Liliana is a very creative big girl. In her free time she mostly creates, she is talented in painting, writing and making music. She is a homeschooled student and often has to spend longer periods in hospital.

She also "devours" books on these days as well, last year she read 186 books, this year already 13. Lili not only reads, but also writes herself, has a novel in preparation and writes poems as well.

She started learning acoustic guitar last March and is progressing so well that she wanted an electric guitar and a case from Magic Lamp. Lili was excited to finally get her new instrument in her hands. She gave us a spontaneous little concert where we could listen to Lili's own composition.

We wish Lili full recovery, much fun and success in the future!

We would like to thank the organizers of the Diplomatic Charity Fair, the Budapest Diplomatic Spouses Association and our private supporters for helping us make Liliana's wish come true.

Éva Ivády
Budapest, February 20, 2024



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