Emilia has been sick for many years, has undergone many interventions and surgeries, so she hasn’t attended kindergarten. If all goes well, she can hopefully start from this September. She plays on her mother’s phone a lot, so she wanted a small tablet for herself that she could play on.

His dream was fulfilled when he came to Nyíregyháza for a check-up. The smiling, black-eyed girl immediately began approaching me saying: ”Thank you so much!”

“Her mum told us she did not sleep at all the previous night because she was so excited for her present!” "You can of course play with it"-she said to her big brother.

With the help of our supporters we again made a child very happy!

We would like to thank Mellow Mood Hotels for their support!

Olga Nagy
Nyíregyháza, March 1, 2018

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