Rudi is an athletic young man, who loves challenges. He has been doing karate for 10 years and has earned a brown belt. In addition, he participates in professional road bicycle training.

He is also good at math and wants to become an interior architect. To achieve his goal he asked Magic Lamp for a laptop he can use for designing.

We wish Rudi a speedy recovery and lots of success with his studies and athletic career!

We want to thank the teachers and students of the American International School of Budapest for their unwavering support and also our pivate donors for their generous help.

Éva Ivády
Budapest, October 6, 2021


Lili is a charming little girl, brimming with life. She loves unicorns. Thus nobody got surprised when she wished for a "huge" talking plush unicorn.

Of course, the big box was also hiding several other surprises: A storybook about unicorns, a stamp set, and several creative games. And because Lili is going to start first grade soon, she also received a unicorn alarm clock and a pencil case.

She opened everything with great enthusiasm, while kept asking: "Is this really all mine??"

The plush unicorn quickly became Lili's favourite and she would not part with it for the world anymore:)

We want to thank the teachers and students American International School of Budapest for their unwavering support and also for the help of our private donors!

Éva Ivády
Budapest, October 5, 2021


Gábor contacted our foundation with an unusual request. He said he knew that children usually ask for other types of presents, but due to the fact that he and his family live in a very poor region, he would really like to be given a shower cabin where he can take a shower comfortably.

Certainly the Magic Lamp Foundation granted this rather special wish, bringing joy to a sick child living in difficult circumstances.

Many thanks for the repeated support of Henkel Magyarország Kft.

Erika Gárdos
Wish coordinator
Gulács, 17.09.2021.


Boglárka used to go to kindergarten until she became ill and was hospitalised.

She missed her brothers, her dad and her little friends from the kindergarten very much. So, she asked the Magic Lamp to find a way to bring somehow all the people she loves to the hospital...

The Genie of the Magic Lamp fulfilled her wish by giving a tablet to Boglárka as a means to contact her loved ones from home.

It was so touching to see the joy on her face when she saw her brothers and father, and then her kindergarten teachers and classmates on the screen of the tablet.
The little friends said they were looking forward to seeing her back at kindergarten and wished her a speedy recovery!

We would like to thank the support of the students, their parents and the teachers of the American International School of Budapest.

Zsuzsanna Tatárné Csonka
Miskolc, 04 October, 2021.



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