Tina (15 years old, Monor)

Despite the fact that not only Visegrád but the whole country was suffering from the flood, we were on a time-travel on that bright early summer day.

The wish was fulfilled at a bikers’ reunion, and those couple of hours were just about Tina. Venue was the Salamon Tower of Visegrád, with Tina as queen of the Castle in a gorgeous saddle. A tournament ensued by a feast was crowned by a ride on a Harley. No one would have been able to paint anything more beautiful and heart-warming.

But instead of further details, let me quote a couple of lines from the letter of the sponsor, Mr György Kreskai:

"I have been thinking since whether it was us who fulfilled Tina’s wish or perhaps she did ours, giving us the opportunity to become a better man and getting right our values derailed in the everyday rat-race."

Thank you very much to Mr Kreskai and to Mr Csaba Zsemlye,

president of H.O.G.South Hungary Chapter Club and to all members of the team.

Noémi Lusztig
5 June 2010 Visegrád

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Vivien (17 years old, Makó)

Vivien is very interested in fashion, and loves everything that is connected to fashion. She always had been dreaming about going to the fashion capital of the world, Paris, and fill her lungs with its chic air. Finally, this year her dream has come true.

During our three-day trip we not only managed to see all the major sights of the city, but also had time to visit the famous department stores, and admire the beautiful shop windows.

Since getting around with a wheelchair was an unexpectedly arduous task, we had no choice but to set out on foot to discover the city. We marvelled at the Eiffel Tower, and the Arch de Triomphe, and let the crowd carry us down the Avenue des Champs- Élysées. We discovered several delightful tiny cafes and restaurants. Our cruise on the Seine was simply unforgettable; every minute we passed yet another beautiful sight, while relaxing comfortably on the boat.
On the second day we took a train to Versailles. We wandered around the beautifully maintained garden of the palace completely spell-bound. This feeling of amazement returned in the afternoon, when we arrived to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Afterward, however, the time had come to satisfy or passion for fashion, so we went shopping! We happily browsed the wonderful shops, and of course could not resist visiting Louis Vuitton's amazing multi-storey flagship store.

The next day brought new experiences. We toured the Louvre Museum. We especially liked the Manet exhibition at the Musée d' Orsay. In the evening we returned to the Champs-Élyées and the Arc de Triomphe one last time to say good-bye.
We hope though, that this farewell was not final, and Vivi will return in the future.

We would like to thank the Embassador and the Embassy of Finnland in Budapest for organizing the charity fashion show that raised the necessary money that made for us possible to fulfill Vivi's dream.

We would like to thank the Helsinki office of MALÉV for their support.

We would also like to thank the Renaissance Paris La Defence for providing us the magic accommodation, and their wonderful hospitality.

Csákváry-Sarnyai Eszter and Sebestyén-Berta Györgyi
Paris, April 17-21. 2011

The original wish of Vivien included take part in a fashion show as well. To crown her wish, Mr. Tamás Náray, the famous designer has invited Vivien to one of his luxurious fashion shows in Budapest. Many thanks for his support!

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At the fashion show at the Embassy of Finnland, Mr. Robert Ésik, director of Nokia Siemens Network kft. has offered to Vibvien a brand new handy.
Unfortunately Vivien could not be present at the show, so I brought her the present.

It was a funny coincidence, Vivien's phone went wrong a few days before se her happyness was even bigger. She was really happy to have the Nokia "wonder".

Andrea Lengyel
Makó, July 26, 2010

Adrián ( 16 years old, Zaránk )

It was dubious until the last day if we can surprise Adrian with the video camera he wished for. The weather was really nice and the doctors allowed him to be outdoor for some hours on the Axa Family Day.

When we met he was quite tired but he immediately told us that he really liked the organisers’ red t-shirt. His wish came true and not just he got the shirt but Liza, his friend from the hospital, as well.

The moderator of the day invited Adrian to the stage where he asked the boy what his wish was and what he would like to use it for. After some minutes he had the blue Panasonic camera in his hands.

We wish Adrian to use the camera for a long time and make interesting movies with it.

We would like to thank the employees of AXA Bank Europe SA that they helped to please a child again.

Dr. Tímea Kiss and Márta Felkai
Budapest, 26.06.2010.



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