting for the good weather, wind, we chated, laughed a lot trying to eas the tention before the big moment.
We checked out the airplane during which Dani and Peter agreed on the moves and signes to be used and carried out while diving. I accompained Dani on the plane, which was a great adventure for me too, for I had the oportunity to experience free fall.
Peter and his two frieds take every second of Dani’s dive on camera in the sparkling sunshine. When they landed, we and Dani’s parents ran to meet the hero boy. You should have seen Dani’s face! It was shining of happynes.

/ 5

I think it was an unforgetable moment for all.
On the way back home we travelled together till Siofok. Although Dani was bit tired, he happily reported his experiences during the dive. The almos one minute long free fall made a great impression on him, just like the moments just before landing when he was allowed to controll the parrashute.

Csodalampa wishes all the best for this brave boy.

We would also say special thanks to Peter Varga and Edina Lakatos without whom this wish could have not come true.

We also thank the support of Vörös Meteor Ejtoernyos Sport Klub.

Georgia Beregi
Wish coordinator
Kaposújlak, 11/08/2012



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