Krisztián (14 years old, Tiszafüred)

Krisztián is a 14-year old boy and came for a medical check when I had the opportunity to give him the gift on behalf of the Magic Lamp. He desired a phone...

Krisztián was so surprised and his parents were so touched that suddenly none of them could utter a single word. They wouldn’t have thought, thet the wish would be so quickly fulfilled.

Krisztián took the phone in his hands and began to talk about his weekend program, that he would go fishing, he would take his new phone along and he would take pictures. He is looking forward to going to the beach and to shoot underwater photos...

We wish you Krisztián that all your dreams come true, enjoy your phone, and take lots of nice photos!

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Judit Miholecz
Debrecen, 2015.10.30.

Kitti (17 years old, Nádudvar)

Kitti has been playing the flute for 10 years, a flute lent her by her school.

Her playing is gorgeous, and it would be even more beautiful, if she could play her own flute... So it was not a big surprise that she asked for a new flute, which could be all hers.

We talked to Ms. Judit Gruger (her teacher) about what would be the perfect kind of flute for Kitti, and in the end, we choose a silver head, closed „Trevor-James Cantabile" flute.
Her teacher also helped us to purchase it. She put us in touch with the Fontrade Music shop. With their kind assistance we could buy the flute easily and quickly.

Then... they say there are no miracles.

Around the time we got Kitti’s wish, we had an incoming email from the popular flutist, Mr. Márk Fülep. He wanted to offer his help and talent to teach the "magic lamp" children to play flute or other instruments.
We took advantage of the opportunity and asked him to be a "surprise" to Kitti, in order to make the wish granting an even more memorable moment for her.

Mr. Fülep was happy to grant our request. He talked to Kitti and her teacher on phone, and they agreed to make a mini-concert together - all this without telling Kitti, that she will get an own flute....

The wish-granting took place at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest's charitable Sunday Brunch. This was reasonable, because Kitti's new flute was sponsored by the donations of hotel’s guests.

After Kitti and her family arrived, Kitti and Mr. Fülep practised a bit in the hotel's splendid ballroom. This was the very first time they have met...

The Sunday Brunch finally started, and about 120 guests came for the event.

On behalf of the Corinthia Hotel Budapest Mr. Imre Turák welcomed the guests and talked about the special relationship of Csodalámpa and the Corintha Hotel. Then he gave the word to Mrs. Eva Patzauer, who introduced the Csodalámpa Foundation with a few sentences.

Then at last the flute was handed over to Kitti...

Kitti couldn’t believe her eyes. She unpacked and put it together with shaking hands. She tried it, and it sounded gorgeous. Although Kitti could hardly utter a word from joy, one could see, that the flute and Kitti are still somehow "strangers" to each other, so on Mr. Fülep’s suggestion, she played the concert with her old flute. Mr. Fülep explained to the audience, why did he suggest this: a musician has to get used to his/her new instrument, and this can take weeks or months.

/ 11

The room had a great acoustic, the concert sounded perfect. Even in the other rooms the guests stopped talking and were listening to the beautiful music.
Kitti was a worthy partner for Mr. Fülep. They played two songs together, and Mr. Fülep played the last one in a solo. The concert was wonderful.

After the concert Mr. Fülep gave his own gifts - sheet music and his CD - to Kitti.

As an extra the hotel’s fantastic band played a song specially for Kitti and they were kind enough to offer their help to Csodalámpa children.

We hope that this flute will bring a lot of wonderful hours to Kitti, and we hope that it helps her to recover fully.

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, the Fontrade Music shop’s support, that made this wish come true.

Many thanks goes to Mr. Márk Fülep and to Ms. Judit Gruger for their help and assistance that was instumental to Kitti’s happiness.

Eva Patzauer
Budapest, November 15, 2015

Ramóna (10 years old, Kisvarsány)

Ramona has been fighting against illness since the age of six. She asked for a pink laptop from the Magic Lamp, because pink is her favorite color. I often met her and her mother in the hospital, and Ramona always asked me, whether there were any news about the laptop, when it would arrive...

Today she came for a check again, but that time I could make her happy with the long-awaited gift. She was so excited, suddenly she didn’t know what to do, where to sit down. She could hardly believe that the gift arrived. While she was opening the box, she was telling: ”Please be pink, be pink” – and it pink it was!

The little girl was admiring the present for a few minutes, then she packed it back because the ambulance arrived to take her home.

Get well and play a lot with the new computer!

Many thanks for the support of the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest!

Judit Miholecz
Debrecen, 13th November, 2015.

Alex Gábor (4 years old, Budapest)

There may be a handful of Mercedes G-Class AMG owners in Hungary, but for sure none of them have ever driven their SUV between the tables in Peppers Mediterranean Grill at Budapest Marriott Hotel. Except for Alex...

It all started with him asking Magic Lamp for an electric Mercedes G class toy car. Our long-time supporters Fundamenta Személyi Bankár and Budapest Marriott Hotel had to pool their resources to make this dream come true.

Alex received his gift during Magic Lamp's special charity 'Wish-kitchen' event, where the participants learn to prepare gourmet and simple everyday dishes from the best chefs in town. Hosted by Marriott Hotel, the invitees included the managers and other supporters workin for Fundamenta-Lakáskassza.

At first, Alex was somewhat taken aback, as he was not used to mingling in such a crowd and in such a setting. When the brand new car rolled in - yet remotely controlled - he remained "reserved". What happens now?!?

A few minutes had passed before Alex summoned the courage to step out from behind his father. He climbed into the toy car and listened attentively to the hotel's General Manager, Mr Rick Enders. who showed him how the G55 works. Then Alex stepped on the accelerator and off he went... only to bump into a table leg a minute into his maiden cruise. Luckily, no damage was done.

/ 6

Then, aided by his father and Mr Enders, the already cheerful and relaxed Alex drove a few laps around the tables as the 'Wish-Kitchen' programme got underway and the crowd disappeared.

At the close of the event, Alex carefully pocketed the car's keys and was all smiles as he said good-bye to his hosts.

Dear Alex, let us wish you a safe and fun ride and a speedy recovery!

We would like to thank the management and staff of Fundamenta Személyi Bankár and Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt. for their decades-long support. The management and staff of Budapest Marriott Hotel have been instrumental in the success of Magic Lamp's charity 'Wish-kitchen' events and in fulfilling Alex's wish.

Eva Patzauer and Marta Felkai
Budapest, October 29, 2015



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