Luca (5 years old, Komárom 3. p.)

Luca is a chatty and vivacious little girl. When she heard that she could ask for something from the genie of Csodalámpa, she didn’t think twice as she became very fond of Bobó.

When she spent time in Hotel Kolping in Alsópáhok, she became enthralled by this cartoon character that is “alive” and walks among the guests to the great amusement of the children. Luca wished to return to this place, and this wish was soon realized thanks to the hotel.

On the 12th of May, when the hotel celebrated its 15th anniversary, the girl and her family were greeted ceremoniously, and Luca was greeted by Bobó specially.

We hope that the memory of the following days full of relaxing, playing, and enjoyment will stay with her forever.

We would like to thank the support of the Hotel Kolping, this was the third time they made a dream come true to one of our children!

We would also like to thank the Linde Gáz Zrt. for providing Luca with the necessary medical equipment on the spot.

Bakonyi Joli and Felkai Márta

Réka (3 years old, Kaposvár)

The long-awaited day arrived on May 2nd 2011 when we set out for Kaposvár to fulfil Réka’s wish. She had been longing for a bunk bed with a slide which we wanted to hand over on her 4th birthday. The employees of KIKA assembled the „present” on time and one of them, Andrea, even joined us on our trip to Kaposvár.

The fitters were working fast and in a workmanlike manner so Réka didn’t have to play too long on the playground. When she entered her room the surprise was in its place, moreover there was a birthday cake for her with 4 lit candles. Réka is an extremely talkative little girl but this time it took her several minutes before she could speak.
It was great being there sharing her happiness.

When two hours later we left, we felt we became richer thanks for everybody who had helped in making Réka’s birthday unforgettable.

Special thanks for the workers of KIKA for their support.

Russayné Szabolcsik Ildikó
Wish coordinator
02.05. 2011.

Sándor ( 16 years old, Tiborszállás )

Sanyi, the 16 year old boy misses his motorbike and sports the most in the period of the treatments. He has been swimming since the first year and driving a gocart since the fourth year of school.He has also been playing snookers for two, three years.He was to go to snookers camp this July, but he is not too sad about missing it this year as, he says he can go next year.
Sanyi loves challenges : mental, physical ,too.
He received his present on Tuesday , 12th October following his controll tests . It was a great surprise for him as he had no idea when he was getting his present from the Wonderlamp Fund. He was extremely happy to find his new Play Station 3.
He had chosen a PS3 so as not to be bored when he has to stay indoors on colder days especially after his operation when he will not be allowed to strain himself with his favourite sports.

Thank you for the support of '''

Miholecz Judit
wish coordinator
Debrecen, 12.10.2010.

Mate (5 years old, Budapest)

Mate is a lovely blond little boy, who on one hot summer day said that the only wish he would like from our foundation was to spenda day at the beach. Our foundation immediately started organising the holiday for Mate. Finally with the help of an outstanding company he could watch the august 20th fireworks from the Goldenbeach at Balaton. Luckily the weather was idyllic so Mate could spend the hole day in the water and also the family could enjoy the last days of summer as well. On a less sunny day the family even spent a day at the adventure park, where Mate could utilize all his strength and knowledge. Later that day surprise guest also arrived, Hando Kata, a representative of the Foldgazszallito Zrt., who brought thoutfull presents to make Mate's day even more memorable.

We hope this holiday was unforgettable for Mate!

Thank you for the help and support of the, for their continuous help!

/ 3

Andrea Mocsonoky
Wish coordinator
2010 august 28, Budapest

Krisztián ( 5 years old, Veszprém – Kádárta p. )

Krisztián is a 5 year old boy who loves the "military" games, so he asked for the biggest possible remote control jeep, then he added after some thought, that he would prefer a PSP. On January 17th, I arrived toTűzoltó utcai Clinic with the toy, and made the little boy very pleased.
Chris started using the machine with an "expertise" defying his age, with happy smile on his face expressing thanks for this gift.

Big “Thank you” goes to Éva Szabadics, our private supporter for offering it!

