László (5 years old, Budapest)

In 2014 on the 15th of december on Tuesday I was waiting in the Budai Childhospital's Movement Rehabilitationward's hallway for Lacika and his parents. Lacika wished for an Xbox One from Csodalámpa, what he desired for a long time, because of his cousins he already tried it during the big familiy reunions.

At 13:15 the 2nd floor's elevator door opened as the three family member stepped out. After a short greeting I invited them into a small room. The little man was a bit surprised when the usual way towards the gym didn't go as planned, but as soon as he got his present , he cracked the long disered smile. After he opened it slowly, he examined all the parts and just realized that this beuty is his.

You can see him proudly holding the present when the photo was taken. Lacika, I hope you'll enjoy this wonderful gift.

Thanks to Hollis Wealth for the support.

Krisztina Víz
Budapest, 15.12.2014.

Mirella (17 years old, Gönyű)

However, there are miracles...

In the afternoon of 17 February 2015 I could finally meet Mirella. The only thing I knew that she was a 17 years old girl and her dream bike would be given by me.

Zsuzsi Potyondi, volunteer of the Magic Lamp Foundation helped me to hand over the present in a bicycle shop in Győr. As we entered the George Sport Bicycle Shop in Győr, Mirella and her mother were already waiting for us.

We all were excited, and I was thankful that Zsuzsi Potyondi was of assistance to me.
During the introduction I managed to find out that Mirella was a private student and she would like to become a waitress. Her best recreation is cycling, but her family could not afford to buy such an expensive bike.

It is a fantastic feeling to share the happiness of someone whose long awaited dream comes true. It is a heart-warming experience! Donating is said to be a good feeling, and now I experienced what a special feeling it is!
Thank you...

Zsuzsa Potyondi

We would like to thank in the name of Mirella the help of private supporter Ms. Klaudia Klemenova and the Fundamenta SZEB network.

Péter (8 years old, Földes)

I visited Peti on a Friday afternoon. Of course, I had been talking to his mother several times by phone to arrange the meeting. The little boy was looking forward to receive the expected laptop, because unfortunately he often has to stay in hospital for treatments.

That time he was at home just for a short time, and a few days later he had to go back for the next treatment.

The laptop will be a useful companion in the hospital, it will take his mind off his illness.
However Peti is a very quiet boy and doesn’t speak too much, his parents told me that he is in second grade and despite of his illness he does very well at the school as a private student.

I wish you many pleasant hours with your new magic computer!

Thanks to the members and leaders of XpatLoop, the leading expat media in Hungary,

in fulfilling Peti's wish with funds raised at the Budapest Bonfire Night Party for Charity.

Ildikó Palásti
Földes, 06.02.2015.

Bence (9 years old, Szekszárd)

Bence is a talkative boy, but recently he has been interested only in computer games. So I was not surprised that he asked for an X-Box game from the Magic Lamp.

He was patiently waiting, didn’t ask about his gift, but when his friend told him that he had got an X-Box game, Bence was curiously listening his experience.

One day Bence’s gift arrived, and we were just waiting for the proper hand-over time.
He was sitting by a laptop when I entered the room with the large box. Suddenly he didn’t know what was happening. When I told him that I had a gift for him from the Magic Lamp, he was very pleased.

Bence carefully opened the box, then he and his father put the game together, even in the ward. That day the afternoon nap was cancelled in the ward, instead of it joyful laugh could be heard...

Thanks to the members and leaders of XpatLoop, the leading expat media in Hungary,

in fulfilling Bence's wish with funds raised at the Budapest Bonfire Night Party for Charity.

Ildikó Russay
Pécs, 27.02.2015.

Anna (3 years old, Hodász)

Anna is a sweet, talkative little girl who really loves Minnie Mouse. What else could she wish other than a Minnie – bed with accessories?
And one day her present arrived.
Anna’s eyes were happily shining when I visited her and she showed me her super bed and furniture.

I hope you will have lots of sweet dreams in this beautiful bed!

