Timea is a quiet, smiley young girl, who even upon the first encounter with the gin told him she would like a smartphone.

She, unfortunately, had to spend extended amounts of time in hospital and time passes slowly when you are surrounded by the walls of the hospital. She misses the conversations and fun with her sisters and friends. It’s easier to get through the hours, days, with a fun game or video from the internet. All of this can be achieved through a smartphone!

Due to her treatment she looked at me a little nauseated when I stood next to her bed in the room. At first she just thought I was here to talk, but when I started to fiddle in my bag, shew was exited and the tension rose. Not before long a little box appeared housing a large screen Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It was even in the color she wished for.
At first she didn’t even believe it, that her wish came true so quickly. At first she just played around but then she begin to explore all the smart and some not so smart features of the device.

We wish her a lot of jiy in the usage of her new phone.

In the name of Timea we would like to thank the Batschka Fundation and the Lurdy Ház for their support!

Zsuzsanna Sipos
Budapest, February 19, 2018

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