Seven year old Zoe would really liked to have a television in her room, so she could watch cartoons after the long treatment sessions in the hospital. The wish was supported by Budapesti Ertektozsde, their representatives, Balazs Bozsik and Ildiko Auguszt visited her in Tuzolto street’s clinics and suprised her with a TV.

Zoe was very happy. At first she was a little nervous but then thanked the gift with a nice smile.

We wish her good health, quick recovery and that she takes care of her new „friend”.

We are grateful for the support of Budapesti Ertektozsde.

Dr. Jenei Tiborné
Wish Coordinator
Budapest, 16/05/2017


Sadly, little Tomi has a serious heart disease and, as it turned out, he couldn’t do sports.
He had a successfull heart operation and he’s a good deal better, thus his doctors allowed him to start doing physical exercise.

Tomi had kept his big dream in secret but then he finally whispered it to the Genie of the lamp: he had wished for a long time to play football in “cool” sweat suit with his loved teammates.

The teenage boy came to the cardiology for a check up, after that, we went to the Adidas shop at Váci street in Budapest downtown, to make Tomi’s dream come true. It was a challenge to choose from the huge collection of beautiful and trendy shoes but thanks to Tomi’s great taste, we found impressive black trainers and a sweat suit in the proper color.

Before Tomi left the shop, blissfully holding in his arms what he’d wished for, the seller stepped up to him and gave Tomi a gift package. The boy started to open the adidas Budapest Kft.’s special package with wide-open eyes to find in it an impressive backpack and an extreme cool shirt.

“Wow” was all the shy Tomi could say. He was so delighted that he asked to the label of shirt be on the photo, too, because as he told me with a happy smile on his face, it looked so fashionable.

Thank you to the director of adidas Budapest Kft., Attila Császár for the support, and to Ágnes Kovács for the help in contacting.

Zsuzsanna Sipos
Wish Coordinator
Budapest, 24/04/2017


The day of the 20th of April has again brought great happiness in the life of a little girl, since her wish was fulfilled on this day. The 4 year old Szonja wanted a tiered Barbie dollhouse, one where her dolls could live.

A team of enthusiastic young people, a workplace collective supported this wish. The gifting was attended by Aranka Oláh and Tamás Horváth who gave a Barbie doll to Szonja since the dollhouse was too large to take into the hospital room – it was taken home and assembled by Szonja’s father.

The little girl’s happiness was overflowing regardless; she was all smiles while thanking the gifts. We wish Szonja a speedy recovery and lots of happiness playing at home.

Thanks for the help from our private supporters.

Dr. Jenei Tiborné
Wish Coordinator
Budapest, 19/04/2017


This day started as usual for Sára as in the past months: she and her mother left for a regular check-up examination in the morning, from Drégyelypalánk to the Tűzoltó Street. Luckily, the little girl started to recover, but she had to/has to fight with a serious disease, which seriously concerned the whole family. Their most important wish is her full recovery now, of course. But the girl had another wish: she would have liked a smartphone. A phone that makes her world a bit larger: that is able to run more than simple apps and games. A phone that makes it possible to broaden her knowledge with lots of useful information. Because Sára is very curious: she is full of desire for knowledge. She has excellent marks despite her illness.

A collective of workers of an IT company decided to fulfill Sára’s wish: they decided to surprise her with the desired smartphone.

Sára was very happy with the gift. She opened the package right away and she started the phone with the help of her brother. They will be able to use it only later, when the required SIM card is inserted, but she happily started to get to know the new phone. Her mother was touched by her joy; and they thanked this possibility that would certainly help Sára’s healing.

The representatives of the company wished her to get well soon. They got richer with two kisses and they said goodbye to the family with the sight of the happy face of Sára.

Thank you for the help of our private supporters.

Judit Solti
Wish Coordinator
Budapest, 11/05/2017


Lili, who was living in Csomád, wished for a pool in the garden. The gift had arrived to their home, and we have visited them along with the supporters. Lili and her mother eagerly waited our arrival and Lili even made gifts for the supporting family!

Julcsi - the daughter of the supporters - started playing with Lili in her room immediatly, meanwhile we listened to Lili’s life story, told by her mother. After the long talk, we were guided though the garden and we were told about the tools and methods how they manage the household. We got to know that Lili values the quality of air, food and water, as we were given insight into these topics.

Lili was very happy and we were happy for her joy.

We would like to thank Ildikó Fehér and Tibor Jenes, our dear supporters’ donations and Ottó Balogh – the sole hungarian participant in the Alaskan Iditarod sled-dog race – for making possible to have Lili’s dreams fulfilled!

Edit Kiss
Wish Coordinator
Csomád, 21/05/2017


When we first talked about Magiclamp (Csodalámpa), Flora suprisedly asked me:
- Can i have a wish too?

At our second meeting she was already very confident, she told me right off the bat she would like to have a pink princess-bed. One day a huge surprise awaited her when getting home from school. Along with her mother they could never have imagined to have her wish come true so quickly.

When she saw the bed and her favourite princesses on it she shouted out:
- Look Mom, Rapunzel is on it too!

I wish you lots of peaceful dreams among your favourite Princesses!

We are thankful for the help by our private supporter, Nora Venczel.

