Marti wanted a laptop with a built-in DVD-player.

I visited Marti at the hospital. I was accompanied by Agota, a member of the BlackRock team.

The teen came to the clinic for treatment, and we wanted to surprise her before Christmas so can would be able to enjoy her new laptop over the holidays.

Marti was very happy when we handed over the big Magic Lamp bag containing the eagerly awaited laptop. Agota, the expert, helped Marti start up and set up the machine. In the meantime, Marti told us about all the things she wanted to use her new laptop for, including studying, and of course, watching films.

Dear Marti, we hope that you will get better soon. Enjoy your new laptop!

We would like to say a special thank you to BlackRock Hungary, and to Agota, representing the company, for making Marti's wish come true.

Andrea Molnar
Budapest, Deember 19, 2018


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