The little boy was still in the hospital, when the desired tree house was built in their garden. So, after a few days when he went home, a huge surprise awaited him.

Zsombi’s joy had no limits: he went around inside and outside the house multiple times, looking curiously out the window. He really loved the car patterned window, that was specifically made for him by Kuckófalva.

He asked his parents to paint the house green and the roof red, in order to make it truly fairy tale-like.

We thank to the sponsors of the American International School of Budapest and to the Kuckófalva company for their help and support by which Zsombi’s dreams could come true.

Erika Gárdos
Szentendre, 24.06.2020


Fruzsi is a very kind and quiet girl.

Her illness unfortunately got worse, so she still has a long road ahead of her. She is getting treatment both in Miskolc and Debrecen. She needs a lot of perseverance, sadly she will not be able to meet as often with her friends. This is why she thought a tablet would be helpful in spending her free time efficiently. Of course, this way she can keep in contact with her family and friends a lot easier, while under treatment.

Fruzsi also would have liked a case that is also a stand, so as it would be a lot more comfortable to use the tablet at a table or even in bed.

I believe we were able to please Fruzsi by surprising her with a truly beautiful, girlysh tablet, and of course the special case.

We thank the students and teachers of The American International School of Budapest who helped us surprising Fruzsi!

Zsuzsi Tatár (Miskolc) and Mrs Nagy Éva (Debrecen)
Debrecen, July 02, 2020


Attila was waiting for his hospital treatment when I knocked on his door with the gift provided by Magic Lamp Foundation.

The little present arrived with perfect timing, because it helped the long waiting hours for the treatment to pass quickly.

Attila was unwrapping the gift with a big smile on his face. He already suspected that it might be his favourite type and brand. He was really happy, he had wanted since ages this elegant red Samsung phone for a long time.

It was wonderful to see how we could make a teenager boy so happy with a little surprise present.

Dear Attila, on behalf of all Magic Lamp Foundation volunteers, we wish you lots of joy with your present and a quick recovery!

We would like to thank UB Merchants Kft. for their support that allowed us to fulfill Attila’s wish!

Tatárné Zsuzsi
Miskolc, June 17, 2020


We met Nimród and his mother in a mall one afternoon in Nyíregyháza.

It took a lot of planning and effort to arrange his gift, with each day passing making his excitement grow. Once the day finally came, he opened the box impatiently with eyes glimmering with joy, revealing his new laptop. Nimród goes still to school, however his illness sadly causes him to be hospitalized often. Thankfully, with the laptop, he will still be able to continue his studies even when he cannot attend school.

We wish him nothing but happiness and success in the use of his new device.

Many thanks to the teachers, students and their parents in the American International School of Budapest, who made Nimród’s wish come true.

Enikő Alagi and János Alagi
Nyíregyháza, February 6, 2020



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