As Lajos has to spend quite a lot of time in the hospital, he asked the Csodalámpa Foundation for a mobile phone which he could use to play games, listen to music, and stay in touch with his family.

When I arrived to the hospital on a Tuesday, Lajos instantly cheered up. Somehow he could tell I had come bearing his gift...

The very moment he unboxed his new phone, he was already beginning to use it with excitement. He was overjoyed that he finally had his own phone.

Enjoy your gift Lali!

We would like to thank Mellow Mood Hotels in the name of Lajos too for their support!

We would additionally like to thank our private sponsors for their help!

Judit Miholecz
Debrecen, March 19, 2019


Alexandra has watched the Italian championship on TV together with his father since she was a little child. She is an enthusiastic Juventus fan, she has got a collection of jerseys, hats, flags, mugs… but her real desire was more than that.

Alexandra’s dream was to cheer for her favourite team in the stadium of Juventus...

So, we began to organize it, but we wouldn’t have thought what a hard work it would be. It is very complicated to get a ticket for the Italian championship and it is almost impossible if it is a Juventus-Milan match.

We almost gave it up, when one of our Italian supporters could help us to buy 3 tickets. We got the good news shortly after Alexandra's 13th birthday, and certainly she was very happy.

We started to organize the trip, and finally our small team boarded a plane to Milan on 5th April.

After a short sightseeing tour in Milan on Friday, we left for Torino on Saturday. There we occupied our accommodation, then we went to the evening match. The whole city was raving about the football match.

Alexandra remembers the great experience of her life as follows:

“My great dream came true. My wish was to watch live a Juventus match, and it was fulfilled by the Magic Lamp Foundation.
On April 6, 2019, I had an opportunity to see a JUVENTUS-MILAN match in Torino. My favourite team won 2-1, and I saw live Paulo Dybala, my favourite player to shoot a goal!
Thank you very much once again for the unforgettable experience.”

The match was incredible , but visiting the football museum on Sunday was also a memorable program for Alexandra.

Many thanks to Mr Luca Formigli for his exceptional help that made the girl's dream come true.

Thanks for the support of the National Bank of Hungary, Mellow Mood Hotels and Fércművek and our other private sponsors.

MD. Péter Sallay
April 9, 2019


Ravand’s big dream was to visit the sea.

One beautiful sunny day after 6 hours in the car we arrived to a small town in Croatia. From the car we could see some parts of the sea already but the interesting part was when we visited the local beach in Senj. The beach had big rocks around and it so it was perfect for swimming. It was so nice and fun we went back nex day too. Ravand swam a lot in these two days, which had a good effect on his desease. He loved watching the small fishes under him and the life of the sea. He even got some new goggles and pipe for it.

After the beach days we visited the town of Silo on the Krk Island.

We went there with a motorboat which added to the experience. Unfortunately one day we had to stay at our apartment because it was a big storm but we had some time to go on a motorboat trip and see the beaches around Senj. We were taken by Brankovics István who is the manager of Galathea Diving Center. We had to hold on to the boat really strong, we felt like the wind is going to blow us away. But the sight was wonderful, we fell in love more and more with Croatia.

Ravand and his family went to the beach on our last day, and they hope they will have the opportunity to visit the sea again here or somewhere else.

/ 4

We would like to thank the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, the Cisco Systems Hungary, it's partner, the CAF America and private supporters for their help that allowed us to realise the dream of Ravand.

We would also like to thank the Galathea Diving Center for their kindness and for providing Ravand with unexpected new adventures .

Bakonyi –Kiss László
August 29, 2018

Fruzsina (10, Mencshely)

Despite her illness, Fruzsina is quite the lively and energetic girl! This is exactly why her wish, a hoverboard, was no surprise to us.
When she first saw the large box containing her gift and finally managed to open it, her joy was boundless.

She could not help but try her hoverboard immediately. Riding around the hospital hallways relentlessly, it was clear she was truly loving her gift.

Enjoy your gift, Fruzsi!!

We would like to thank in the name of Fruzsina for the support and donations of the students and teachers of the British International School Budapest and that of our private donors.

Klara Icsó
Veszprém, March 15, 2019


Tamás wished for an acoustic guitar from our Magic Lamp Foundation.

He decided in an honorable and commendable way that it was about time for him to learn to play the guitar.

Yes, but there are so many types of guitars differing in size, sounding … How could I possibly find out which one was the best for him? Than I had an idea: I called him on the phone and asked what type of music he liked.

To a certain extent, our preferences are similar, we both like music by Led Zeppelin. As there are many acoustic songs on their third album, played on steel-stringed guitars, the question of „which type of guitar” was solved.

After that we discussed the options via phone and the Internet, and chose an extraordinarily beautiful mahagoni Ibanez guitar.

/ 5

I purposely did not schedule our meeting for April 1st (so that he does not accidently take it as a prank…) and I was especially glad to be able to meet Tamás in his home.

Tamás carefully opened the large trapeze shaped box in which, if I am not mistaken, the guitar had arrived to us, well to him to be exact, from Indonesia. His big smile assured me that I had made the right decision, it was not only me who liked the guitar. I showed him how to hold it and even played a few notes so he could hear what it sounds like. It sounds great!

After a bit more of “guitar chit-chat” and some advice, I said goodbye to him and his family; I wished Tamás good health and to get well soon in the name of the entire Magic Lamp team.

We would like to thank the students of the British International School Budapest and other private donors in the name of Tamás too as we granted his wish with their support.

Gábor Patzauer
Budapest, March 314, 2019


Vida and his brothers are huge Liverpool FC fans, so it was no question what his wish would be: he would have liked to watch a home game of the football club.

We had to try really hard with the organizing, since the wheelchair tickets, which we needed, were already sold out for the whole season. In the end, we were able to get a ticket directly from the club.

We got going so Vida could see his favorite team on their home pitch. His oldest brother accompanied him for this unforgettable weekend. On the first day after arrival, we attended a stadium tour, where a lot of photos had been taken with the life-size puppets of the favorite players under the old jerseys. In the evening, we discovered the city. At Sunday noon, we watched the game excitedly from the first row. The weather wasn’t too kind to us, but the cold and the icy rain couldn’t mess up this day either.

We were lucky enough to watch 3 out of the 4 winning goal up close, since we were sitting directly behind the goal.

The atmosphere of the sold out stadium can’t be described, the little boy was enjoying every moment of it!

We hope that this weekend will live in Vida’s memory forever!

/ 5

We are greatful for the recurring support of the Batschka Foundation and Lury Ház, the members and management of XpatLoop, the biggest xpat organisation in Hungary and our private donors, among them Mr. Tamás Mátrai. With their help, Vida’s dream has come to reality as well!

Georgina Beregi
10.03.2019, Liverpool



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