Tímea Kónyáné
Wish Coordinator
Szendrő, 06/03/2017


Sadly Bence has to spend a lot of time in hospital. He asked for a mobile phone, so he could keep in touch with his family and friends more easily. Like any young teenager he didn't want to be left out of the school gossip and his friends' often exaggerated but always entertaining stories.

When I knocked on door to the children's ward, I could see Bence through the window. He was lying on the bed looking a little gloomy, lost in his own thoughts. I greeted him. He looked at me and as I pulled out the surprise package I'm sure he guessed the lounging around was over. It was something just for him, and only he would open it and start it up. The phone was elegant and slim, with a large screen. Perhaps more than he could have dreamed of. The young boy was instantly enraptured. Within moments the phone was working. Bence was completely taken by the bright, rainbow of colours on the display, opening up each of the much needed applications.

I got ready to leave. I could see that for this little whiz-kid, flushed with happiness, the outside world had ceased to exist. Bencus had mastered the smartphone's every mystery, and gratefully held on to his dream come true.

Thanks to PannErgy Nyrt. for their support.

Zsuzsanna Sipos
Wish Coordinator
Budapest, 06/02/2017


We fulfilled the wish of the three-year-old Balazs just before Easter - he wished for a playground.

He observed us curiously as we arrived. We could see that he fell in love with the blue slide at first sight. He was watching the construction of the playground impatiently, while he was crawling on the slide (that was laid on the ground) with joy. As soon as the assemblage had finished, he took possession of the swing and the slide. He was waving at us from the top of the slide, while smiling happily.

We wish Balazs many smiling slides for the future.

I thanked Mr. Virag that I could join his crew again, and with the construction we could officially fulfill the wish.

Thanks to S&T Consulting Hungary Kft. for the continued support.

Edina Ficzere
Wish Coordinator
Hajdúszoboszló, 13/04/2017


Ann from Pásztó has medical treatment in Budapest. She wished for a nice playground in their garden where she could swing and slide with her little brother.

Her wish was fulfilled exactly on Children’s day. Their grandparents took Ann and her brother for an excursion so that the new playground would be a real surprise... So it was.

They were highly cheerful when the swings and the yellow slide attracted their eyes arriving home. Ann and her brother have tried all the equipment at once. The slide and the small house became Ann’s favorite while the swings became her brother’s.

Dear Ann,
We wish you great happiness playing on your Children’s day playground and a quick remedy from your malady.

Thanks for Cisco Systems Hungary Ltd. for their support.

Zsuzsanna Tatárné Csonka
László Adorján
Wish Coordinator
Pásztó, 27/05/2017


We fulfilled the wish of Miriam of Zalaerdőd in the clinic in Bókay Street in Budapest. She requested a white laptop. In the photo, you can see how happy she was to get it!

Due to her illness, Miriam is a private student at present. She likes animals, especially horses, very much. She is also fond of weaving. She makes rubber bracelets. She comes to Budapest for treatment three times a week. One of the members of the supporting family, Lili, who is a horse therapist, offered Miriam and Miriam’s mother that if Miriam’s therapist permitted she would take them to Picinyke Póniudvar (’Yard of Tiny Ponies’) to see the horses living there. After it turned out that Miriam is taken to Budapest and back to Zala with an ambulance so that it would be complicated to organise this visit, Lili decided to bring the little pony Alfi to Miriam to the hospital yard on one occasion.

Miriam has already been shown Alfi, the pony although only in photos! But the little girl was so happy even about this!

We all returned home happily and full of positive emotions after fulfilling Miriam’s wish.

We should like to thank for the donations of Judit Löbl and her children, Dávid and Lili Szabó, our kind sponsors, and we should also like to thank Mr Ottó Balogh, who was the only Hungarian to take part in the Alaskan Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, for making it possible to make Miriam’s dream come true.

Edit Kiss and Zsófia Lángh
Budapest, 29/05/2017

Péter (17 years old, Szarvas)

Peter has always been a football fan so there was no question what to desire when he joined the Csodalámpa (Magic Lamp) Foundation. He wanted to go to the Emirates Stadium in London with his father to participate in an Arsenal football match. I was the lucky one who was with them on this fantastic weekend. I was waiting for them at Luton Airport and we went to the hotel together.

We started the next day with a museum visit, then we discovered the old and the new Arsenal stadiums as well. Peter loves the culture of ancient times so we visited the British Museum where we spent amazing couple of hours at the Roman-Greek and Egyptian departments. On the last day we walked in the city and then we went to participate in the Arsenal-Everton match... We arrived there earlier in order to explore the stadium, we observed how the teams are warming up and how the huge stadium becoming filled with thousands of people.

We took part in a really exciting and fantastic football match, and we were delighted that Peter's favorite team, Arsenal won.

I’m sure that this weekend has given power and celebratory experience to Peter that will help him in the coming months.

We wish you a very nice summer and a lot of strength for your recovery!

/ 4

Many thanks for IBIS London Euston Station-St. Pancras International Hotel to hosted Peter!

Many thanks for the support of the Budapest Stock Exchange!

Many thanks for the help of Fundamenta SZEB team!

Many thanks for donations from our private sponsors!

Georgina Beregi
London, 22 May, 2017



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