Hanna is starting her tenth year at the School of Arts and Technology in Szombathely, specializing in singing and solfege. She has also played flute for seven years. Practicing music is completely occupying her free time and - as she says - music has become part of her life. It is not only a pleasure, but it also helps her overcome difficult situations and illness.

Nowadays Hanna has started to learn playing the guitar from her dad. So, her wish was to have a guitar of her own.

Dear Hanna, have fun making music!

Many thanks to the generous guests and the management of Corinthia Budapest Hotel and our private sponsors for making Hanna's dream come true!

Special thanks goes to Mezzoforte Hangszeráruház for their help in fulfilling this special wish.

Klára Icsó
Ajka, 30. August 2022.

DORINA (4, Csaroda)

Dorina lives with her family near the Ukrainian border.
The little girl asked the Magic Lamp to build a playground in their garden, where she can go out to swing and slide whenever she wants.

Her wish was soon granted and Dorina is now a happy owner of a complete playground!

Many thanks to generous guests and the management of the Corinthia Budapest for helping us to make another sick child's dream come true.

Erika Gárdos
Csaroda, 12. 09.2022


Domi asked for an inflatable massage pool from the Magic Lamp Foundation to move around when he is out of his wheelchair.

Let us share the letter of thanks from Domi's mother:

Dear Magic Lamp Foundation!

We are very happy because the long-awaited massage pool arrived in the last days of summer! Domi has already tried it and he says it is amazing.

It is true, because after 1-2 hours of having a massage bath, his tense muscles are relaxed and he can do some postures in the water, such as sitting on his knees, which he could only do painfully on the ground. He can stand on all fours, kneel alone in the water, float in the water, do gymnastics with his legs under the water. He proudly says,"Look Mum, I can do this and that in the water".
I am so glad to see that he enjoys every moment, he feels free in the water!

He is happy to have his pool at his disposal at any time. He is already planning ’to jump in it’ after a hard day at school, if he feels like it!

We would like to thank everyone for making Domi's dream come true!

In a bit more detail, we are grateful to the 34 generous private sponsors, our kind friends and acquaintances, as well as acquaintances of them, etc. who offered their donations for Dominik's pool on the website of ’Magic Bugs’.

Many thanks for the help of the Magic Lamp Foundation, for the assistance of its staff and for the sponsorship to provide the missing funds.
It's good to see again the endless joy and the carefree smile of a child day after day!
Thank you for allowing us to be part of a miracle!

With love and thanks,

Katalin, Domi’s mother

We would like to thank  generous guests and the management of Corinthia Hotel Budapest as well as our private sponsors for fulfilling Dominik's wish.

Erika Gárdos
Budapest, August 30, 2022

Anna (7, Debrecen)

Anna had an old tablet, so she knew exactly how much fun it was to play games and watch stories on it. But the old tablet didn't work well, it had to be sent to the service many times. So, the little girl wished for a new tablet that will work reliably.

The Genie of the Magic Lamp took action soon and Anna was really happy to get her new tablet.

We would like to thank Henkel Magyarország Kft. for fulfilling Anna's wish.

Éva Szabó Nagyné
Debrecen, 05. August, 2022


It was Rozi’s big dream to visit the Akropolis of Athens once.

Rozi and her mom took their professional camera and their telescope as well to the road, to capture the experience. The first surprise hit the family at the gates. A voice from the loudspeakers called for Rozi and Virág and said that they could board the plane, before the other passengers, where the crew received them. It was a huge experience for Rozi that she could even sit in the cockpit, she met the pilots and she took part in the preparations before the take-off. She even got a plane mock-up as a gift which was signed by the whole crew.

In the morning we landed in Athens, and after checking in we went for a long walk. We had lunch in a cozy, authentic greek inn, and later in the afternoon, we went sightseeing on a bus to visit the sights of Athens. Rozi enjoyed sitting on top of the double-decker, from where she could see the city.

The following day we visited the Akropolis, which consists of more than 20 building complexes, from there we could see the Theatre of Dionysus as well. We watched the changing of the guards in front of the Parliament which follows a strict choreography. In the afternoon we looked around the bazaar of Athens too.

We spent the last day at the beach where Rozi was swimming obliviously in the picturesque surroundings.

Here is a quote from Rozi's letter of thanks to the Magic Lamp Foundation:

Dear Magic Lamp! Thank you so much for the opportunity to visit Greece! When I left the cockpit I said " it was worth, even if I should go home now".
Those 3 days were an everlasting experience. I haven't learned about Greece yet, but I will understand everything better when I know what happened there 2500 years ago! Thank you again for the opportunity and thanks to Boglárka Áchim for accompanying me! ❤️

We would like to thank E.ON Hungária Zrt, Wizz Air Hungary Ltd, and our private donors for their support, among them Ms Gabi Lukéj, Dr. Tiborné Jenei and Mr Vilmos Hegyi for helping Rozi’s dream come true. We would like also thank the Marriott Hotel Budapest, the ibis Styles Budapest Airport Hotel for their help with the hotel reservation.

Boglárka Áchim
wish coordinatorr
Athens, 29.08.2022



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