Dr. Tibor Jenei
Wish Coordinator
17.01.2011, Budapest

Izabella ( 6 years old, Gagybátor )

Iza is 6 years old, she is under a medical treatment in Miskolc. She is going to have hard days because she will have a serious medical treatment.
Because of her disease and her situation she was waiting for meeting the famous singer, Mr. L. L. Junior for a long time.
And the day came which on the miracle happened. Iza has known that she has to go to the Ronald House to look at the room in which her mother will stay during the time while she will be in the steril-box. Employees of the hospital, her parents and the other children were very excited. They hoped that the meeting with the famous singer will happen well. Everybody has known what kind of meeting does Iza go to, it was a secret only for her.
It was needed to wait for Mr. L. L. Junior because his car has broken down on the motorway.
We have already tried all the games, played with all of them which was in the Ronald House and the time has come when we have heard the doorbell ring. Our guest has arrived with his band-mates. We had a heartening sight when Iza saw Mr. L. L. Junior. She was running downstairs and put her arm around the singer.
I think that was the moment when no eyes have stayed dry. Junior, the musicians, Iza and her mother, her godmother, representatives of media, the landlady of the Ronald house and we from the Csodalámpa Foundation, all of us were similing at each other with bright eyes and we were all thinking on the same thing. Iza and Junior were embracing each other for a few minutes then the singer was singing to the little girl. They were talking a lot and they played and the time duration which was one and a half an hour is gone soon. For this meeting for Iza and for all of us will be remarkable for very long time and we will talk about it many times again and again.
Mr. L. L. Junior – the singer – said that Iza is the bravest girl he has ever met and he is a fan of her, he hopes that Iza will recover from her desease soon. Besides the CD which he brough for present to the little girl, the singer draw many sweethearts onto a dedicated poster and asked the little girl for being strong and ingenious as many times the number of the sweethearts on the poster.

Dear Little Iza,
We are confident, that this meeting will stay remarkable for you for a long time. We wish you that Junior’s songs give you the strength to a heroic bear of the upcoming hard days.

Miss. Zsuzsanna Tatárné Csonka
Mrs. Szilárd Kónya
Mrs. Árpád Török
Miss. Ambrus Judit Steerné
6, Oct.2010, Miskolc

/ 5

Bence (13 years old, Budapest)

Bence is a 13 year old boy who similarly to his peers has an always burning telephone line. Although unfortunately an accident occured, Bence put his brothers mobile phone in the washing machine, and so he justly gave his own to him.
This way Bence was left without a phone, although he sincerely wished to keep in touch with his friends and family threw-out the long medical treatments,then came the Wonderlamp's ginnie. We visited Bence at the hospital room with Istvan Toth the representative of the supporter company.
When we entered his room with the mobile phone in our hands the boys face lit up with happiness. I can proudly say on Istan Toth's and my behalf we will never forget the joy we saw on the little boys face.

Thank you for the support of the!

Bakonyi Joli
Budapest 2010.08.16

Anna ( 17 years old, Ete )

Anna had a successful transplantation.She is interested in photography very seriously.She wanted to know more about the film production and she wanted to see how a film is taken .Anna ’s wish was from the Wonderlamp to take part in the film taking of „ Glas-tiger”

It took us for a long time to arrange this wish, but we did it.We went to Tinnye on a Saturday in July where all of the actors cameraman director were there and worked.Everybody was very kind to Anna Rudorf Péter the director was waited for us and we could follow everything from his tent.Anna was taking a lot of photos with her camera about the scenes and actors.We were there for a long time and we could follow how the actors the team were playing. working.

Thank you Mr. Rudolf Péter and your stew for this experience and of course you Mr. Réti Péter for your help on the locality.

Felkai Márta
Tinnye, 2010.07.24.

Ágnes (16 years old,Örkény )

Ágnes loves taking photos, no wonder she faced the genie of the Wonderlamp with a wish for a professional camera.
The young lady didn’t have to wait long for the wished machine only till her wish reached a group of young genie students, namely the students of the Eötvös József Gimnázium and their friends who felt they would gladly contribute to the fulfilment of this wish. It was on a beautiful sunny November day that we met in the hospital yard to make this Monday memorable for all of us , especially for Ágnes.
Ágnes approached with a smile and the young wich fulfillers just as old friends started chatting with her and quickly came to the point of their visit. Behind the mask of indifference we could only suspect Ágnes’ smile when her visitors handed over the parcel containing her long wished present and some small surprises including the card signed by all who helped fulfill her wish.
Ágnes took the camera out of its box like an expert and we could all admire the machine. We also learned that she had started a photo course so we sincerely hope to see some of her first shots on an exhibit soon.

