Márk Noé (9 years old, Pusztaszabolcs)

The 9-year old Márk loves music, and plays the piano very well already. His dream was to have his own synthesizer, so he can practice at home.

When we showed up at the home of his family, on a dreary January Sunday afternoon, with a huge box, to surprise Márk, he knew right away why we were there. He was watching us with a big smile on his face, as we carried his present into the room, and excitedly brought a pair of scissor to open the box.

Our timing was perfect, he explained, because his piano exam is coming up at the end of January, and he still has a lot of practicing to do. In a few minutes the synthesizer was set up, and Márk wasted no time to try it out. He played us two of his favourite songs. It was fantastic to see, how happy he was. Unfortunately there was no time for more, we had to leave.

We would like to say a very special thank you to Captain Zsolt Deák, for making Márk's wish come through.

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Andrea Molnár
Pusztaszabolcs, 13.01.2013.



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