Viktória (14 years old, Berettyóújfalu)

Viki wished for a red digital camera. We have asked the jinn and the wish – like in all other cases – came true.

We quickly agreed with her mother to visit them and we brought the present to Viki the same day afternoon. The kind and pretty young girl opened the package and was very happy about it. She tried the camera immediately.

We have spent a pleasant afternoon with this very kind family.

Dear Viki!
We wish you good health and lots of photos!

Ildikó Palásti
Berettyóújfalu, 27th of February 2009

Emese (15 years old, Szentendre)

Emese has learned playing guitar since 2004, no wonder that she has asked for an "really good" acoustic guitar from the Genie of Wonderlamp Foundation. As she has said she had only a battered simple guitar, that she has played sometimes in the hospital to help her forget those difficult days…

The treatments have recently ended, she can go to school and can carry on with her guitar lessons. She thought that for the new lessons a new guitar would suite better...

So we went to Szentendre, a beautiful old, little town north of Budapest. The pretty and smiling "big" girl could hardly believe that the big black jig bag at her door hides her dream. She took out the guitar carefully caressed it with her fine fingers and said:

-...it’s beautiful!!

The first "shock" of surprise gone she behaved like a pro: adjusted the tuning and played a few melodic songs for us.
She has told us, that sometimes she writes songs as well, so I asked her - maybe - to write a Wonderlamp song? Well we shall see…

Anyway we wish Emese a complete recovery, lots of joy and hapiness to you and through your music to your friends and family!

Emese’s wish has been granted from the donation of the pupils and teachers of the British International School of Budapest. Thank you for your support!

Zsuzsanna Sipos

Emese (15 years old, Szentendre)

Emese is playing guitar already for 4 years, it is no wonder she asked a guitar from djinn of the Csodalámpa. She asked a special guitar, an acoustic one. Up to now she had a simple guitar she used in the hospital to play for the children to forget hard days together.

Emese is already over the main part of the treatments and can go to school and take guitar lessons. Only one surprise was missing, a brand new guitar.

Let’s go to Szentendre where Emese is living. The smiling, full of eyes girl almost didn’t want to believe her dream comes true. She took the guitar carefully; her eyes were laughing and said it is wonderful. She started to play the guitar as a professional.

Emese revealed that sometimes she also composes music. I asked her to write music for Csodalámpa, we would be happy to hear these songs.

We wish you to make yourself, your family and friends lots of fun with your guitar and your music.

Emese’s wish has been granted from the donation of the pupils and teachers of the Budapesti Angol Nemzetközi Iskola.

Thank you for your support!

Zsuzsanna Sipos



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