Marcell was looking forward to our arrival very much. He was stationed by the window all day, looking out expectantly.

His joy became even more exuberant when he received his new laptop. He quickly unpacked it and turned it on.
A few minutes later, he was already listening to his favourite music. He just kept smiling and smiling and thanking us.
He was completely immersed in listening to and exploring new music.

He created a warm, intimate mood with his selection of Xmas music. We got in a festive spirit too, because we saw that we found a good home for the laptop.

We succeeded again in putting a smile on a sick child's face.

We want to thank the management and the staff of Budapest Marriott Hotel for making Marcellʼs wish come true.

Erzsébet Szilvágyi and László Szabó
wish coordinators
Bátaszék, 09. December, 2021.


Mate is a quiet young man, who loves playing with remote-controlled toys. He also enjoys building LEGO sets. So, he combined his two passions when he made a wish to Magic Lamp: He wanted a phone app-controlled LEGO bulldozer. He knew that it was a big challenge, and the assembly would require enormous patience, but his wish was serious and thoughtful.

Lately he had been listless, showing no interest in playing or studying. But then suddenly came the message: his wish arrived at the Magic Lamp office.

I could not hide the package when I went to the hospital to see Mate. It was so huge that I needed help to carry it in. But Mate did not realize that the big box was his when he saw it in my hands. When I said casually that his eagerly awaited LEGO had arrived, his eyes started to sparkle.

“Is it really mine?”, he asked. He quickly sat up in his bed and made room for the gigantic box.
“Thank you!”, he kept repeating.

He asked me to visit him every day this week to see his progress with the assembly.

We want to thank the management and the staff of Budapest Marriott Hotel for making Mate’s wish come true!

Ildikó Russay
Pécs, 30. November 2021


Martin has started to work on his career. He is studying to be a cook and he has already assisted chefs in a restaurant. We were lucky to see his talent by tasting some of the cakes he had made, for which we thank him very much.

In his spare time he doesn't just bake and cook, he also likes to play computer games. So he asked the Magic Lamp Foundation for a video card.

We wish Martin a speedy recovery and good luck in his studies as well as in the kitchen!

We would like to thank the teachers and students of The American International School of Budapest for their unwavering support and also our pivate sponsors for their generous help.

Éva Ivády
Budapest, 26 October, 2021


Elina's dream was a tablet to play games and watch fairy tales and cartoons, either at home or in hospital.

She was very happy to get her present. Now, her favourite fairytale characters can be taken with her wherever she goes.

Many thanks for the support of the students of The British International School Budapest.

Beatrix Sütő
Debrecen, 15.11.2021.



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