Hedi’s only had one wish, she wanted to swim with dolphins. For this event to take place we traveled to Malta.
Upon our first encounter, I was already amazed at Hedi’s incredible capacity for hope and her open personality. I knew I was dealing with a courageous youngster who knows exactly what and when she wants to achieve, and she does all that with serious charm.
As expected, in the dolphins house, she followed the instructors to the very last move with incredible precision. Every second of the encounter was a huge experience for her which she loved to the end.
She indulged in Malta, she took part in a boat tour where she could enjoy the open sea and the sea breeze while swimming in the sea. There was a pool on top of the hotel which she took great joy in as well and during the evening she closed the evening with some delicious ice-cream.

In the name of Hedi we would like to take this opportunity to thank Deutsche Wirtschaftsclub Ungarn our leaders, our companions, as well as our numerous private supporters, such as the Budapest Thomas Mann Gymnasium-Deutsche Schule teacher’s, students and parent’s for their help, as well as the Hungarian colony of Malta!

Kinga Malnasi and Peter Ungar
Málta 2018.05.26.

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