Ádám (8 years old, Rajka)

Ádám, aged 8, has just started to learn how to speak due to his different health problems but he can make himself understood by his parents and sisters.

His favourite toy is Thomas, the tank-engine and it's no wonder it was the present he asked for from Csodalámpa.

He had to come for a medical check-up to Budapest on 11 February so we arranged it with his parents to come a day earlier. We had been working on the surprise for a while, we wanted to provide him with the present at Szamos Marcipán Café in the Corinthia Budapest Hotel and we had ordered a Thomas-cake as well.

The wish was fulfilled by Mr Marc Lavoie, a teacher of The American International School of Budapest. He had wanted to give Tamás the presents together with his little son, Benjamin, but unfortunately he became ill and he couldn't come.

/ 8

Ádám was not disturbed by it, he was amazed by the presents and it took half an hour for him to open the boxes and see the engine-friends, paintbooks and other things.

He didn't even care about the cake, he was so pleased with the toys. We didn't mind it, we put it into a box so that they could eat it at home, the whole family.

On behalf of Ádám we would like to say thanks to Mr Marc Lavoie for his help and we are extremely grateful to the owners and the employees of
the Royal Café SzamosMarzipan Confectionery for their kindness and the cake.

Gabor Patzauer
Budapest 10/02/2008



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