Alex (14 years old, Kistarcsa)

Alex used to live the busy life of teenagers, and exercised regularly, but his illness put an end to all of it, and instead came a series of endless hospital treatments. He won’t be able to go to school for a while, so he is trying to keep up with his school work through home-schooling. To make studying easier he wished for a laptop from Csodalámpa (Magic Lamp).

As usual, we needed a sponsor to help us granting Alex’s wish. Help came from an unexpected source: organizers, sponsors and participants of a conference joined forces to make Alex’s dream come true. We asked Alex’s parents to bring him to the conference so we can give him the laptop right there.

Alex’s mother did an excellent job keeping him in the dark, thus Alex was totally surprised when they arrived at the conference, sat down in the audience, and suddenly he saw Csodalámpa’s film running on the screen, and he was called up on stage. Not only he was suprised but moved to tears. He was fighting back his tears as he stood on stage holding his brand new laptop, and thanked the people in the room for their kindness.

We would like to express our deep and hearfelt gratitude to the Professional Women's Association and the Corinthia Hotel Budapest for organizing the conference and providing the venue, and to the participants and sponsors of the conference for making Alex’s dream come true.

Marta Felkai
Budapest, March 13, 2014



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