Zsombor's wish was a tablet that he could take with him wherever he goes, to play games and watch stories on it, even in the hospital.

It's good that he can take it everywhere, because he seems to be really sticked to his gift.

Many thanks for the support of Liferay Hungary Kft. for helping us to fulfil the little boy's wish!


Éva Szabó Nagyné
Debrecen, 09.02.2023


Second-grader Lívia has a medical condition that makes walking difficult and tiring, so she wanted a special bike to make getting around easier. She asked us for a girlysh bike that would take her to school comfortably and that has a small basket to put her school supplies in.

Her wish came true with a beautiful pink bike, which she loved and was overjoyed with.

And so were we when we read her lovely letter.

Dear Magic Lamp!
I am very happy with the bike you gave me. I would like to thank you! Now I can go to school more easily, my schoolbag fits in the basket.


Thanks to NR1 Fittness Hungary Kft. and our private sponsors, including Inna and Annamária, for making Lívia's wish come true!

Thanks to Bringanti.hu for their help with the delivery!


Erika Gárdos
Egyek, 27.01 2023.


Bianka is now 12 but she was only 11 months old when diagnosed. She got in touch with our
foundation early but she had waited for years to find out what she would really wish for: a laptop. It
will help her in her studies but of course she will use it to keep in touch with her friends and to watch
videos as well. Her wish was sponsored by the Hotel Marriott and it was a unique experience for
Bianka that she received the gift in such a beautiful environment from the director himself.

We would like to thank the Budapest Marriott Hotel for making Bianka’s wish come true!

Zsuzsanna Kis
Budapest, 31.01.2022.


Gabika spends a lot of time in hospital. During this time, he likes watching fairy tales and playing
online games. He asked for a tablet, which he could easily take with him to the hospital, and which
could also help him with his studies.

The boy was very happy to receive the much-awaited tablet.

Dear Gabika!
We wish you much joy with the gift from the Magic Lamp!

We would like to thank Henkel Hungary Ltd. for their continuous support!

Zsuzsanna Tatár Csonka
Miskolc, 20th January 2023.



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