Ágoston (9 years old from Zalaegerszeg)

Ágoston wanted to get a netbook from the Wonder Lamp. He did not think that the present would be given him on a golf court while some golf playing people and children of the Wonder Lamp were a standing ovation.

On this day there was the II. golf charity day of the Wonder Lamp which was organised by the Zsira Sonnengolf Club.

The netbook was the present of Abakusz Számítástechnika whose manager Mrs Virágné Mozsolits Klára gave Ágoston the netbook.

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After giving the surprise to Ágoston there was a game where Ágoston made fantastic shows with his wheelchair.

We wish you Ágoston to have a lot of fun in the world of the internet with the help of your new netbook.

Thank you the managment of Abakusz Számítástechnika

the participant for the helping of Ágoston’s present.

Patzauer Éva and Gőgös Zsuzsa
Zsira, 24.09.2011.

Benjamin (10 years old, Heves)

Benjamin had to wait in the Tűzoltó street Clinic for a long time till it was his turn. There was a so called „csocso” table football in the great hall. He liked to play with this game. His wish was to the Wonder Lamp Foundation to get this toy.

We managed to surprise him with the help of his parents. When I arrived at their house Benyus it is his nickname was a little bit shy. He did not understand why a strange man had appeared there.

It turned out in a short time why I was there. When he glimpsed the toy he began to smile. It was a really great surprise for him. He wanted to set up it immediately because he likes do it yourself.

We hope this present will give you a great pleasure.

Giver and wish-coordinator
Heves, 08.09.2011.

Dániel Zsolt (6 years old, Dad)

This time two brothers – one of our regular supporters – made a wish come true. We were really excited when the small team travelled to our destination on an especially sweaty and gloomy summer day. The children playing football in the garden immediately stopped playing and came to welcome us.

Dani was very patient, but obviously he could not wait to see his present. Until the electronic car was being made up, Dani counted its wheels and asked the name of all equipment and functions and he could not wait to try it. Even though he had to wait one more day because the car needed recharging, Dani was extremely happy and he seemed such a nice boy.

Dani expressed his feelings by coming close to us, sitting in our lap, holding our hands, as if we were old friends. It was wonderful to see when he generously shared his happiness with his younger brother, showing him the car and its functions. Even though Dani is a short boy, he has an enormous heart.

We wish him all the best and we hope he will get better very soon!

Thank you for Miklós and Tibor Baán for their help!

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The Győr team of Csodalámpa
Dad, 8/8/2011



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