Virág has been wating for long for her dream come true. She had a special wish, a puppy. After her doctor gave the permission for it we immediately started to search for the puppy in order to make Virág happy as soon as possible.

Surprisingly after only a few weeks, we found Lola, a gold-coloured golden retriever puppy. Lola is a real perpetuum mobile dog who couldn’t wait to arrive in her new home, just like her new owner.

We tried to make it a surprise for Virág but we couldn’t keep the secret for long. The new dog owner almost overflew with excitement. We could hardly get out of the car when she already arrived and took the puppy into her arms happily. Of course, Lola was running in the garden soon, she climbed the stairs, stumbled impatiently and waited for the delicious treats.

Virág, we wish your puppy will boost your healing process a 100 times!

We thank for the support of Henkel Magyarország Kft. by which Virág’s dream could come true.

Bea Ratimorszky
Pécs, August 8, 2021

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