Benedek (8 years old, Hatvan)

We arrived as a special suprise for Benedek, as he was still recuperating from a pretty unpleasent treatment.

He was still a little bit dizzy when we handed him the desired laptop. He sat up and started to examine it. WIth the help of our sponsor he powered up the computer, the only thing left was to think about a new password.
He gave an unusual answer when we asked, how will he use the "magic-engine":
- I will look for recipes. The best recipes from Judit Stahl!
His mother told us that Benedek wishes to be a chef, he loves to cook with his father, and when he grows up he would like to start a restaurant.

Benedek we wish you a quick recovery from the transplantation and we hope that all of your dreams will come true!

We would like to thank our sponsor the FIRSTMED-FMC KFT. and their two employees Andrea Zs. Tóth and Kinga Málnási who came personally to fulfill Benedek’s dream. Thank you for their support!

Joli Bakonyi
Budapest, 26. november 2012.

Bence (13, Kiskunmajsa)

Bence`s wish has been fullfilled, thanks to Tchibo`s and Csodalámpa Alapítvány`s commited staff. He is now a happy owner of a great guitar and a belonging amplifier.

Tchibo was represented by Fodor Agnes at the donation. Bence got a pick and a guitar music-paper from her as a separate present.
Now everything is given for him to be able to learn how to play guitar. Also the family music band can be set up, as both Bence`s sibling and mother are playing on an instrument.

We hope you will enjoy playing guitar to the fullest and will go to the guitar lessons diligently.

Thanks to Tchibo Budapest Kft. `s leaders and staff for making Bence`s dream come true.

Ágnes Tatár and Edit Túri
Wish coordinators
Szeged, 19/07/2012

Péter (15, Galgahévíz)

Peter is a great football fan. Valencia is his favorite team. He and his friends have been planning to cheer on top of their voice for their favorites in their home land for a long time. It seems that everything is ready for their trip to Valencia next spring. One last „mandatory” prerequisite, Peti’s dream, came available with the help of Csodalampa.

Peti asked Jinny for a Valencia T-shirt, but not for an ordinary one! Speaking to this young man I learned (Jinny always learns) that the team always wares white, playing home for this used to be the original colour of Valencia. Knowing this, it was not an option that Peti would cheer in a red, blue or yellow Valencia T-shirt. No, and no. At home it is only correct to cheer in white. And if the name and lucky number of the biggest fan -Peter- happens to be printed on the back of the T-shirt, then the final score of the match is unquestionable.

Dear Peti, the whole team of Csodalampa whishes you the quickest and full recovery. We wish that next spring you cheer for the golden legged team in your T-shirt under sparkling sunshine and enjoy an exciting match.

Go go Peti! Go go Valencia!

Zsuzsanna Sipos
wish coordinator
Budapest, 18/07/2012

We would like to say thanks for the support of E.ON ZRt.



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