I wish you good health !!!

/ 2

Many thanks to the management and colleagues of HollisWealth from Canada and the havervagy.hu team for their support!

Stella Bobkó
Hodász, February 12, 2015

Bence (9 years old, Bőcs)

Bence is a 10-year old boy. He is treated in GYEK in Miskolc. Bence loves to play online games. Many kids in the hospital have a laptop, so Bence’s wish was a laptop of his own in order to play as much as he wants ... or as much as her mother allows :-))
And the djinn of the Magic Lamp brought him the highly-expected laptop. Due to the surprise and joy, at first Bence couldn’t tell any words but his mother said, if everyone leaves the room, he will jump for joy.
Dear Bence, we wish you many joyful moments while using the laptop.

Thanks to the members and leaders of XpatLoop, the leading expat media in Hungary,

in fulfilling Bence's wish with funds raised at the Budapest Bonfire Night Party for Charity.

Zsuzsanna Tatárné Csonka
Miskolc, February 02, 2015

Vanda (8 years old, Napkor)

On the east part of Nyíregyháza in one of the family there was great joy when the furniture delivery truck arrived.

Who was happier: Vanda or her mom? Probably both of them! They got a double sofa, now they can sleep comfy together - and healing together.

There is no better medicin than the hugs!

We'd like to say thanks to the Hollies Wealth for the supporting!

Olga Nagy
wish koordinátor
Napkor, 03/02/2015

Bence (10 years old, Istenmezeje)

Bence is a real "big boy" and a computer expert, but so far he did not have a laptop of his own. Unfortunately he could use only the PC of the Tűzoltó street Clinic to surf different websites to find some interesting topics.

Bencus is a very inquiring young teenager who will have to spend a long time in hospital, and time of the treatment period passes very slowly. So he asked the "Magic Lamp" for a laptop, and not particularly for playing, but for corresponding with his schoolmates, to get the news, and to find answers to lots of interesting questions by using the internet ... and of course sometimes, to try some popular games as a "relaxation".

The "Gini of the Magic Lamp" gave Bence the "surprise" at the hospital. It was an elegant and really "manly" laptop.

Unfortunately, due to the treatment he had fever at that time, but when he held the "dream come true" in his hands, he was so surprised that he could only say "thank you" very quietly but with a wide smile.
He set up the beautiful laptop excitedly but in a professional way in a few minutes and it could be seen on his face that he had been already engrossed in mysteries of the online world.
Bence, we wish you a full recovery as soon as possible and a lot of joy in the use of the laptop.

Thanks to the members and leaders of XpatLoop, the leading expat media in Hungary,

in fulfilling Bence's wish with funds raised at the Budapest Bonfire Night Party for Charity.

Zsuzsanna Sipos and Erika Ugrai
Budapest, 04. February, 2015.

Anna (3 years old, Hodász)

Anna is a nice little girl, who loves Minnie Mouse very much. What else could she wish for than a Minnie bed and matching furniture? It arrived on a nice day. Her eyes were glowing from the happiness when I visited her and she showed me her super new bed and furniture. I hope you’ll have a lot of nice dreams in your new bed! I wish you good health!

Thank you to the Hollis Wealth and to the ‘Havervagy’ for the support, which made Anna’s dream come true.

Hodász, 12th of February, 2015
Bobkó Stella

Tibor (17 years old, Törtel)

The wish of Tibor (17) was quite a big challenge for us, as he wished to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and to have a talk to him.
Tibor said that the celebrity was his role model, so it wasn't a great surprise when he told us that he had become a bodybuilder for a few years.

We were a bit worried about how to fulfill this desire, as Mr. Schwarzenegger lives in America and our foundation can fulfill wishes only in Europe.
But suddenly everything was solved, since one of our volunteers and our supporter, Mr. William Benko introduced us to the chief organizer of the "MVM Success-day 2015" Mr. Gergely Kiss-Török, who offered his help from the first moment. The only thing we had to do was anxiously waiting for the meeting...

