Virág is an 8th grade student of the Mozgasjavító School (Rehabilitational school for physically disabled children).

Her favourite hobbies are reading, watching movies, and going for walks in nature. She is very serious about school and studying. Currently she is preparing for her high school entrance exam.

When she found out that Magic Lamp would grant her wish, she asked, without any thinking, for a laptop because she had been worried for weeks that she would not be able to keep up with her studies if schools switched to online learning due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A letter received from her family conveys best how much happiness our gift brought to Virag:

“The laptop has arrived! It brought huge joy and relief to Virag. Her anxiety has disappeared. She is so dedicated that she was terrified that if schools closed down, she would not be able to study. She loves information technology, and she excels at school. Finally, she can do her work at home on her own laptop! Thank you so, so much! Virag and her parents “

We would like to thank the longstanding support of the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest.

Solti Ferencné
Budapest, November 20, 2020


Why did a few months old puppy travel nearly 300 km?

Lili loves animals and one of her biggest dream was to have a dog whom she can play with at home. So, it was not really a question what she would like to wish for from the Wishlamp Foundation. One of their relatives has a French bulldog that she loves, so it was easy to guess that she would like to have the same type of puppy. While we were looking for the puppy Lili has not been idle either. She drew herself with the dog, already thought of a name and even composed a song for it. With a small WONDER we were able to find a dog breeder who could sell -with a large amount of discount- a French bulldog puppy, so we can make Lili’s dream come true.

One Sunday morning, we have arrived at Lili’s house with a giant package. She had no idea why we are there, and what a big surprise is awaiting her. She went excitedly to open the dog carrier from inside Zara shyly peeked out. After a few minutes, the dog felt like home, she was walking around the house, tried out her new bed and with the leash Lili could even take a walk with her in the house. The little girl couldn’t believe that this little puppy is now hers, as she was asking us again and again, „Will you really not take it away? Can it really stay forever? „ She promised that she will be a caring owner and will play and teach it with love.

We wish Lili an enormous amount of happy moments with Zara.

Here is a video about the first moments together:


We would like to extend our gratitude to Roland Tölösi dog breeder, to Dr József Perbát, vet who helped us find the puppy and to all those sponsors especially the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest without whom this wish could not have been granted!

Bea Ratimorszky
Szolnok, November 15, 2020

GRÉTA (12 years old)

Gréta’s greatest wish was a laptop, so she can increase the quality and quantity of her online learning. The arrival of the gift came as an unexpected surprise to Gréta. After opening the package
she immediately started to use the new computer. Her doctor also helped in the delivery and
fulfilling her wish.

We would like to thank the longstanding support of the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest.

Boglárka Ádám
Budapest, November 12, 2020


I was talking to an incredibly glamorous little girl at Tűzoltó Street Hospital whose wish was a tablet. After the final examinations, we met in a cafe shop where Dóra’s wish came true and she was super excited about it.

Dóra would like to follow her favourite teen team, Tesók’s videos on social media, also spend time with her brothers and watch cartoons during nights. The rainbow, unicorn tablet case was a perfect choice cause Dóra loves colorful and palmy things.

We wish you a fast recovery and all the best in the future!

We would like to thank the longstanding support of the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest.

Georgina Beregi
Budapest, November 15, 2020.


Emma’s wish was not usual, which did not come as a surprise after talking with the little lady a bit. She told us that she tried many different sports since she was 3 years old, and finally she settled down with triathlon.

When our volunteer in the hospital asked for her wish she said maybe a laptop, or a tablet would be nice... However, when they were going back home from the hospital, they saw a company that printed personalised T-shirts. At that point, her decision was made! Emma wished to compete in a jersey - designed by her!

/ 3

The little “designer” created a five-piece set of jersey, which with its vibrant colours and shapes would make even professionals envious. After this, the genie of Magic Lamp only needed to find help to let print the unic design on good quality material and hand it the owner and designer.

Emma was overjoyed which is shown on the pictures even though the mask might obscure this. Emma, we wish you many victories in your own wonderful jersey.

We would like to thank 575 Factory that they were our partners in sponsoring Emma’s dream. Without their help, Emma’s wish could not have been realised.

„Dear Kriszta and the entire Magic Lamp Team,
You might not believe how nice it feels to get so much praise for something we basically do every day, as it is our job.

I even got goosebumps for a second: Why if not for these things does it worth to work scrupulously. We thank you for the highlight. We wish Emma and you lots of luck, as you help so many children each day. Keep up Emma and Magic Lamp Foundation!!!

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Márta Felkai, Andrea Mocsonoky, Kriszti Major
Budapest, December 9, 2020


I went to visit Cintia after Christmas, so I can deliver her wish.

I asked her mother that if possible, she should not mention my arrival to her, so we can surprise her. I was also very
nterested to know what type of girl someone with such a lovely sounding name. I was not disappointed. Cintis is a smiley girl with beautiful face. She was not entirely surprised when she invited us inside her home, but she is not a little kid anymore. She received the wonder of wish lamp with a warm and happy smile.

She never had her own smart phone before, so she was ecstatic when she could hold her own new iPhone SE.

After the initial set up she put in her new earphones and opened the world of the teens: she started using the net, listened to music, played a game, and can now do whatever she wishes

We would like to thank the sponsorship of CHARITIES AND FOUNDATION AMERICA CAF.


Erzsébet Szilvágyi
Budapest, December 31, 2020



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