Bercel (8 year old, Nagykovácsi)

It has been a long time since Bercel (aged 8, lives in Nagykovácsi) wished for a large-size fish tank with goldfish and vegetation in it. His secret desire became a reality in various stages as first, the fish tank needed to find a cozy, sunlit corner in Berci’s home. The five types of goldfish and the plants arrived a few days later. Berci was very excited to see the wonderful team of goldfish.

He enthusiastically helped plant the vegetation, fill up the tank with water and finally, he released the fish. He answered any questions about them with great enthusiasm, showing that he has become an expert in keeping goldfish at home.

His wish was all the more special as it arrived on the same day when, a year ago, Berci and his family learned about his illness. By bravely coping with the difficulties, Berci is now the happy owner of his beloved goldfish.

We would like to thank the students and professors of the American International School of Budapest and the ALLATELEDELNAGYKER.HU webshop for making Berci’s wish come true!

Adrienne Pinter
Nagykovácsi,November 17, 2015

Attila (16 years old, Tornaszentjakab)

The 16-year old modest, quiet Attila is cured in the GYEK (Pediatric clinic) in Miskolc. He was thinking a lot what to ask from the Magic Lamp, but finally he decided to ask for a smartphone.

His old phone do not have so many features as the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone, therefore Attila chose that little black phone. He didn’t even believe that his wish would come true, when the Gini of the Magic Lamp gave him the long-awaited phone.

A modest smile and some tears in his shining eyes showed the joy, the surprise and the endless gratefulness of Attila.

Dear Attila, use your new phone with health and happiness!

Tornaszentjakab, 23rd November 2015.

Many thanks goes to the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest and to our private donors for their support!

Csonka Zsuzsanna Tatárné and László Adorján
Tornaszentjakab, November 23, 2015

Ákos (12 years old, Ózd)

Ákos lives in Ózd but he is cured in the GYEK (Pediatric Center) in Miskolc. He likes to be out in the nature to admire the beauty of the forest and fields.

Ákos wasn’t thinking too much about what to ask from the Magic Lamp, his choice was a camera.

Ákos is a quiet, nice boy. He had been patiently waiting until he got the long-awaited gift from the Gini of the Magic Lamp.
Receiving the camera was an unexpected but a big joy for him.

Dear Ákos,
We wish you much joy in photography, take many beautiful photos by this super camera.

Many thanks goes to the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest for their continous support!

Zsuzsanna Csonka Tatárné
Miskolc, November 17, 2015



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