Efrahim is fond of animals and he has a pony at home.
His wish was a laptop on which he can study, watch movies and play games. The Djinn of the Magic Lamp managed to surprise Efrahim with his wish during a check-up.
His eyes and smile told us how much joy we could give him with this laptop.

Many thanks for the support of the students of The British International School Budapest and our private sponsors.

Ms. Erzsébet Veres
Budapest, 23.06.2021.


Csenge had to pass long weeks at the hospital. She has a creative hobby, she draws wonderful pictures even pen drawings.

As she has to go to aftercare for some time more she asked for a laptop that she can put to good use for home learning.

We wish Csenge a fast recovery and lots of fun with the laptop.

We would like to thank for the help of Cisco Systems Hungary Ltd. that allowed us to realise Csenge's dream.

Mónika Márkus
wish coordinator
Budapest, July 8, 2021


Efrahim loves animals and he has a pony at home. He wished to have a laptop to learn, watch movies and play games on it. On occasion of a health check the magic lamp’s gin managed to surprise him. His eyes and his laugh showed how happy we made him with this laptop.

We thank the students of the British International School of Budapest and our private supporters for their donations that enabled us to fulfil Efrahim’s wish.

Erzsébet Veres
wish coordinator
Budapest, June 23rd 2021


Attila wished a laptop from Magic Lamp's Gini as for the long clinic treatments he wanted a "gadget" for learning and for staying in contact with friends and family. As soon as the ban on visiting pediatric clinics was lifted I was able to meet him in person. When he saw the red bag with the Magic Lamp logo and the big box in it he immediately knew it was for him. He thanked me with a happy smile. He promised that learning will be as important as having fun with the laptop.

I wished Attila fast recovery.

We thank for the support of the CHARITIES AID FOUNDATION OF AMERICA and its donors.

Mrs Jenei
wish coordinator
Budapest, June 9th, 2021



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