Domi asked for an inflatable massage pool from the Magic Lamp Foundation to move around when he is out of his wheelchair.

Let us share the letter of thanks from Domi's mother:

Dear Magic Lamp Foundation!

We are very happy because the long-awaited massage pool arrived in the last days of summer! Domi has already tried it and he says it is amazing.

It is true, because after 1-2 hours of having a massage bath, his tense muscles are relaxed and he can do some postures in the water, such as sitting on his knees, which he could only do painfully on the ground. He can stand on all fours, kneel alone in the water, float in the water, do gymnastics with his legs under the water. He proudly says,"Look Mum, I can do this and that in the water".
I am so glad to see that he enjoys every moment, he feels free in the water!

He is happy to have his pool at his disposal at any time. He is already planning ’to jump in it’ after a hard day at school, if he feels like it!

We would like to thank everyone for making Domi's dream come true!

In a bit more detail, we are grateful to the 34 generous private sponsors, our kind friends and acquaintances, as well as acquaintances of them, etc. who offered their donations for Dominik's pool on the website of ’Magic Bugs’.

Many thanks for the help of the Magic Lamp Foundation, for the assistance of its staff and for the sponsorship to provide the missing funds.
It's good to see again the endless joy and the carefree smile of a child day after day!
Thank you for allowing us to be part of a miracle!

With love and thanks,

Katalin, Domi’s mother

We would like to thank  generous guests and the management of Corinthia Hotel Budapest as well as our private sponsors for fulfilling Dominik's wish.

Erika Gárdos
Budapest, August 30, 2022


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