Szonja is a smart, cheerful girl who is also open to others. She was already waiting for me at the staircase when I got tho their home.

She welcommed me and showed the way immediately to her room. I saw there her bed wich was one of her dreams.It was full of her favourite stuffed animals but we managed to sit on it and try it. Szonja told us about a camp where she had a really good time ther previous week.

When she got home, her new bed was waiting for her. It was covered with a beautiful blanket so it matched the nice princess stickers on the walls. The matching desk she got with the bed still needs to be assembled but when it’s ready the little girl’s room will be perfect.

Szonja was really happy with the gift and she was grateful that her wish came true.

We would like to thank Ms.Dori Garcia Diaz and her kind collegues, our private supporters for helping her dream come true.

Mrs. Solti Ferencné
Budapest, July 10, 2018

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