Gyönygi really loves music, so she asked for a left-handed, starter, acoustic guitar from the charity. This is how she remembers her wish coming true:

„My name is Gyöngyi, I am 14-and-a-half-years-old girl and I’ve had a medulla transplant. I spent a month and a half in a sterile box, but now I have to visit hospital twice a week from home. I have been studying music since nursery. I first played the flute and then the clarinet. I’m the second clarinet player at the Abony Small Woodwind Band. I have wanted a guitar for a very long time.

On one of my visits to the hospital, I was surprised by a visitor at the Démétér House. I was very happy when I spotted the guitar in her hand. I was wondering if she was going to give it to me. When she did, I eagerly but carefully took the instrument out of its case. I admired it back to front.

Kitti asked me to play the first chords, so I did. After she gave me the gift we talked for a long time about my time in the hospital and my plans and dreams. Kitti and I clicked instantly, and evem my grandmother, my teachers and one of my friend’s mums joined the merry conversation.”

We would like to thank Schneider Electric for their support and Kutasi Kitti for agreeing to take part and being there in person.

Pallag Erika
wish coordinator
Budapest, 2018.04.10. </i

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