To grant the wish of this 10 year old boy we arrived with the help of our supporters. Since the giant trampoline waited in its original packaging for us. Therefore the people from our supporter Schneider Electric, Marosvölgyi Teréz and Molnár Anita helped us to assemble it with the further assistance of the colleague.

Barna was very happy to help and was really excited to see his wish come to life. But there was more as the company also had a little surprise for him. The family very much appreciated the help of this local company, and what they did for Barna.

They found a lot of familiar faces and he tried it out after assembly with great joy and pleasure.

We would like to thank Schneider Electric for their help, according to their representatives it is great that they helped a local child to get well sooner.

Márta Benkóczy
Kunszentmiklós, May 9, 2018

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