István (17, Bölcske)

Istvan’s hobbie is basketball, and his favorite team, is the Zalgiris Kaunas. He wished to go to one of their matches, his biggest dream was to see them in the real action.

After a long journey we arrived at Lithuania. The waiting only increased the suspense and the excitement continued to rise.

We were amongst the first to arrive at the grand stadium which could house up to 15 thousand people, where it was still silent. But that did not last for long, as in a short period of time the stadium filled and the ambiance increased. Fireballs, whistles, drums, ovation and waving lasted for more than 2 hours.

Istvan shouted and blasted for the whole match as he enjoy every bit of the already tight game. I believe we were enriched and humbled by this once in a lifetime experience.

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We thank the Cisco Magyarország, the UNHCR Global Service Centre, and Budapesti Stock Exchange as well as the Európa2000 Középiskola. Together we worked to achieve Istvans dream!

We would alos like to thank our private founders!

Tamas Toth
Wish coordinator
Kaunas, March 21, 2018

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