Balázs is a very polite boy. Whenever we go to his ward, he always pays attention to us. He enjoys learning and participating in different games
and craft activities. But, like many other teenagers, he really prefers the online space. His favourites include various computer car games.

So I wasn't really surprised when he asked the Magic Lamp Foundation for an X BOX game. We were talking about his wish and I recorded it in the database. A short time later, the Foundation informed me that Balázs's
present was on the way.

The surprise of the day was THIS. When I went to see Balázs, he had no idea that his wish would come true so soon. It is hard to describe in words his surprise and joy:

"Thank you so much! I am so happy! It can't be true, so soon!"

Magic Lamp Foundation, thank you for this joyful morning!

Thanks for the support of the Firstmed-FMC Kft., with their help Balázs's wish could be fulfilled!

Ildikó Russay
Pécs, 21.05.2021.

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