We hope Ági will enjoy taking photos with her new camera.

Many thanks to the students of class 12F of Eötvös József Gumnázium and their friends who contributed to Ágnes’ joy.

Mocsonoky Andrea
Wish coordinator
Budapest, 15.11.2010.

Zoltán (12 years old, Beremend)

Zoli was anxious to meet “Greedy Underarm Glands”, a popular Hungarian band mocking other bands (and everything else too). We were able to set the date for Zoli’s birthday.
On that very day, the first snow also set in but could not discourage us since we were up for two major events. Zoli’s parents planned the meeting as a surprise-party. Everyone arrived safe and sound at the venue, to the studio of “Greedy Underarm Glands”. Zoli was not suspecting anything, even when they stood at the front door. But when he heard the music and spotted the boys…

A long-awaited encounter came true. It was just the day before when he mentioned to his mother that his wish might just have sunk into oblivion.
All-in-all, there was great joy and Zoli was congratulated on his birthday. He sang and danced with the boys, a great deal of photos were shot and Zoli collected all the signatures.

Afterwards we celebrated this special birthday event in a pastry shop. Zoli kept saying: "This has been the happiest day of my life".

We would like to thank the members of the band for their kindness!

Special thank is due to Peter Fodor, the manager of the band, who prior to an important concert and in the middle of a dense program created the opportunity to Zoli for the meeting.

/ 4

Ms Orsi Tunyogi
01 October 2010, Budapest

Gábor ( 4 years old, Kétújfalu )

Gábor had a very special wish. It was a bed like a dino. He planned and drew it with his parents’ help. Seeing the drawings we were thinking for quite a long time how we can grant this wish.
We succeeded to arrange this present with his parents’ help and with a lof of enquieries. Of course there were some problems, as well for example: we had to wait for the decoration of the bed or for the mattress. During the making of the bed the kid had to undergo a serious treatment...

The dino-bed was delivered one day earlier as expected and it had to be hidden from the Gabor. He was not allowed to enter the room but he felt so that he must enter the room besause there is a secret in it. When he recognised the bed he put his dinomask on the bed and said: "The dino-bed is perfect."

The official present giving took place next day. When we appeared there some members of the family were there. They also wanted to take part in Gábor’s happiness.
The representative of the company, which financed the wish, was also present of course. Gábor made friendship with him. When the door of his room was opened Gábor run to the bed and he seemed to be blissfully happy.
While we were taking some photos he was assuming different poses. He received an extra dino game, as well. Gábor was chatting and smiling and playing in the grown-up company. He had a nice time and we were also glad to share his joy.

We wish Gábor a fast recovery and hope he can sleep very peacefully in comfort of his dino-bed.

/ 3

Many thanks for the FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt for their support.

Bezdánné Végh Tünde and Szabó László
Kétújfalu, 10-12-2010

Ákos Máté (14 years old, Sopron)

Tímea from Gyömrő, Ákos from Sopron, Alex from Göd and Kristóf from Hajdúnánás had the same wish: they wanted to go to the Hungaroring to watch the 25th Hungarian Race live and visit the box street.
We have wishes like this every year and it is always difficult to organise that because we need really good tickets so that the children with wheelchair or with special medical condition can have a seat where they are safe and can see the race well. In the very last minute we could organise everything thanks to Mr. László Palik and Mr. Gábor Gönczi. The children received tickets for all 3 days.

We had a special experience on Thursday as the management of Red Bull Racing allowed us to visit the pit lane. Afterneath we met Mark Webber who won the race 3 days later. He gave us autographs and different gifts.
Everybody enjoyed the race as the cars went full gear.

We would like to thank László Palik and Gábor Gönczi to help with the super tickets and to the Red Bull Hungary to organise the visit int he Box-street and the meeting with Mark Webber.

Dobó Gábor és Felkai Márta
Mogyoród, 01-08-2010



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