June 16th, 2018 was a big day for the 15-year-old Cintia and the 12-year-old Dzsenifer. They and their moms met at the Liszt Ferenc Airport to fly to London, the place of their dreams.

None of the girls had been on an airplane before, thus the flight was a fantastic experience for them. After arriving at Luton airport, we took the train to London. During the train ride, the girls got a little taste of the English countryside and its picturesque towns. After check-in and a little rest, we got on the tube to go to Buckingham Palace. The girls were looking in awe at the beautiful residence of the Queen. Then we walked over to Trafalgar square to admire Nelson's Column.

Sunday morning we got on a sightseeing bus. Our first stop was King Cross Station to see the 9 and 3/4 platform. The girls had their photos taken decked out in Gryffindor scarves and holding wands. Our next stop was the Tower of London. After a short coffee break, we took a boat tour on the Thames. We admired the beautiful buildings lining both sides of the river. After the boat tour, we headed to Leicester square to admire the Lego World store and exhibition, and the world's biggest M&M's store.

We also visited the New Scotland Yard and the Household Cavalry Museum. The gate is guarded by two members of the Mounted Household Cavalry who were sitting on their horses looking very stern.
Our adventures continued Monday morning on the London Eye. Everybody must try it once! We could not stop turning from side to side in the cabin, admiring the awesome panorama. And it is very safe. One of us was a bit afraid of heights, but even she was stuck to the windows, looking out.

Next, we headed to the Parliament and Big Ben. They were very impressive, even though Big Ben was hiding under scaffolding. Since we were in the neighbourhood, we checked out 10 Downing Street as well.

After that, we visited Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral. The abundance of sights, the statues, the windows, the enormous vaults, all the gold, and marble, was almost too much to take in.

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We left Madame Tussaud's for the last day. During the 2 hours we spent there we made numerous pictures and admired the very realistic vax figures. We saw the members of the royal family, and many famous writers, politicians, movies stars, and athletes. And of course, everybody's favourites, the cast of Star Wars. On a small train that was adorned with the logo of our Magic Lamp, we traveled through the streets of London, from the 17th century to the present, getting a little taste of the atmosphere of London in different eras.

Then we returned to the hotel to have a little rest before heading to the airport. (We would like to thank the hotel for their hospitality.) We recalled the countless great sights we had seen and these wonderful 4 days. The girls were talking about the many marvels they had seen and all the fantastic experiences, and how they could hardly wait to share their memories with their families, friends, and classmates.
We arrived back to Budapest just after midnight, exhausted, but full of fantastic experiences.

We would like to thank the support of the Budapest Stock Exchange and private donors, also the help of the students and teachers of the British International School , among them especially the scouts of the 1st Budapest Brownies Unit of BISB!

Judit Solti
Budapest, June 6, 2018

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