Tibor and his family spent the Sunday, 22 February with us. As they live in Törtel, they stayed overnight at Corinthia Hotel Budapest, courtesy of the Hotel management. After a fantastic lunch and a tour of the amazing hotel we left for the Arena Budapest, where the special meeting was organized.

During the show we heard a lot of interesting presentations about personal successes, and as the hours passed, we all became more and more excited...
Finally in the evening Mr. Schwarzenegger stepped on stage and told his own success story, from which we learned a lot of interesting information. He said that his life had been started in a small town in Austria and he also told us about his goals he reached until now and then he shared his "six advices" about the secret of success with us.
At the end of the performance Gergely asked Tibor to go on the stage and while exchanging a few words with Governor he gave Mr Schwarzenegger "his and Magic Lamp's" present a special ginger bread magic lamp.
Tibor could directly talk to his ideal, then he showed him a fantastic drawing that was made by one of his friends about the star.

/ 6

The governor dedicated it and added with a smile that his biceps on the drawing were much bigger than what he ever had. As for the gingerbread magic lamp, he really liked it, but added with a smile: "I will have to start doing at least 250 sit-ups, if I eat it to burn that much calories..."

Tibor will put the framed drawing on the wall of his gym.
It was good to see how glad Tibor was to have met the governor and the governor too was really touched.

We wish Tibor that all his dreams should be fulfilled so fabulously, and following the advice of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger he should become such a successful person as his ideal.

We honestly admit that the realization of such wishes always means hard thinking and work. Many people think that such requests can’t be fulfilled at all...
However, we – members and volunteers of the Magic Lamp Foundation - always do our best for the success because we believe in our mission and we are sure that we will succeed. And we do!

Tibor said smiling that he was very glad, and that he had known that his wish would be realized because he came from a deeply religious family. He said good-bye by telling us the following "angelic quote" of an unknown author:
"Thank you too, but you have to know that faith can see the invisible, can believe the incredible and can reach the impossible." This sentence sounds, as if volunteers and supporters of our foundation would have said.

Many thanks for the support of Gergely Kiss-Török organiser and William Benko patron of the MVM Success-Day 2015, Ms. Viktória Csillag and Zsuzsa Szabó who helped us to organise the meeting. Many thanks for Corinthia Hotel Budapest where Tibor and his family could spend a night and for the Gyöngyösmézes company for the custom made gingerbread magic lamp.

Marta Felkai és Eva Patzauer
Budapest, Februar 22, 2015

Károly (16 years old, Vésztő)

Karoly is a grievously ill young man. His only desire was a smartphone, which was granted incredibly fast by Magic Lamp Foundation and HollisWealth.
Thanks to the surprise Karoly stood speechless when he saw us carrying the little package.
While standing still astonished, his father thanked for the wonderful present. The previous day he had a little surgery what left him so weak even smiling was too hard for him. But not for his heart and seeing this, filled ours with warmth.

We are happy that we've been part of this wonderful Christmas miracle.

Many thanks to the management and colleagues of HollisWealth for their support!

Agnes Tatar
Szeged, December 20, 2014

Botond (12 years old, Dunakeszi)

12-year-old Botond has wanted a tablet for a long time so he could play games and stay in touch with friends.
Sadly, he has to spend a lot of time in hospital lately and despite having his loving parents taking care of him, he believes that having this item would greatly improve his well-being and the make boring hours during treatment easier to bear.

This Wednesday he had no clue where he was about to go with his parents so late in the afternoon. So he was a little bit awed when they entered Corinthia Hotel Budapest where we were waiting for him.

After a short talk, we quickly handed over his present to make him feel more comfortable. As you can see on the picture, we made him very happy and we hope that this present will help him recover more quickly and he will spend joy-full time.

/ 3

Dear Botond, we wish you quick recovery!

Thanks to Corinthia Hotel Budapest for their support to make Botond’s dream come true.

Márta Felkai and Éva Patzauer
wish co-ordinators
Budapest, 25th February 2015




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