I met Janos in the office of BlackRock Hungary.
Janó was extremely happy for the gift, he did not expect it; therefore, it was a huge surprise for him that his wish had been fulfilled that day and that place.

I asked him what he would use his new, beautiful laptop for.
The 12-year-old young man told us that mostly for editing videos (he even has his own Youtube channel), gaming and obviously for studying as well.
I showed him where I was working and he especially liked the display on my desk.

That day was special for both of us; I am not sure for whom was it the greater experience...

Thank you for the support of BlackRock that gave so much happyness to this young boy!

Helga Pálfi
17.01.2019, Budapest


Dóra’s wish was a laptop suitable for editing videos as part of her school assignments.

Fulfilling such a wish just a few days before Christmas was more than a pleasure.

Dóra was deeply moved when she found her present at BlackRock’s Christmas tree. We turned it instantly on and, as the machine was booting up, she started telling her story.

A story about her plans with the new laptop. A story about her school and her future goals. A story about family, friends and schoolmates…

And as I was listening to her far-from-average stories, I slowly realised how extraordinarily strong this young girl is. Someone who faces her disease with a braveness defying many adults. Someone with a brilliant sense and a lot of ambition.

Dear Dóra, I wish you a quick recovery and lots of happiness with your new laptop!

We would like to thank for the support of BlackRock Hungary that allowed us to give such a joy to Dora.

Adam Siska



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