Csilla is quite an artist, drawing is her biggest hobby.

The young teenage girl’s dream was to own tablet which could allow her to draw and unveil her creativity. Such a tablet could allow her creativity to soar and express herself in her way.

Her dream was became a reality when Csilla was undergoing a lengthy set of treatments at the hospital. It was to her greatest surprise when Judit Drakopoulos, on behalf of Corinthia Hotel Budapest, presented her with her gift, the Tablet. This tablet was followed by other useful and valuable gifts, emerging one by one from Judit’s bag.

Csilla got so excited that she initially was even scared to hold the tablet, for fear of that she might break it. Yet eventually, after a bit of encouragement, she meticulously unboxed the tablet and squeezed it against herself. Her gaze gave away that her thoughts were already elsewhere, contemplating the future use of this new companion and the expressive pieces of art that she was sure to create with it.

Seeing the young artist’s excitement we felt it was time to slowly leave her. We, of course, did not want impede on the young creator’s first big opportunity to truly express herself and her artistic fantasies.

On behalf of both the teams of Corinthia Hotel Budapest and the Csodalámpa team we wish her a swift recovery and hope she remains persistent in the pursuit of her dreams!

We would like to thank Mrs. Judit Pécsi Drakopoulos , the hotel’s marketing and communication manager for personally attending the granting of Csilla’s wish.

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Márta Felkai and Zsuzsanna Sipos
Budapest, September 12, 2018

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